Husqvarna 450 Chainsaw Review / Comparison Rancher 55

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Husqvarna 450 Chainsaw Review / Comparison Rancher 55


albertmckinnon says:

thats the wrong guide for that chain. the blue guide is for 3/8s pitch chains. the .325 guide is silver

Heart of Dixie Relic Hunting says:

The 450 is NOT an upgrade of the 55. The 55 is built to last and has a magnesium crank case instead of plastic like the 450.

Patrick Wagz says:

Great video, man.  Good choice on the saw.  How has she held up? 

I got the 455 Rancher (new on Ebay for a sweet deal) about a year and a half ago.  So far, so good; with about 35 hours on it now. 

And, I heard the actual bar oil ‘clings’ to the bar really well.  Whereas, regular motor oil just flies right off the tip due to the high rpm’s.  Cheers.

hayden ingram says:

We have both saws and the 455 rancher is a way better saw I actually prefer it over our stihl

titanium9000 says:

Very informative vid..thanks! Just bought a 450. Can’t wait to use it tomorrow! Btw, you’re a pretty funny guy..

CoolHandBart Flying Around says:

I’ve got this saw and really like it alot, good choice!.

Tim Ewa says:

surely you know by now the two-sided tool is the scrench?
i don’t know if it’s patented-but it should be 

Anthony Sozio says:

That Stihl 192 is an arborist saw. Its meant for clipping on a carabiner and climbing a tree with it. hence the weight and bar length. I love those little things.

bamagtrdude says:

Stay after that 55 Rancher; I just had one completely re-built & it’s a battle axe!!!!  Check my channel & listen to that thing eat…

walter w says:

the 450 is a nice and capable saw but for a few more bucks I certainly would’ve went with the 455 Rancher or if you got an extra $100 the 460 Rancher would be great

Doug Beard says:

I remove and prune trees as a side job during summers. My everyday saw is a Ryobi 40cc 18 inch bar. Its run many seasons with no problems. I love it because its super light, yet has plenty of power, and I can remove all the cowling without tools, and easily adjust everything else with the bar adjustment tool. Only hard part is finding parts. Also the case is badass. It has spaces for extra spark plugs, files, bar and 2 stroke oil, as well as all my safety gear, so I’m never without anything as long as I have the case. I also always carry my Stihl MS 290 along for extraordinary cutting needs, and for when the Ryobi gets stuck. That thing is old and heavy, yes, but I’ve yet to use a saw that cuts faster, especially undercuts with the top of the bar. Chainsaws are by far the coolest power tools on the face of the planet. Being able to use one safely I think is an important life skill. We live in a place where trees across the road are a given.           

petry knapele says:

LOVE Husqvarna. My 2 leaf blowers chain saw and weed whacker are all husky.

ian martin says:

I can tell you still have a lot to learn. First off, its a bar and chain, not a blade. That stihl is climbers saw and is only 30cc so you cant expect much out of it. And that 450 actually just a poulan, its not a husky. And go get a new bar and chain cause you cant find a chain anywhere, and when you get a new chain get a full skip semi chisel. It stays sharper longer and wont be so hard on that small saw. Good luck

dodge4212 says:

I have a husqvarna 450 rancher and I cut 10 plus cord a year with it and I will say its a very very good saw for the money.

Guy Wood says:

And lo, all the trees did behold Brian and bow down nervously!

Zach M says:

I’m half swedish too. Do you also like Volvos?

Tony Runyon says:

Do you have a video for removing a heater blower motor for a 97legacy wagon? Is it the same procedure as the 99 Forrester?

Max Fuchs says:

If you readed the basic things of the instruction, you should know that you should never give high throttle to a new cainsaw for 10 or 15 Running hous!! And a cold engine should get warm in standing idle, for a two stroke motor with air cooling one minute, and then one or two minutes work without full throttle

steve waeyen says:

all lumberjacks I’ve ever seen and talked to all use husqvarna

Max Fuchs says:

Stihl a better chainsaw than a Husqvarna?? – Forget it!! Stihl never was high quality, and today Stihl are the worst rubbish!! Husqvarna are really the best, and Shindaiwa from Japan are also very good.

Jeff Dooley says:

So apparently I have to ask you about your Ninja Disguise 😛

bubbacrabb says:

Those are good saws. Tell you what though, echo is tough to beat. You can get a pro saw at good prices. The consumer grade stihl is no better than anything else. I have a husky that’s great. I got a ryobi on Craigslist for 10 bucks put a 9 dollar coil on and it’s the best saw I have and my favorite for firewood.

Fredrick Metcalf says:

Stihl makes good saws, but not any better than a Husky…..Stihl’s motto seems  to be: “You may buy better, but you won’t pay more!”…..Dolmar, Redmax, Jonnyred are also good values and good stuff……

Cruiser Mac says:

I have the Rancher 55, works good for firewood and whatever. Coincidently I bought mine at a pawn shop too…haha

Bruno Sterckeman says:

Could the grease be there to trap wood dust before it gets to the air filter?

Max Fuchs says:

only the original Husqvarna chainbars are very bad quality.

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