How to Select the Right STIHL Chainsaw

If you’re considering purchasing a new STIHL chainsaw but you aren’t sure which one is right for the tasks you have, the STIHL How-to series can help.

Consider the following when making your choice:
1. How experienced are you with a chainsaw?
2. What do you plan to cut?
3. How big is the wood you plan to cut?

For more info about STIHL chainsaws:


Stephen Msckenzie says:


fred wing says:

good work

Stan B. says:

Go to another store and buy an Echo, they are easier to start. I have both and got tired of fighting the Stihl.

pbbeast says:

i like that instead of pushing us to buy the bigger saws you put an emphasis on not buying too much saw

Morpheen999 says:

They never mentioned any pro series saws… This should be listed as a safety video, just yapping at people to buy a small saw so they don’t hurt themselves

Maczust63 says:

I’ve used every professional Stihl, Husqvarna and some other brands. If you cut wood a lot but aren’t a feller or arborist get a good professional saw my favorites for small brush and nice all around saws are the ms261 or 026 and 550xp husky both of these saws if kept in order clean and sharp are nice light saws with power. if your cutting a lot and you are experienced buy a ms461, 046, 562xp, or 372xp best all around saws going. If you own a 3120 or 088, 084, 880….. Then i hope its cutting big wood safely because they are FUCK’N sweat!

Maczust63 says:

I own two t540xp’s , 550xp, 372xp, 390xp. The company i worked for before used all Stihl used 261, 200t, 201t, 362, 461, 066/660, and a 088. that was usually what was on the trucks depending what one. I would grab the 461 or the 066 99% of the time 066 had a 28″ bar. 088 had a 6′ bar used it for big silver maple stumps and nothing else. 461 is the go to brush saw with a 24″ bar

Military Chevy says:

I have a 180, 290, and 2 460 magnums. Use them ALL. lol The 1st 460 is stock and the 2nd has the dual port.

Guy Azbell says:

Hi some call me the chainsaw Massacre an I sometimes get the itch to cut folks up like the peacefully Muslims right down the block from me I was just wondering what would be the proper fine saw to use on this kind of task.

Mark Visconti says:

He forgot to let everyone know that they are all Chinese garbage now German engineered , Chinese parts and Built in America and Asia they suck . You want a German saw go Dolmar (Makita) Solo is a great saw too but Germans said f you America and your emissions , you want Italian buy Efco, you want more china Husky, Redmax, Jonsered (Redmax use to be good when Zenoah/Kamatsu owned them Husky ruined them) if you want Japanese quality like my self go Echo/Shindaiwa Yamabiko Corp. Yes Yamabiko is producing Shindaiwa saws again . Pretty much Echo different color. There saws are by far the best . Anyone out there looking start checking out there saws and climbing saw 355 T bad azz. Remember Stihl German made parts are gone , the name is there but quality went when they handled over to China

Mike Rotchburns says:

just out of curiousity, why did all companies start making chainsaws out of plastic and not metal frames? obviously the chainsaws in this vids arent pieces of shit but its hard for me to take plastic framed ones seriously. couldnt they have just kept using lighter metals? it would be a great way to reuse old aluminum

Natty Bumppo says:

Not impressed by this brand of saws. I have less than five hours on it and it broke down. It’s now in the shop. Last time I buy this brand.

Eustacius says:

Set up is all wrong! I’ve got a Stihl 390 that is totalled after only 10 hours. Defective fuel tube (2x) allowed saw to suck air and burn the cylinder and piston. POS truly! Stihl is garbage!

Everon Railways says:

I made the mistake of buying the hand tightening chain system….^*@# junk. Spent more time adjusting the chain and putting it back on than I did cutting wood.

Wayne Johnson says:

good thing they disabled the comments on the splitting wood to the proper length video, first of all you cut wood to the proper length and if he cant split that bigger chunk he needs his man card revoked. get rid of the stihl maul and get a fiskars far better.

Phi Chai says:

Wise advise in this Stihl Chain Saw Video. Helping customers decide which Stihl Chain Saw is best for their tasks is an important in Buriram, Thailand as in the United States. My family owned tool shop is proud to offer Stihl Chain saws and garden tools in Isaan, Thailand.

Charlie K says:

It appeared that this man forgot to address easiness of start.

Anna'Staisha Bracey says:


Anthony L says:

looks great

AdamBatchelder says:

The non pro Stihl s are heavy and clunky and cheaply maid, I would go pro

bud axtiff says:

i’m using ms181c and 251c…take care of your mchine like u take good care of your wife…hehehe..STIHL the best machine…….mlysia…

Aldous Huxley says:

These are the best.

0j0nn says:

A German company selling their stuff way cheaper in the States compared to Germany.
Way to go, Stihl.

john d gurk says:

just recently purchased a brand new 251. was instructed on how to properly mix the fuel, even purchased a six pack of their oil. Now, I have many high end machines, red max and echo units, so i am not a novice at mixing my oil and gas. saw ran perfectly for the first week then suddenly the engine seized. This is after a week of light use! Took it back to my dealer and was told that i used the improper mix and that there was nothing they could do about it. Blew a hole in the piston…after one week of use!  I basically had a $350.00 paper weight. They did tell me to leave it and they would look into it a bit further but not to get my hopes up, the techs are usually right about these things.  I am on my third John Deere lawn tractor from this dealership so naturally, I wasn’t pleased with their response. Went home and called Stihl who passed me along to “Josh at Northeast Stihl”. Josh instructed me to call the dealer and have them contact him. A few days later i received a call asking me if i used premium gas…which i did not. Then waited a few more days to receive a phone call from the dealer telling me to come pick up my new saw! It seems that they are finding out that these engines run best on premium gas. I was told that they will telling all new customers to use premium in their mix for all their new saws. My hope is that no-one else run in to this problem. Ask your dealer when you make your purchase what kind of gas to use in these units. In closing, I must say that although i am pleased that they finally replaced the unit, I feel that I had to fight for it, really fight for it!  so be careful, I think these folks are a bit tough on covering their warrantee claims.

Michael Dobbin says:

i ll stick with my 1074 pioneer…



max Blake says:

we have a ms 880 the biggest saw that STIHL make

PBS #007 says:

please state the prices on the different saws

Shawn Bottom says:

When you sell a saw to homeowner Joe, you should sell them at least one extra chain and inform them they’ll be spending half as much as the saw cost at the dealer every couple of years. That’s to put a carb kit in along with other tune up maintenance. Most won’t learn how to do any of those tasks properly and they should know what the true cost of ownership is. Also they won’t be as likely to get frustrated when they need their saw and it doesn’t run right. That’s when people blame the brand and it was actually lack of maintenance or operator error.

abidalhussin sahan says:

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Reece634 says:

3:19 anyone else lol?

Bruce Courtney says:

Don’t waste your time with something small. What are you gonna do when you’re like “oh I’m glad I have a chainsaw for this situation. Wait… I don’t have enough power.”

walter mccue says:

he was saying “this saw has a reduced emission engine” Like that’s a good thing.

Piper Peter says:

I was wondering if Stihl dealerships have special savings event? Ex blackfriday etc

Fahai Sadeeyamu says:

777 bouncy castle hire says:

I chose my correct stihl saw, i chose a husky!!!

Jay Davis says:

I like the fact that he said they are easy to pull to get started. I have a bad shoulder and just can’t yank those things like most of you can. But I wished he’d started a couple so we can see it. One other thing is I could never get my foot in the handle to hold it down to start it. I can’t even remember which one I had but I sold it anyway to get rid of it. Wonder why they can’t make them with a bigger handle to get your boot into it.


Hey stihl,or anyone out there who really knows!!!…question
Are the engine parts the same in the PRO saws vs farm saws? Will the pro saw last longer?

matthewsaluh says:

re: the title of this video.

step one: go to a dolmar desler and buy the competitive model and get a better saw for the money.

Chris Hickey says:

The best all around chainsaw is the 362 imo, can do small stuff and pretty large stuff depending on bar

Limit Less says:

I have a question and I hope you can help me. is it OK that I don’t add oil to the gasoline for my chainsaw? thanks…..

Egamersz Ren says:


Bawaton The says:

Can you tell us about the bosses

aintgonnahappen says:

I went in to buy a new STIHL chainsaw for a mill but was told, by 2 different dealers, that they would only sell the chainsaw that was on display. I asked for one from the back that hadn’t been handled by the public and was told they don’t do business that way. I will probably buy a husqy…

Tru Blu says:

I brought one of your mini boss saws love it !!

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