First Review Of Stihl MS 462 – 72cc Chainsaw

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This is our first review of the new 70cc chainsaw from Stihl – MS 462. It is a opponent to the also new, Husky 572XP. This is a first initial test and we have tested the chainsaw for about 20 refuels.
It certainly is going to be interesting to see how these new chainsaws is taken by the market. MS 462 has alot of rage and power, despite that id weighs only 600 grams more than 60cc Stihl MS 361. Feel free to leave a comment either here or on or

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Stefan Lage Ambecker says:

Blir till och köpa en 462a fin såg.

- awis318 - says:

Der Sägenführer hat mehr Glück als Verstand, keine Bruchstufe, teilweise die Bruchleiste komplett durchtrennt.
Und bei einem Vorhänger wird Ihm mit dem Fällschnitt auch warm werden, mal abgesehen davon dass bei einem Rückhänger die Säge klemmt bevor er keilen kann.
Aber die Säge gefällt mir sehr gut, werde sie mir dieses Jahr auch noch zulegen.
Achso, mit der Drohne die Fällung, gute Idee !

N-W NW says:

Can you test dolmar chainsaw?

Ross Arnold says:

What is it with you guys & no gloves? Good channel. If you ever come to Oregon let me know & we can make a few stumps.

Dave Wyatt says:

I like stihl and husqvarna equally but I do think its kinda ironic that stihl has copied husky in the way of air injection and spring mounted anti vibe and it even revs more like a husky now, all of which is a good thing though. I also wonder about the power specs this new 462 claims it has more power then before though the 4.4 kw is the same spec as the 461

G. Andaluz says:

Just test powerhead wth the same chain in the future to compare speeds. Fun video!

Dutch Woodcutter says:

You have make a Nice video!

Aaron Stiles says:

Easy decision get both

Powerstroke Puller says:

Just curious, why do you guys use such small bars? In the U.S. you never see a Ms 461 with anything less than a 28″ bar

AJ Barrick says:

Curiosity is killing the cat. I cant help but wonder what the time through that log would be with the C85 chain on the 462. Any chance you are going to try out a loop of C85 on the stihl?

Sadprince298 says:

Durability weight and power is most important for me and stihl saw´s beat other brands for sure,i tried dolmars huskys and they went well for a only 1year.The Stihl saws went 3times longer…Husqvarna and Jonsered was really great saws in the past hq 266,jon.670 ,today stihl have no opponets.

dimitris kal says:

That’s my next saw

Aljaz Grebenc says:

i am professional logger in slovenija and i own several stihl models and i am looking forward to buy new 462.tried 550xp 560 xp 562xp and i was very disappointed.problems one after another.

Fueled Iowa says:

Thank you for doing this in English. thumbs up

Thechainsawcollector 360 says:


1porsche965 says:

I can’t wait to carry out my own tests of the Stihl MS462 and the Husky 572xp!

György Molnár says:

Nyagyon is jó a reklám.

Air Port says:

BLUNT so video is USELESS.

Mark Gum says:

I like the 462 I think they have a lot of power

Simo K. says:

Hei, nice video. Im big fan of Stihl and i own one MS 261 C-M VW and one old MS 260.
I think I want this MS462 saw…a lot!

Hannu Nurminen says:

Santa could you bring me that chainsaw – thank you!

kimschlebaum says:

Nice video! Where did you get the tshirt? Greetings from dk

bobe8888 says:

Thanks for the video, the 462 looks to set a new standard.

Christopher says:

Take my 372 all day:)

Derrick Burtle says:

Where can I get a shirt????? Thanks!

Lumberjacks says:

I Think someone should get Lars-Erik a pair of gloves! And the saw seems awesome.

Flatzout says:

I need a 462.

Josh Mullinnex says:

I cant wait to get one! Thanks for your input very cool

Nándorné Kovács says:

stupid cock

Bill G says:

The 461 is an amazing saw.  I expect the 462 to be even better.  I may personally never know as my 3yo 461 is still running strong, and seems to be getting stronger and stronger with each tank of gas.

1970 olds442 says:

Does it have china bearings in it like the 271?

Mitica Rascol says:


Martin Dudaš says:

Performance and weight Stihl 462 is unrivaled.Pleace battle 462 CM vs 572xp☺

Neighborhood go 2 guy says:

Husky or Stihl

Troy Meredith says:

I have a ms 460 that I have run on synthetic 2 stroke oil its whole life ,never ever has it missed a beat,,I think she might be still going long after these ones are in the bin.

gpb says:

its not a rocket science. if 462 will last just as long as 461 then my friend 572xp is just garbage compared with 462…. 0.6kg is alot and by alot i mean ALOT !

NorthNature says:

Varför sågar han ner de stora granarna? Varför inte låta de stå kvar? Bra video!

outinthewood says:

Thanks for doing this video, the 462 looks a lot more like a much sleeker saw like the Husqvarnas I had felt that the last few Stihls 261,362 etc had become bulky and not as easy / pleasant to use as the 550,562 etc but that is just in my limited experiance of those models.
Interesting about the C85 chain, I did comment on how much I thought that was a chain made to “cut” over on the forum

Mitica Rascol says:

Nice job !

Dutch Woodcutter says:

The same as a 661 construction, it’s a super saw. Ill have the 662 for 2 months now I cut large three’s every day. 50 cm bar with stihl rs 90 ° chain & 8

Best regards

jack070991 says:

Well i am a husky guy, i just love my 372xp, it really runs well, but with this power/weight ratio of stihl…. my only concern is that the saw won’t be reliable… compared to the 572xp there is a 0,6 kg gap… i wonder why…. any suggestions guys?

localcrew says:

Excellent video. I have the 461 and it’s a beast in the cut. Looks totally different than this saw. I’ll have to keep an eye on this one and see how it lasts in the field.

I just subscribed!

William Welzbacker says:

I’ll take the Husqvarna 572xp. I’m just a Husqvarna Guy.

Dingus Dow says:

East coasties & euro loggers take so long to cut such little timber!

N-W NW says:

I’m waiting for Dolmar chainsaw test

XxKnivesNGunsxX says:

If the design proves durable it’s a game changer

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