FarmerTec Holzfforma G660 Chainsaw Review + Recommendation

Nice saw. Feels just like a kit except blue. They did a good job of assembly, even has foil. Looks like a few items you may want to consider replacing, like the rotor. Dont do more than that until you check it out. The trigger maybe ok if it works.


T D says:

Do you want to build me a chainsaw for milling? like your videos and what you do! thank you. please P.M me or email me i need yesterday 🙂 thank you again were in michigan- Aloha and excited

Kyle Ringen says:

I see they have a kit for the blue saw. Are you going to do videos on the blue 660 kit?

AJ G says:

Come on guys! Give this guy a race and test against a Stihl 660. If he gets a test he gets to keep it. So, help a brotha out!

Greg Winfield says:

Gday mate.
Just seen ya vid.
Ive got one of these saw for milling had no drama with it yet.
Only run 5 tanks of fuel through it so far.
What do you recommend to change out so it last a little longer.


Jim Willson says:

I’ve been watching videos on these saws as they come out. I put a MS660 kit together a few months ago and had concerns on the trigger/choke control and of course the chain tensioner. I fixed the chain tensioner by shimming the shaft with a small piece of copper tubing (not my idea). None of the videos I’ve watched on the Blue version has mentioned the tensioner and if it’s been improved. Second, the trigger/choke controls on the kit were pretty disappointing. I fixed mine by filing a grove in the choke control ramp so I get ½ choke and fast idle. I also discovered the aftermarket carb has a fast idle cam the OEM carb didn’t. This adds to the confusion. This difference makes the choke control weak in the kit as delivered. I’m real happy with the fix I implemented, but people are generally unhappy about the way the kit choke functions and hard starting. It would be interesting to know if the Blue saw has a better choke/fast idle system. BTW my kit had the foil included for the heat shield. One more thing was my AM carb (same as on the Blue saw) acted funny when I first started it. I took it apart and it was full of metal and gasket chad. Cleaned it up and it works great! I’m at 6500 feet so it runs a little richer and the high speed carb jet as delivered is okay.

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