Makita Chainsaw review

Alan Holtham tries out two models from the extensive range of Makita chainsaws, the EA3201 and the DCS5121


honda custom says:

these are rebadged sach dolmars

83Sogron says:

All makita saws are dolmars or bluebirds…

Robert Higgins says:

I’m gonna have to try one……

Andrea Whalen says:

they are dolmar chainsaws makita didn’t make shit, and dolmars are the best chainsaws made. number one in germany, not stihl which has gotten worse and worse over time.

Allan Wells says:

I’ve used Stihl and Husqvarna saws for 35 years with no complaints. I recently purchased a little (22cc?) Makita saw as a backup to the larger Stihl and I must say I’m very impressed with the little Makita. OK its not in the same league as the Stihl but it’s terrific for it’s size, weighs less than 3kg and starts up second pull every time; what more could you ask for? I’ll be interested to see how difficult it is to get parts in the years to come. Stihl and Husqvana only keep an inventory of parts for ten years after a model runs out.

Chris S says:

Stop whispering you want people to hear what you have to say.

jaffar gamerr says:

Is it better then Stihl I don’t think so

Brian Eastman says:

I have a Dolmar PS-5105 and it is a great saw&I love the way it sounds when it saws through a big branch



jake williams says:

very good product thanks for sharing the info on the new saws ,, i guess its word of mouth about new products ..

Doc Tari says:

Bought one. Very impressive.

GalorV6 says:

Thanks for this video, this is very complehensive.

Max Ritz says:

Hi Alan, being a Makita fan ( all my Makita tools have exceeded my expectations with their performance and smart, well functioning design) , after watching this Video, I decided to get a Makita Chainsaw. Having looked at Makita 32cc and DCS 500, I have decided to buy the larger one.My question is ; Should I buy DCS 500/45, or wait for DCS5121 which is to arrive at our local store later on this year ?. Max

79pejeperro says:

I think most chainsaws are decently good, Stihl, Husqvarna, Dolmar, Mc Culloch, Makita, even Hitachi, Ryobi… but dealer´s support makes a big difference when you are a pro and need your machines to be profiteable. And that´s where Stihl beats everyone.

Nick Sofialakis says:

I love my Makita chainsaw, it’s reliable powerful and always ready…

Co5m1n Alexandru says:

do you have any idea why stop Makita 5121 as you tame with her tilting the tree?

Rudolf Zaris says:

Great informative video. This saws have to be good because they are based on german Dolmar saws.

Reginald Tinkleberry says:

okay guys and girls dont buy anything that isnt a husqvarna or stihl….just saying

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