Pocket Chainsaw Review – Lightweight Backpacking & Camping Saw

A review of the Pocket Chainsaw – a packable, lightweight backpacking or camping saw option. http://www.sintax77.com

As discussed in the video this is not a brand specific review, but rather an overview and discussion on pocket chainsaws in general.

There are many different manufacturers out there making camping and survival saws with this general design, so if this design meets your usage needs, it’s probably best to just find the best value one available to you. As you can see, it’s basically just a length of chainsaw blade with nylon handles attached at each end.Of course there are minor variables to keep in mind, such as specially designed blades, alternative handle shapes, and chain lengths.

The specific model seen in the video is a Chainmate 24-Inch Survival Pocket Chain Saw With Pouch (model CM-24SSP). It’s pretty much your standard pocket chainsaw in terms of quality and features, so I think it makes for an decent baseline for reviewing this type of saw.


mobiltec says:

You don’t happen to be a tax accountant do you? And if so, what’s the “sin” for? You do accounting for a casino? LOL…

Tim Eubanks says:

man this saw is awesome. I have the same one. not only is it great for backpacking, but I had a huge branch fall from my tree at my house. I processed it up using this hand chainsaw. it works so much better then you would think just by looking at it.

if you are on a rainy trip, all you need is this saw and your fixed blade to get some wood for a fire. I bring mine every trip. Beats the heck out of a hatchet in my book.

Srentre says:

I have a saw just like this one, problem is it gets stuck a lot, especially on larger trees.

Fricken_Doug says:

Hey Sintax. Is the amazon link on your website strictly amazon.com or do you have a link to amazon.ca that will also support the channel?

Soggy Wombat says:

Use short sticks through the straps and make T handles.

John Harris says:

olive oil works on saw blade. double use, you can use for cooking.

uptrail71 says:

I bought a saw like that about 2 years ago. After the first trip I sharpened the chain. It was not quite sharp enough from the factory. I haven’t used it in about a year since I’m into always going lighter with my pack. We are still at a toss up for our main late August backpack trip. Red River Gorge or Black Hills, SD. About the same distance from us. Maybe a vote from Sintax can help us decide! lol Bob

Patrick Gallagher says:

Didn’t know about the Amazon link
Ill use it from now on.

GoWild Outdoors says:

I have to try this one, I had a kind of wire saw, on my last video I tryed to make a camp test, but it failed 🙁

STinGa157 says:

Thanks for the review.  Being a large family (me, the wife, 4 kiddos, and now a 80 lb. puppy), space is tight and we are always looking at ways to decrease volume.  I try to use a backpacking mentality for our car camping outings and have done pretty good at down-sizing over the years.  Even though we try to avoid the high traffic camping areas, convenient sized fire logs can be scarce. This style packable saw WILL be one of my next purchases.Thanks again and keep up the great videos.Tom

Caveman Outdoors says:

Is it worth the calorie expenditure compared to say a folding saw like a carona

Poppy321 says:

I have one, and don’t like it at all, too much work. A good sharp folding saw works better for the weight penalty.

Brent Gilbert says:

My question isn’t about chainsaws, but you have oatmeal for breakfasts… What do you do for milk for it? Powdered? Thanks!

Ben Churchill says:

I got the exact same saw and it has worked very well. one thing I always do to combat the nylon/polyester strap burns is to slip a thick stick through it and grip the stick. this eliminates the “friction” effect. also, bow saws and chainsaw blades probably would be better for home steading and long term survival because they can be sharpened. generally the attempts to sharpen folding saws result in pushing back the bevel while damaging the next edge. what would be cool is if they made a folding saw with a blade like a bow saw. I don’t mean the Sven or the dustrude, but a simple single joint folding saw. I just don’t like how the sven’s triangular shape will block the blade from getting a full cut on the log. anyway keep up with the vids, people love them

danmohan1981 says:

fyi, that is not a standard chain saw blade. the cutters and rakers alternate direction on your saw, but all face the same way on a chain saw blade.

elduendeoscuro says:

Unbelievable Pocket chain Saw is better.
I have the two of them and there is much difference between the two

Brent Gilbert says:

Thank you Sir! Really enjoy and appreciate your videos… I’m a 63 year old retired Air Force guy, and haven’t been camping in probably 25 years. I’m going to hit the North Country Trail (in Michigan) this Thursday and Friday with my gear and my new hammock! Thanks again for sharing your trips and insights!

Oliver Moes-Okun says:

Grat videos! very entertaining and helpful! could you do some more DIY videos, perhaps with reflictix!

Corvus The Dark says:

Hi! Instead of gun oil, you can rub a saw blade with candle wax. It lasts longer and last time I checked, candles don’t leak 🙂 Great video! Best regards from Northern Ireland. Dave.

mynineridesshotgun says:

I like my bacho laplander folding saw. 6ounces if memory serves. Nice review

Henri La Voie says:

Great video! I might pick this up soon it’s so cheap and looks pretty good.

Mark Thomas Hobbies says:

i have seen a lot of people go to the Silky saw. they are more expensive. but from what i have seen they process wood very efficiently. i am not sure of the weight on them. Mark

Cloudwarrior1 says:

A regular saw (like something you would find in your tool shed or garage) will in fact NOT work as outdoors saw. The wood will gunk up the saw because of the sap and shavings. Outdoor pruning saws and like the one your reviewing have more aggressive teeth with larger gaps to prevent this. Besides that, good video.

Bungwirez says:

I’ve been using a 15″ Sven saw for the last 3 years. its great, but ya… the weight differential here is what makes the chainsaw style very appealing. great vid Syntax… always making me think.

Matt G says:

Sintax, if I bookmark the link to Amazon through your site, will u get the kickback everytime I use the bookmark? Or do I have to go through http://www.sintax77.com everytime? Thanks, good review!

Paul Specht says:

coming from a fairly new backpacker and brand new hammock camper (thanks to the sintax persuasion method). I have a sven saw that I used to carry when my bag was heavier. now I have went to the bahco Laplander based off Amazon reviews. my trip this weekend I left it and just took my Leatherman charge that has a small pocket saw on it. saving ounces everywhere possible. I like the bahco for size and weight efficiency but am always looking to shave ounces! thanks for the heads up on yet another affordable gear option keep up the good work. this channel is my new go to for gear ideas. Go sintax! love all the beautiful locations and scenery you and Sara experience. thanks for inspiring me to get out and try hammock camping and to experience new places out doors. If you ever come to Kansas send me a DM Independence KS has a 15 mile point to point trail that is rated the best hike KS if you need to check off the Midwest still on your bucket list! thanks much stay up!

Trev Walt says:

Good video

Like Mike! says:

I have the same saw! I am a backpacker myself and watch most of your videos, keep them coming!

Billy Arthur says:

I was wondering on how that saw worked. I use this pruning saw https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B001RD7LRO/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1468363741&sr=8-1&pi=SX200_QL40&keywords=corona+saw&dpPl=1&dpID=31k5PynI96L&ref=plSrch
it works great for me. thanks for the review!

Turk E. Man says:

Before I read the title I thought you got a new platinum chain 😉

Cool One says:

I’d wager, just a guess as I never tried it, that putting two sticks of about 6 inches in length in the hand loops would not only protect the hands, but likely make sawing easier.

Patrick Gallagher says:

For oil Id go with toolbox size WD 40. It would lubricate plus dissolve any sap that may get intothe joints

John 47 says:

Wow, can you imagine how easy it would be to use that saw if you attached a gas or electric motor to it! You could probably make a million dollars though for back packing it might be too heavy. Just a thought. Just kidding, a great light weight tool, thanks.


not all are created equal, which equals more work and less efficient cutting, the one from Canadian Shield Camping is a cutting edge on every chain length instead of every third as I see in the video. also the Canadian Shield camping one has teeth on both sides so you get a cut on both sides. both pulls get a cut, now i just got one, i have been sceptical of these for ever. seems like a lot of work for what you get from a simple silky saw

- Parker says:

As always another great video. It’s a hard sell though to switch from my Bahco Laplander as that thing is a beast. Amazon is saying it weighs 4 oz but I just threw it on the scale and it is coming in at 6.6 oz, still over half the weight of a Sven. Price is also double that of the pocket chainsaw but if you’re looking for a folding saw that is light weight and can process some wood it’s worth checking out. Looking forward to the next video.

Stacy Cornett says:

some good info, thanks for sharing.

Jim Dent says:

Pocket chainsaws are not like a regular chainsaw blade. They are designed to cut in both directions, whereas regular chainsaws only cut in one direction. Other than that, good review.

Eric Cho says:

That thing is not efficient while cutting. It’s exhausting actually. You should try out the Silky F180 saw. 6oz and super fast cutting.

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