ECHO CS-620P Chainsaw Review – Comparing Stihl and ECHO Chainsaws

ECHO CS-620P Review – Comparing Stihl and Echo Chainsaws!

I just got a new ECHO CS-620P chainsaw. My friend is the owner at Wrigley Tree Service and so I wanted to show him my new chainsaw and he compared it to his Stihl 362.

The ECHO CS – 620 that I got is the 27″ bar. This chainsaw is a beast. My previous chainsaw was a Stihl. My Stihl chainsaw has been reliable and dependable. However, I am ready for an upgrade and wanted a longer bar. I am pumped to continue to use this ECHO CS – 620. It has a lot of power.

Please enjoy this stihl vs echo chainsaw review!

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Stihl and ECHO Chainsaw Review – Which is better? This video has a review from a 30 year old veteran in tree services.

ECHO vs STIHL Chainsaw Review


Dustin LaFord says:

Love my 620p…..nuff said!!!!!

WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot says:

I have the same saw and love it. Trim the inner flap on the exhaust deflector and retune for a little better performance

OBX Koastie says:

JMG…Just wait until you get about ten tanks of fuel through the saw and change to a hand-filed full chisel Stihl RS or Oregon EXL chain versus that semi-chisel safety chain Echo sends with the saw. Then let your friend try your saw versus his 362 where both have some hours on them. Then ask him about the Stihl pro warranty (90 days) versus Echo (1 year). Finally ask him if he has an M-Tronic Stihl how much the dealer charges to adjust and/or rebuild the carb. Echoes you can do yourself. Stihl and Husky are losing market share to Echo and I think they know it. Stihl brought both their 261 and 362 back in regular carb saws to compete!

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