Ego Electric Chainsaw Review

Welcome to our latest Now You Know review! Today, we review the Ego Electric Chainsaw! We test it out to see if it is worth your time!

You can find the Ego Electric Chainsaw here:

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wegetiteasy says:

Can you find out what a similar thing is for Europe.

MrMeow says:

I own most of EGO 56V tools. This saw is great as well as all of other EGO tools. The backpack blower is my new favorite.

Ron Colvin says:

Still, DUMPS the bar Oil out on the ground and .atomizes oil so you can suck in your lungs. Also, I see the quality… Chane coming off and for Just $250.00.

Our Tesla Model X Journey says:

We have Ego everything. If you don’t have the 540cfm blower, you should get that! We can do our 400ft. driveway full of leaves in November in under 10 minutes with a 5ah battery. It rocks!

John P says:

no gloves, no chaps, no goggles … safety first!

テスラモーターズファン says:

I bought a collection of EGO products. So far very satisfied with them.

natefrom828 says:

I love their products. I have the mower, trimmer, hedge trimmer, handheld leaf blower and 16″ chainsaw and planning to add even more of their tools to my collection. Also, their customer service is excellent.

Carpenter Family says:

I like it and am glad your review brought it to our attention. I probably will stay with the classic two-cycle chainsaw because, when we do cut wood, we do so for 4 to 6 hours. But thank you anyway – good food for thought.

Richard Butterfoss says:

I love my saw, leaf blower, mower, and weed trimmer

David Pullen says:

Please use proper safety gear (gloves, chaps, eye protection, etc). These things are not toys…


Wow thats awesome, How much do they run? Id love to hear the actual sound of it in action though.

Craig M says:

Just bought an Ego leaf blower the other day. Happy with it so far.

Francisco Xavier Carrasco says:

I would have liked to hear what kind of sound the chainsaw makes

Kenneth Copp says:

I wonder if you’d like to review the other cordless chain saws out there? And how they compare to Ego’s. I have a DeWalt cordless chain saw myself and would like to see how it compares side by side.

Trevor Shiffermiller says:

I would love to see you do a review on the Kobalt (Lowes store brand) 40 volt system of tools. I have the 2 blade 20 inch mower, weedwacker, and older blower. For my suburb lawn care needs they have worked great! Same battery for all the tools and two different battery capacities.

Turning into a business with them? Maybe not. Going on almost 4 years now with no problems except general maintenance (cleaning, blade sharpening, more laser line…) which was less than I needed to do with the gas powered versions I have had in the past!

Brendan Bellingham says:

You guys should review an electronic lawn mower or an electric robot mower. Great review.

AlmostOffline says:

My biggest concern would be whether the battery would still be good after sitting idle 6+ months at a time when not in use. If the same battery powered other tools this might be less of an issue (because of more regular use.) What is the warranty on the battery and have they done anything to mitigate battery degradation due to idle discharging?

jkn says:

Chain does pop off when it does not have enough tension. I have to retension chain often to prevent it popping off. It is an electric saw made so cheaply that chain loses tension quickly. Motor is only good thing in it. Nominally 2.2 kW, but it has used over 4 kW without damage (except burning power meter). Blade can tilt slightly up and down. -> chain tension goes -> it pops off.

C Clark says:

I’ve got their mower and trimmer. With 2 batteries I never run out of power because one is always charging. Great products.

John Egan says:

Very cool! You should do and interview with Joe Conrad, the owner of Mean Green Products. He has a really nice line of lithium powered mowers and lawn tools…check him out and tell him I sent you, please. ( No affiliation but I have talked to him about getting motors for my broken down Electric Ox electric tractor…that’s all. He probably won’t even remember me…lol! ) Cheers, John 😉

Michael Brown says:

I had a corded electric chainsaw, it was excellent.

No Fix says:

Electric tools plus powerful lithium batteries rock.

Star Lord says:

VW I.D. is a highly automated electric car that will cover a distance of 400 to 600 kilometres on a single battery charge. The production version of the I.D. is due to be launched in 2020 at a price on a par with comparably powerful and well-equipped Golf .£22000

Shawn Ueda says:

Thank you for qualifying your review as a “home use and not professional” Nice for back yard use. This was never meant to replace my Husqvarna, others would chime in with their Stihl.

The kickback safety is mandatory on all new chainsaws (aka chain brake lever). does this still require a ear protection? And I take it you still need oil for the chain. Use CANOLA OIL instead of motor oil. Much better for the environment.

Even though this is electric, use a face shield and wear chain saw chaps. Leather glove a must!! NO BARE HAND!!

Seth Totten says:

I have there electric lawn mower, leaf back back blower & weed waker & they work great. Highly recommended.

Oliver MJ says:

My ego is high now

Ronald Fradet says:

You know Makita sells those as well my Brother in Law as one. While it is not as bog as this one it is still very useful

Chris Stork says:

Think “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” only quieter.

Inigo Freed says:

You didn’t mention bar and chain oil. My last electric had a push button cap to pump it out that broke. I noticed there was no chain catch for the chain to tangle on if it slips that feature of bigger saws works well with an engine you can stall. Electric saws can flail the chain a bit if it slips and you don’t release the trigger fast enough. Is that battery compatible with other tools and can you give me the stats on power compared to an engine model? Blade length corresponds to horse power but the electrics I’ve seen seem to have short blades.

molinkie says:

I purchased an EGO self-propelled lawnmower and an EGO string trimmer earlier this year. I don’t use the self-propelled feature on the lawn mower yet because basically, I don’t have to. But both tools do an excellent job and they both use the same lithium-ion battery. Looks like the chain saw uses the same one too.

JRP3 says:

A friend of mine has one of these and also has had issues with the chain coming off. The blade bar is too flexible IMO and I think that might be the reason for the chain problems. Other than that the saw cuts fairly well.

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