Harbor Freight 40v Lynxx Chainsaw Review

This is a quick review of the Lynxx 40v Chainsaw sold at Harbor Freight. I bought this item with my own money and the thoughts in this review are my own. This item retails for $169.99.


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Duane Calvillo says:

I bought this LYNXX 40V lithiun battery chainsaw. It cuts really good. I cut through a 12″ wood stump with no problem. I also bought the EGO 56V lithium chainsaw from HomeDepot for $249 with included battery & charger. I use my gas1977 McCulloch PRO MAC 555 for heavier cutting jobs. If you can, buy a 80V lithium battery chainsaw.

Michael Henderson says:

Does anyone know who makes this? What I’m getting at, could these batteries be interchangeable by other brands?

william foreman says:

Well I went out and bought this saw and I like it however the oiler seems a little anemic,,, I also think that it is ridiculous that harbor sells the saw but it does not sell bar and chain oil and it does not sell extra bars and it it does not sell extra chains I finally found a chain on eBay,,, overall this saw works very well I suggest an extra battery I think if you find yourself needing more than two batteries you probably need a gas chainsaw two batteries and this saw are ideal for me

Jefferson Sharp says:

Too much rambling. A little economy of words would go a long way. Please don’t get butt hurt like some other people have. I said this for your benefit. Take it or leave it, it’s worth at least what you paid for it. Hint: we don’t need an explanation of what you are going to do, just do it already.

Shawn Hazelaar says:

Good video. Thanks for the information on the Lynxx.

They Live says:

I could not see the wood being cut???????   Tripod or set camera on a stump next time?

apb311 says:

I like looking at the ground when he is cutting, DUMB!

THX 1138 says:

Way to not show the saw working, but at least you talked for 4 minutes strait .

trumpsahead says:

I can’t see the cutting; camera in wrong place, side shot is better. With chainsaws, a picture is worth a thousand words. The battery powered saw sounds like a sissy toy saw. Manly macho work must have macho growling sound. ciao.

mojo jojo says:

Harbor freight is actually getting better tools in than their standard craptastic Chicago brand garbage. Their SDS Rotary hammer drills and breakers (can’t remember the name) are pretty dang impressive, also their Earthquake brand air tools, nut breaking ball smackers (air impact wrenches from 3/8 up to 1″) are also pretty dang impressive

Theodoric Atkins says:

show what the he’ll the saw can do man .

Chris Presley says:

Liked your review. Would have liked to see how much wood you were able to cut on a charge. I’m quite curious about how long the battery lasts given a gas saw can be purchased in this price range.

sam riggs says:

I’m still quite a noob in this area, but the chain does seem to have a pretty sparse amount of teeth. Have ya considered putting on a chain with more teeth, see if it cuts more efficiently ? It does look like it does alright as is, but may still provide some difference.

Jeffrey Beyer says:

A battery powered chainsaw is perfect for usage in town. Can cut all day and not annoy the neighbors. If cutting a lot of firewood, saw a winter’s worth of wood, then a gasoline chainsaw may be the better buy. Until the end of March 2017, this saw is $10 off or so on coupon at Harbor Freight.

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