Homestead chainsaw review from a arborist

Review and comparison from a arborist of chainsaws(husqvarna, poulan, stihl, echo)


Shelly Harris says:

still is better

Blake robby says:

Hi i injoyed the video but why dont you change your pouland to a makita

Dennis Wobbe says:

And i love my Sthil MS441. She’s throwing a 32″ bar and chain, and I also my old 050 and 051. The 050 I have a 30″ solid nose bar, and the 051 is throwing a 36″ roller nose. All three of them are Stihls.

melly mel says:

hey… 460 Rancher…. Does it pull with the 24″ blade on there well… I’m getting mixed reviews with people and 24″ bar on it. Some people yes awesome some people say stick with 20″-18″. Weight is not an issue… I’m not a child. THANKS

Six Mile Creek Productions says:

You’re saying Stihls are more expensive but you’re Comparing a mid range Husqvarna saw in price to a pro grade Stihl in price. Try pricing an XP series Husqvarna. Otherwise you’re comparing apples to oranges. Also if you do this professionally why wouldn’t you invest in a professional grade saw?

Meno Deno says:

thanks. Im down to either an echo or huskarvana

darien johnson says:

I have a ms 170 stihl in only costed 180 $ and the stihl with a 25 inch bar costs 755$

Thelondongardener Videos says:

Great video mate, I’m getting the Stihl 170 saw for small jobs.

Hedge hog says:

I want to shop where this man does,a comparable husky cheaper than a stihl?

Stihl and Husqvarna both make the best saws you can buy.Professional models,not what you see on this video,are comparable on price.

Dennis Wobbe says:

just wait till you have to work on that husky. you cannot beat Stihl.

zroverz says:

good information. these are the type of videos that I look for.

Tracy L says:

I do 5-8 cord/yr with Poulan Pro and here in NE PA, we have giant hardwood that we live in. Some of the trees that fall I cannot yet manage, but I sure as heck have been burying the heck out of that chainsaw in nothing but hardwood for YEARS. Those things really cut hard when they are warmed up! I do now finally have a Husk 72cc on the way! 😀 But man you simply cannot beat bang for buck when talking to homestead owners and Poulan Pro series.

Richard Ortiz says:

hey bro!! thanks this is alot of help. i started my own landscape business and have gotten a few tree removals. i own a remingtong rancherthats for shit it wont start I’ve tryed adjusting the carb still no luck any suggestions? hasvak will be my next 20 inch saw.

Sovietguy says:

what do you think about the husqvarna 445? is it a good homeowner saw?

Perry Morris says:

Great video. I like the cost comparison. My personal option though, if you are a professional, and you do not have enough money for a Stihl, then save money so that you can buy a Stihl. If you take care of a Stihl – it will take care of you.

Darrell Folk says:

Good Video!

PBS #007 says:

thanks for the info was very helpfull

mr dab says:

lol a stihl ms 390 is not close to 1000 and comes with a 25 inch bar

Thomas Andrews says:

hi Manchew did you know husqvrana made poulan there the same company now. I have Dolmar 115i

Be green lawn care says:

what is the best saw in the big box stores

billy alston says:

I have heard that the Makita brand sell good quality saws, any opinions or reviews on these?

Simón Torres says:

Good review! Do you have any reference for Makita chainsaws?

Southern Texan says:

I’m looking to buy my first chainsaw for cutting down trees for firewood which one would you go if

Noah Cambre says:

do u use just these saws for your business?

Elite Status says:

Get yourself a husqvarna 240 xp to replace that stihl and you will have a good setup i love my echo i have a cs303t i have replace the tank housing once from my echo dealer
Good review

fitter it out says:

I would bet you could find a new gas tank for that echo on Amazon or eBay I found parts I didn’t know existed for my stihl on them good luck whatever you do and great video

johnnybarbar says:

Spend $250 – $350 on a Stihl and be happy for life as a homeowner/ firewood cutter

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