Milwaukee electric VS Stihl gas 49cc chainsaw HEAD to HEAD


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Фёдор Толмачёв says:

в каком штате живете? вижу березы у вас растут.

Taylor Albaugh says:

One thing to keep in mind… even if the Milwaukee is slower (it seems pretty close anyways) you don’t have to put up with trying to start the dang thing by pulling the gas chainsaw 30 times before you get it to start. And then once it starts trying to keep it from cutting out on you. The Milwaukee will have much less maintenance and you have instant power. Not to mention not needing to buy gas for it!

Steve Wright says:

Definitely like that battery saw. Thanks for the fun video!

Bobby Allen says:

I think my 661 would beat the shit out of both of these

Doug Decuir says:

no doubt the stihl cuts faster… but that milwaukee cuts pretty fast too.. if ya ask me the milwaukee wins hands down just from not having to put gas in it and worry about that stuff.. but over all it has much less noise no carb rebuilds no exhaust clean outs no spark plug to worry about no ignitions system no air filter and no starting… the milwaukee wins without a doubt.. i have one over here that i just got and still haven’t gotten a chance to try it out.. i also have a few stihl saws and a couple husqvarna saws.. considering the husky saws are 36 and 48″ saws the still have their place but for 90% of my cutting from now on will be with the milwaukee…

Jesus Vazquez says:

Learn how to use a chainsaw

Ric777888 says:

best chance for battery was first try, after each subsequent try your chances are less.

MrErichonda30 says:

Eh eh eh

Sam Stage says:

You really need to have the older guy run the Milwaukee

Regenerate Life Farm says:

Put seafoam gas treatment in your fuel and the idle may improve. A small amount of seafoam.

bioweaponsystem154 says:

Going from my personal experience with their circular saws, I found that the stock blades that Milwaukee provides do a decent job but an aftermarket replacement blade allowed my circular saw to run through 15mm pressed laminate like a hot knife through butter. Their tools have decent power but perhaps see if a different chain does any different.

SlipperySlope says:

That’s a lot better than I expected. Very good test too. I would have swapped people because the old guy’s technique was much better and could have contributed to his wins. Thx for sharing.

Tractor Wrangler says:

Good Video!

Paweł says:

STIHL 026 ma większą moc i łańcuch 325″1.6 ,proszę porównać STIHL MS230 i MILWAUKEE WYGRA !!

Henrique Silva says:

The next battery tecnology will be a headshot in gás tecnology. Excuse me for the bad english, i am from Brazil.

dasteufelhund says:

Also, your old man saw better because he’s got the technique going. I don’t know what the hell you think you’re doing with that saw, making move to that lumber or something…just leave it alone.

Dimi K says:

Your dad has a better technique, even tho he’s wearing shorts and crocs. lol

rotaryenginepete says:

If you used the teeth on the Milwaukee you could have owned the Stihl

Tim Pearson says:

According to Milwaukee the battery saw is the eqivalent to a 45 cc gas saw the Stihl 026 is 49 cc so it just a little more then the Milwaukee can handle. Great contest and great video, oh also your Dad has WAY better technique

Mel Teruel says:

Waoo baterry chainsaw done a great job but old man know used a gas chainsaw for many years great skill great to see a dad and son testing skill God bless you guys

Lou Cifer says:

Milwaukee is garbage

Speciosa says:

Lets compare apples to better oranges here, pin the milwaukee up against a 261. A new saw vs a new saw. And not a clapped out piece of shit like the ol’ 026.

Jacob Bowerman says:

Dude really wearing crocks lmao hahah

Love2boat92 says:

You’ve got to admit that’s pretty impressive for a battery chainsaw.

Brandon Hamilton says:

Electric saws are very lightweight in comparison, but you can’t beat a gas saw. Gas saw will run circles around that electric saw. This is why loggers and tree service use gas saws and always will. Electric saws are ok to limb/prune with and to cut smaller stuff. Leave the bigger stuff to a real saw.

dasteufelhund says:

it’s like a Tesla waiting for the v8 to torque up…..Naaaaaah. It goes needs no torque.

Zech Meyer says:

I dont have a chainsaw so completely unbias opinion: gas sounds better and is just cooler but electric is more practical

kimchee94112 says:

Next generation electric chainsaws will be more powerful with longer runtime. Absolutely maintenance-free, just add bar oil. Next generation charger will charge batteries faster, maybe 15 minutes while maintaining battery long life. GPS tracker automatically disable when stolen.

Richard says:

A Stihl is a little too good of a chainsaw to compare it to. Now if you were to compare it to my Poulan…

Dean Sikorski says:

I think your dad got sawdust in his Crocs?

Peter Chatman says:

Your dad’s technique is where the greatest distance lays LOL.

mx style says:

I think the Milwaukee is worth it . If you use it once and a while .thats my next toy I’m going to buy

Leo Ryan says:

The Stihl has a more robust chain. Try it with equal Oregon bars and chains and the electric will win.

kvadrat132 says:

Баран который не держал в руках никогда пилы соревнуется))))

Pasquale Pisani says:

Good showdown. Can you buy a more aggressive bar and chain (bigger gauge) for the Milwaukee?

Steve Lutzke says:

Pretty impressive for a battery powered saw.

Romeo Acoba says:

Should have started cutting while your dad was starting up the gas chainsaw lol that is one of the appeals for battery chainsaws

Ram_Diesel_Power says:

I love Milwaukee tools. I think this chainsaw would be good for my daughter.

kuzcatlan says:

HA! Funny comparison. I’m willing to forgo those extra seconds on the stinky and LOUD gas machine.

Andy Tamasese says:

Finally a real world review with a real chainsaw and a sharp chain. Well done! I’ve seen so many demos where they put this saw up against a crappy homeowners saw with a dull chain. I think all the pros outweigh a little less speed. I always have my carbs gum up and then I’m always looking for 2 stroke oil to mix and then the gas is bad, blah, blah blah. This looks so much better. Another positive i notice is that my friends clutch on his saw is messed up so when it idles the chain spins, so dangerous! You will never have that problem with this saw.

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