Kobalt 80- Volt 18 inch Chainsaw KCS 180B 06 Review By KVUSMC

This Is A Video Of Myself And Reese Trying out This New Kobalt 80-Volt Lithium Ion 18 inch Brushless Cordless Electric Chainsaw self oiling ! I paid $ 269.00 and $60. for the Spare Battery It Comes With A Charger and Battery and Protective Sheath for the Bar This Saw Rocks I give it a 10 It is Just One tough Saw it has a 5 year Warranty Hassle Free and 3 years on The Charger and Battery Hassle Free ! I believe the saw Is made by Greenworks
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KVUSMC / Kenneth W Viar Jr



MrMrsregor says:

the higher the volts the faster the chain speed.
the high amp hours the stronger, more powerful it is.

please correct me if i am wrong

EpicMale says:

That first tree was heavily infected with a fungal organism called Hypoxylon Canker.  Be advised that you must sanitize the saw with a 10% bleach solution, or isopropyl alcohol (flammable), before trimming a healthy tree.  Otherwise, a year or two later, the previously healthy tree may be severely damaged or die.  Looks like a good saw, though.  It did cut solid, cured oak as seen in that final cut at the basal flare.  I’ve been considering one because my personal saw sits around too long and gets gummed up.  I’ve gotten old and lazy because my crews do most of my cutting for me these days.  But now and then, when I’ve got that one errant branch or nuisance volunteer tree that hinders my back swing when casting on one of my ponds, it would be nice to just flip that switch and go to cutting.  Great video!  Thanks.

Richard Sullivan says:

Kenny God Bless and thank you for your service. The down fall to any battery operated equipment. Sure is convenient. What happens five or ten years down the road, you may have a perfectly functionally saw but what if they discountinue making the battery? Just something to keep in mind. I bought a Worx battery operated gas trimmer when they fist came out. it still runs great but the batteries are discontinued. They want to get you to buy the latest model available. I like my Sthil and Husqvarna gas powered saws. They’re fuel efficient granted I have 30-53cc powered saws, they have anti- vib run extremely well, even my older Husky 340 and 353. My favorite Sthil saw is the MS 170. 30.1 cc displacement is a great go to for felling, liming or bucking small girth trees like the one you fell.

K0gashuk0 says:

I also got one of these over the summer. I love the thing. I wish the batteries were cheaper but whatever. I dont use a chainsaw enough to justify a gas one.

closertothetruth says:

Good chainsaw man, now I see 82v and 120v dc

brian tom says:

Those guys at Lowes hooked you up for that extra battery at $60! The only other place I’ve seen them for is on Amazon for $110 with shipping.

michael therrien says:

There is one battery powered that self sharpens. I think it is Eco but doing a search comes up Echo.

jstrunck says:

Go getter of a saw!

Electron Mail says:

i never saw someone cut a notch, and keep cutting thru said notch…. interesting technique

normsolwind says:

Impressive. I have the 40 volt version and it is a bit of a struggle to cut anything bigger than 8 inches thick.

Ben's Inventions says:

good video. i dont believe the greenworks 80v 4ah battery will fit the 80v kobalt saw -ben

Јоhn Daniel says:

Excellent detailing Kenny on the Kobalt, The Greenworks seems more robust in according to reviews. Looked for both, found the Greenwork. I found it at Amazon, http://amzn.to/2oagE5a and the battery is cheaper there too http://amzn.to/2oQpovH . I can’t find much on the Kobalt, is it a lowes branded or rebranded?? pop me a link.

Bobby's Solar Homestead says:

NICE brother!!

Grant Deisig says:

I bought my father a greenworks 80v and he loves it. I believe you are right about the saws being the same. I’m sure greenworks makes them all… they even make a 60v version for snapper. My one complaint about these saws is that I find the “auto off” is to quick, and I’m constantly pulling the trigger to find that the saw had turned itself off…lol I wish it had a little longer of a time before it shuts itself off. Dad’s got two batteries and it works well for constant cutting as long as you have a way to charge the depleted battery. Don’t worry about pinching your bar, happens to the best of us. Even professional hockey players sometimes slip a skate and fall down! Nice tractor, I have a 1025r tlb.

WSMC Mc says:

Last week I bought the Dewat 40. Operates as good as expected. Even surprised that I have yet to bog down when using the entire 16″ bar. Gas saws still have the larger work but these new cordless saws are the only saw most homeowners would ever need.


very nice video thx ! would you still recommend it?

tomwiles says:


Brad Wright says:


fordx4n says:

nice saw – i bet it will work great in the cold….no pulling to get it started! was that the saw giving a warning horn at 6:38

Travis S says:

If you learn how to cut with the top of the bar you’ll stay a LOT cleaner and won’t have to bend over as far. 🙂

Billy Stevens says:

Kenny Just wanted to say thanks for your service to this country. God Bless you my friend.

greg rupar says:

I guess the people that shouldn’t cut trees get these

Bcroft39 says:

I have one of these and it cuts really good. For some reason Lowe’s doesn’t sale the 80 volt anymore, just the 40 volt.

Chivos adventures says:

Cool saw man nice. One question though, why would you use hearing protection when using an electric saw?

Frank W says:

Great deal on that battery. They had the 4.0 Ah 80V but couldn’t find it, Lowe’s don’t even have the 2.0 in stock. Same as Greenworks except the batteries are not interchangeable. Sucks as Greenworks at times with deep recounts. Lowe’s 40V was like a toy, 80V is more commercial – difference like night and day.

Lee Meiners says:

Kenny – Great video, exactly what I wanted to see before I pulled the trigger on this saw. More importantly, thank you for your service to our country.

Nik Ant says:


Joselito Rodriguez says:

Keeping it real and enjoy the Dewalt tools

Norman McGregor says:

I’ve used a Greenworks 40 volt chain saw for 4 years now and it works Great!  I do all my wood for the house with it and save a ton of money on fuel because I charge it with solar power!  The 80 volt must be fantastic!  Great video Kenny!

Geno2846 says:

Nice saw and battery combo. It is good to see a lot more and more powerful electric tools out there. At 67 YOA my pulling starter ropes hurts my shoulders on the bigger gas motors. Thanks for a great video. Gotta love Lowes for their no hassle Veteran discount also.

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