Husqvarna T536 Li Xp Lithium Ion Battery Chainsaw Review

Husqvarna have produced the T536 Li Xp Lithium Ion Battery Chainsaw and T.H Tree Services are proud to be one of the first UK tree surgeons to own and use them.


cassidy shuler says:

is it really loud?

TH Trees Limited says:

They are best suited to topping conifers and reducing trees, when hitting 4inch plus hard wood it will kill the battery in 35 mins easily. Tho they charge quicker :). I love them little to no hand vibs, can use at 730am with no problems, easy on the ears. So many benifits to owning it. I consider a pertrol and electric top handle the perfect pair.

Franklin Howell says:

how much cutting time do you get from a fully charged battery? My son has just started doing tree work and is interested I this saw. He has had trouble with gas powered saws not starting ect. So did I when I had a tree service bizz.

Tony Charles says:

How long is the life of the battery? They clame its the same as a tank of fuel in a gas saw.

josh maher says:

Coupla butthole puckering moments on the rig there. Tip tying has a tendency of doing that, especially when you got fellas hauling through your hinge. Stay safe! Looks like a goid little saw. Is that a euc?

Keith Klassen says:

Geez. It’s your life, but I’d never tie branches that way; either tip or butt, none of this in-between swing-heavy stuff. I guess sometimes the tips would stay further from the ground with that tie, but it looks like y’all use it even when it has no such advantage, and that seems strange.

Anyhow, sweet saw demo, much appreciated seeing someone put it through it’s paces.

Bad Santa says:

This is the future of small saws.

Ben Dover says:

Doesn’t it damage the motor when you kinda revving it? That’s kinda the case with corded saws or any other electrical equipment. It can burn the motor.

warworth123456 says:

great stuff!

9ishmael says:

You know if your grounds man lets your branch slide a meter or two before you have completely cut through there is a far less chance of the branch but striking your body . and i was wondering if by having your ladders lying flat on the ground at the bottom of the tree your working on , if you have bent some ? P

Greg Snider says:

I remember using a electric reminton 3.5 hp 16″ bar on two 50′ pines , about 10 years ago. love the vid.

Ella harnett says:

Mikita tools

Love2boat92 says:

This saw is impressive.

777fuzzypeach says:

What a great saw.  Excellent vid and I am in for one of these.

hillbilly Yo says:

the end cut was a little scary coming rt at ya .. but i really appreciate the review in the shop ..

TheJoeman11 says:

Thanks for the video/review! Wow a gum(eucalyptus) and palm tree in the UK? I thought it was in Australia at first! wow! Eucalypt is often much denser and harder than pines.

zackroo1 says:

any good on hardwood like oak or does lose power? do you think is worth 550 or whatever they are asking?

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