Husqvarna’s NEW 572 XP Chainsaw – Review

“Husqvarna’s next legendary chainsaw” is here, to use their own words. The 572 XP is a professional falling saw in the 70cc segment and the big competitor of the Stihl 462. We made a review of the Stihl 462 as well which you can find here:

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Gary Mercer says:

Good review!!!

African Twin says:

Where did your brother bought that aluminum axe sheath in Sweden. Is there a special website. What brand of axe is he using. thanks.

jethronb says:

Nice review would love to see a Dolmar 7310 review they are good saws

1970 olds442 says:

Husqvarna has really went to shit in the past few years. I work at a Stihl and Husqvarna dealer and I work on 10 Husqvarna to 1 Stihl. Don’t buy a junk Husqvarna

N-W NW says:

Can you test Dolmar chainsaw?

Karel Van Leer says:

It’s called husk-avarna not hoosckavarna

Tech 17 says:

1985. 72 husq. Still runs fine.

Diversified Acres Homestead says:

I’ve been trying to find this unit in the US for months but it’s not available until end of April. Does it come standard with the x cut chain?

Adela Lukáčová says:

I very like looking on Tim´s ballet with its chainsaw. Very skilled and safety work. Good job explaining the technical features of the saws. Very excited to watch more.

MadbyGreg DeJusus says:

Homelite chainsaws for the win!!!

Allan Wells says:

Good job fellas. I’m so glad I don’t have to use those noisy buggers anymore; too old and cranky! Todays saws are a far cry from what we had in the 1980’s.

Stiff Wood says:

Great video and apparently a great saw. However I personally don’t like the *top cap clips* Husqvarna has developed for their new lines. I used one of the new 445 e-series recently and it didn’t take more than a couple of days before one of the clips just snapped and broke in the cold (-22C). I rather prefer the old bolts, though the best design is only 1 flat head bolt fastening both the cap and the filter, like on my old old Partner 5000: simple, sturdy and fast.

Scott Foster says:

Stihl is pure junk, Husky is a far superior saw !

julie r says:

Nice review! I like Tim’s stopping to pose at 4:26, is that going in the next husqvarna calendar? ; ). Joking aside, what is the difference with this chain? I freeze framed on it a couple times but couldn’t see anything obvious.

A LeBlanc says:

It’s always good to see Tim again, and I’ll be looking forward to his impression after a long term test. Thanks, Simeon!!

John Franco says:

Simeon do you want to trade? I have a Husqvarna Rancher 460. haha. I think its time for me to upgrade!

Gerry Marmee says:

Thanks for the info

JPO Orr says:

I think the light gray side cover looks like crap

scotty bogs says:

Great review guys! And good video quality to show the saw up close! Love it, break them both in about 10 tanks and have a head to head with the MS 462

steven clark says:

You guys kind of look biased you’re wearing Husqvarna colors

Shane P says:

I dunno, seems like my old 372 has quite a bit more power. She’s honestly the best saw I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Ken Alexander says:

$1800.00 Professional Grade Saw.

Sean Jones says:

I have an old 371xp that is still going strong

Laura Kay says:

Tim’s skills are poetry in motion

IANthj Nadeau says:

I always enjoy your saw videos. Look forward to seeing the long term video. I have an old Jonsered saw that I finally replaced with a Husqvarna just last fall.

Frank Norden says:

Husky still leak bar oil all in the case? My 445 did new and after new pump and seal

jessie bruno says:

I make 100% of my living from running a chain saw (and skidder) have been for almost 40 years,there are only 2 saws as far as i’m concerned Stihl and husqvarna,i personally prefer the husqvarna because of the handling,i find the stihl a bit cumbersome…I have used both in the past. I do think that the stihl will out last the husqvarna,it all comes down to personal preference.

andrewford80 says:

Well, its safe to say you probably can’t go wrong with either the Stihl or Husky. Both look totally amazing. Even though I have literally no use for one, I want one anyway 😛

Tracy Lustick says:

Awesome display of the saws power , I could really see how effortlessly it handled that tree . Well done !

Zar Bin Tar says:

Great videos..thanks

Mark Barnhill says:

Guess I need to send you a pic.Every thing I run is Husqvarna ! Let the other go years ago!!lol

LandSea Canada says:

Beautiful saw

Ryan Don says:

Stihl is just a better saw. Took the bar cover off, it’s your first hint.

Altas Adventures says:

Great review, I’d like to get one. Tim makes it look fun.

Uppsalahazze Markstedt says:

Hej Simeon och Tim! Tack för visningen av nya Hva 572 Xp.
Filtret verkar mycket bättre än tidigare modellerna. Jag har själv bl a en Hva 576 Xp G ‘2016 för kapning och klyvning i grövre ädellövträ. Filtret sätter igen med fint sågdamm. Den vill också gärna bli onödigt varm med 28″ 3/8 eller .404 och går inte att köra kontinuerligt. Hva har byggt om elektronik modulen i min såg som garantiåtgärd. Kanske är den nya cylinderutformningen bättre, även om jag tycker att den ser ganska likadan ut. Ser fram emot att testa nya X cut-kedjan, men jag förstår inte för närvarande vad den finns i för dimensioner och hur den filas/slipas.
För min del ser jag dessa sågar som fantastiskt bra starka och snabba maskiner samt faktiskt prisvärda om man ser till livslängden.

Dutch 1664 says:

all this work….. where’s my fika

Just some dude says:

Great video! What is your opinion of the husqavarna 460? I am fixing to order this saw for logging and milling because it seems to be a good value for the dollar.

Liberty Garden says:

That tree came down like Piccaso.

Martijn Heeroma says:

Great, a chainsaw review looking forward for more.
(Would be nice if Dolmar would send you a 7310 for testing)
thanks Tim / Simeon.

Cameron Hartshorn says:

There needs to be a black market to America with these; word is they won’t be available here until August 18 🙁

Wayne Green says:

I just bought a new 440 E series husqvarna. Your channel helped me to pick husky.

Bill Dalton says:

Another tree cut down for nothing, just for fun !!!!

Mark Picard says:

Sally would approve. R4S

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