Gas Chainsaw V.S. Electric – SHOCKING OUTCOME ! ! !

Testing a Husqvarna gas chainsaw against a Makita electric chainsaw.



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Corey Mein says:

Should use a 201 sthil

Derek Kirchinger says:

Tree climber saws are in up 25 to 29 cc yeat common saws small are 33 and go up from there.

timmy wrongs says:

have you thought take the chain sharpness might be a determining factor??????????? also i got the same makita i garrenty you had to recharge after those 6 cuts

อัลดุล ลามะ says:

ฝรั่งโง่ๆ ก็มีแฮะ เค้าก็บอกอยู่เปรียบเทียบให้ดูเฉยๆ และทั้งคู่ก็เป็นเลื่อยแบบ มีไว้ติดบ้าน ไม่ใช้งานหนักมาก
ไม่เข้าใจจะแอนตี้เลื่อยไฟฟ้าเพื่ออะไร ขอบคุณสำหรับรีวิว

Валера Геращенко says:

Если вам бензопила не нужна,подарите мне я люблю хускварну и все пилы.

Buck Futter says:

Would you run the test again… Using my mother-in-law?

Timothy Alford says:

I do tree work that chain on the gas powered saw was dull

Noemí Bel Garrit says:

How long can the bateries last? How much time can we work without charging them? Which effort can it do? Thanks

Jon Peak says:

No good what so ever as different saws for different things chains not the same husky up in tree low chisel chain

Lloyd Parker says:

Time is money. Soon as im outta fuel i can add then keep going not take 5 hour break after an hour

Exposure Dipping says:

Get a husqavarna 450 rancher and camp are it against the makita

G W says:

Brushed motor means trouble

Gerald Moore says:

Most good saws employ a brushless motors and will convert stored electricity to work equally well. The amount of wood you can cut pretty much depends upon the total amount of energy in the battery. Total energy is a product of Volts x Amps. x battery count.

One Milwaukee 18V (nom) 12Ah battery weighs 3.7 lbs. (18)x(12) = 216 watts

One Husqvarna 36V (nom) 4.2 Ah battery weighs 3.21? lbs (36)x(4.2) = 151 watts

Two (2) Makita 18V (nom) 6 Ah batteries weigh 2.7 lbs. (2)x(6)x(12) = 216 watts

One Dewalt 54V (nom, not max) 4Ah battery weighs 3.2 lbs (54)x(4) = 216 watts

One Still with 36V (nom) 4.9 Ah battery weighs 3.8lbs (36)x(4.2) = 178 watts

Any differences observed are minor and related to chain speed, torque design, bar length, chain type and sharpness and any gear loses (if geared), but these are relatively minor. Milwaukee is among the heaviest @ 14.0 lbs while Makita weighs the least @ 10.1 lbs, both with batteries. Big battery capacity of say 216 watts will cut an impressive amount of wood, about a ¼ pickup load thrown on. I would guess it takes about 800 to 1000 watts for a pickup load. I own a Makita and a bunch of batteries. I have a 12, 14 and 16 inch bars for the saw for various types of cutting. I toss about 6 to 8 batteries in my buggy and I am able to fill my small trailer (about ⅔ pickup bed size) and still have batteries to spare. Having a lot of batteries and a lot of chargers is key if you’re cutting firewood.

Cardinal for Life says:

If you’re going to put oil in it you might as well put gas in it

John Carlson says:

Help me please. Does a cordless / corded electric chainsaw hybrid exist? I’d like to fell a few trees in the woods with battery power then drag the logs back to the house to buck em up. So battery would be needed in the woods but it would be nice to just plug the saw in when I get back to the house and run it without batteries dieing / needing to wait between batterys charging.

W3TFART says:

Bet the fuel economy was good on the electric chainsaw

Time Fourty says:

When I was at my friends orchard. They used pneumatic chains saws. They were very quick at cutting. when using with a 4 wheel drive lift They could just go from tree to tree. They are expensive though.

prettypete007 says:

I bet the electric chainsaw will win

James Carr says:

I have a Stihl top handle chainsaw, he should do a review on one of them

Sean Harold says:

whats the model for the makita? seems legit

Dennis Nichols says:

The Milwaukee chainsaw is the best on the market. Do that review

AlexWithLetters says:

The electric saw is a clear winner in this case. If I’m not mistaken then an electric motor has more power than a gas engine and will outlast it too. I bought a 100€ makita chainsaw for home use (corded) and it outdoes a similarly priced gas chainsaw by a lot. Also the cord isn´t as annoying as you would think.

Timothy Knotts says:

You should’ve tuned the husky 540xp correctly and you wouldn’t of made it look so weak I climb trees with one almost everyday they are very fast in the right hands not trying to put you down just wanted right outcomes

GECKO 77 says:

You should try a greenworks 80v electric chainsaw we have one it is amazing

Derrick Booth says:

See which one cuts more after two hours or better yet all day.

Brian Samonas says:

I️ have the Makita…it’s really nice!

Casey Paiz says:

Nice table. Did you make it?

Dylan McCarty says:

Lodgepole is dense.. yeah.. and im the fucking queen of england

John Smith says:

This guy watches too much tv….

Emil Lerp says:

Of you think that battery makita is pretty cool then you would love their pro saws. 7910 and the EA5000 (formerly the 5105) are the best saws available in my opinion, and I own all of the leading brands. Makita purchased Dolmar in 1991 and Emil Lerp developed the first gas powered chainsaw in 1928 I believe and tested said saw on Mt. Dolmar hence the name.
Makita bought into the gas saw market but their name stands for itself in the electric tool market.
I couldn’t live without my Timber framing tools from Makita , I don’t know how anyone got anything accomplished before the 6″and 12″ planers and 16″circular saw or my chain mortiser . Which reminds me to accidently remind my wife that I might could use a makita electric chainsaw (the short 2 batt. version) for Christmas since I’m doing some restoration work inside a church and all I have is a junky old corded chainsaw! Did that sound pitiful enough to evoke the appropriate amount of sympathy….

Ben Scoles says:

the electric saw develops max torque straight out at start up and does not bog out in tougher cuts, the gas saw takes a little time to reach full torque, and will bog out in tougher cuts, one thing I saw as I watched this,

Zac Johnson says:

problem is the price of the batteries and these batteries don’t last that long.
in Australia a spare battery is $200+ and you’re going to need a couple spares for for doing any extended work and you have to be around to change them on the charger all the time unless you want to spend even more $ on multiple chargers.
after a couple years or just one, of regular work, you will then need to buy new batteries.
if you maintain a petrol motor it maintains its power, but an electric saw’s power depends on the battery which will sag and lose its grunt much sooner than the petrol motor will.
stihl ms180 $300 (16″ saw)
stihl msa120 kit includes charger and 1 battery $450 + $200 for a spare battery (12″ saw)

grayjohn62 says:

My was a BLM fire fighter. He says when your life depends on it the only one worth looking at is a Stihl.

Tim Henry says:

Dumbest thing I’ve never watched.

pierson allison says:

Didn’t let the saw warm up and it’s a completely different saw with different leverage

Jeff Holland says:

try the Milwaukee

Matthew Gatto says:

I dont know much about these saws but I have a a sthil and it was purchased from a shop that deals with loggers and I discussed it with them and they will tell you stihl over husky for that same size. I have a stihl the same size as your husky and mine can blast through faster than what you did. I’m also curious at how sharp that chain was

Silvabrite says:

I have the Milwaukee M18 16″ cordless chainsaw and a Husqvarna 435 with a 18″ bar. I like them both very much. The Milwaukee is quieter and fairly powerful. However it isn’t as fast as the Husqvarna 435. And you will need multiple batteries if you plan on using it all day.

Mike Rogge says:

The electric chainsaw using 2 standard batteries is very smart.

jon dough says:

My next saw will be electric. The future is now.

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