Husqvarna 455 (55cc) Rancher Chainsaw – Review checks out the Husqvarna Model 455 (55cc) Rancher Chainsaw with the 18″ Bar & Chain

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walter w says:

the Big 3=Husqvarna, Stihl or Echo you cant go wrong with either one because all three make great outdoor power equipment-I’ve used and still own all three brands I like them all

Cody Robertson says:

My father has had a Husqvarna 20inch chainsaw for over 20 years and it still runs great.About every 4years it goes to a small engine shop just for general maintenance.As long as you keep the chain sharp and keep it full of bar oil it helps extend the life of the motor.

sparky0288 says:

I have 4 Husqvarna saw and there are great, I need a chipper, where the chipper review at?

Tools In Action says:

Echo is crap

Tools In Action says:

Hi Cody, we currently are reviewing 3 of them. :}

Tools In Action says:

Hi Kraven, It was just to show you that the saw was cold and had not been started

Michael Johnson says:

I love you guys!

mstang1988 says:

Why is that? The echo 600P will mop the floor with this saw. The 455 has a plastic crank case, worse warranty, and is much slower then the 600P. Don’t get me wrong, Husqvarna and Stihl are great manufactures but to say Echo is crap is hilarious.

Man Of Steel says:

Hey all you STIHL users. Stihl has a very important recall on some of their products. Here is my channel. It’s dedicated to all Stihl products reviews and repairs.

Roadie Hooligan says:

SOLD! Great review, chaps. Watched a handful of others but your ‘to the point’ summary was excellent stuff.

mstang1988 says:

You are correct, the XP series is not the same league as x torq. However, for the price things such as the price. The Echo 600P being one of them. They can be had around the same price.

My saw lineup:
435 Rancher (xtorq)
346 XP
Echo 600P (Sold to fund another toy)
Makita 6401 with big bore kit
Makita 9000

Price wise though, the 346XP isn’t much different then the 455 Rancher and they have close to the same power.

Jeff Williams says:

Video has been up for days and the YouTube Safety Patrol hasn’t shown up yet? This has to be some sort of record.

Mighty Timbers says:

I bought this saw and it fucking sucks. Underpowered, and I would not recommend.

mstang1988 says:

The 455 is their home owner line. The saw has a clamshell design. There are better saws on the market from Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Dolmar, Solo, etc. It will suit most home owners fine but isn’t the best chainsaw on the market. It is a good saw, just not extremely fast and rather heavy for it’s power. My 346xp NE has as much power if not more and is much smaller.

Flatheadfletch says:

I’m a Stihl man. Mine was stolen and I let a dealer talk me into a 455 rancher ! After two weekends and 4 cord of wood, I went and bought another used Stihl 024 AV !! Why because it cutts faster, uses less fuel and the chain brake doesn’t fail every cord of wood like the new rancher !!!!
Stihl has 2 piston rings. Husky has 1. Never will I buy another Husky. Dealer said later that was a common problem on husky. No common problems with Stihl !!!!!!!

Hayden Blomgren says:

why would you start the saw with the chain brake on. i have three of these saw and i do logging with theme,they are good saws

kravenofspider says:

What was the temp test for? How cool the exhaust stays after use vs. others?

Cody Robertson says:

Thats one hell of a chainsaw.How many gas generators do you have saw one in the video

mstang1988 says:

why is echo crap?

Michael Johnson says:

Love it!

Tools In Action says:

Thanks :}

Johnny Cash says:

xp series are no comparable saw. the x torq is a homeowners saw and well made. They cut fast. I know from felling and cutting maple trees. the xp is much more expensive.

bigal25938 says:

I have one.The good: cuts good.The bad: expensive. Doesn’t come with a case. hard to start, especially after it has been running for a while. Very heavy to carry on a long walk and very heavy to use.

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