Echo CS 590 chainsaw review

Echo rep was nice enough to leave me with a demo for a bit, took the opportunity to go over it and put it through some wood.


Robert Armstrong says:

Go on Human, make the Echo part of your family, variety is the spice of life.

Ryan Grant says:

Have a 14″ homelite (yes, garbage). Buying either Stihl farm boss or Echo CS 590. My garage is full of echo products. 75% leaning towards echo saw. What do you think. From my extensive research, they are comparable in reliability. Echo has longer warranty. Stihl is very temperamental – especially if you mix and match elevations when using saw (home versus camp). Comparable in price. Echo stock chain is more aggressive. Echo easier to adjust/maintain. Echo comparable motor CC greater than Stihl as it relates to price.

Chronic Dreamer says:

I’m a Stihl saw fan myself. But all my other OPE is Echo. It’s a good brand. If they’d start building pro level saws, I think they could get a piece of the market.

Daniel Martin says:

Stick with Stihl!!

Tyler steel says:

Can’t tell if the choke is made out of metal or not it looks like it would snap right the f*** off if it was plastic

Phillip Kramer says:

Got a couple bars that say Echo timber wolf

MJM Tree Service & Maintenance says:

Not going to lie, I am very partial to Stihl but I must say that 590 was quite impressive. Good price, looks like a good built saw, cuts pretty damn nice. Not too bad at all!

Jerry Counts says:

I’ve owned one of these for a little over  2 years, and use it almost weekly . Great saw, but a few observations;  If I flush cut stumps,  and it spends extended time on its side,  and I stop it o take a break, that thing will not re-start at all —sometimes for the rest of the day.  If she stays upright, no worries, even in 90 percent humidity and above. The chain adjustment pin just snapped off and was replaced under warranty by the dealer, but the replacement looks different . It does have tons of power and destroys all the hardwood we have here, including an 80  year old black walnut, most recently . Anti-vibe is good, but no quite up to Husq or Stihl. That’s nitpicky, I know! Overall, the best 400 dollar saw out there,  in my humble opinion.

TreeMonkeyArborist says:

My first chainsaw was an Echo CS-400 and that saw has not once failed me. I’ve put it threw it’s paces cutting a lot of wood, and it never fails. I’ve quartered big sections of trunk with a 16 in bar that you”d normally probably use a 20 in on and it ate it right up. Recently just bought the Echo CS-271t for climbing, and am currently looking for a bigger saw around 20-24 in bar. Been checking out the Echo CS-620p but have also looked at Husky’s. Any thoughts?

TheIrongutz says:

Where do you get parts?

Tyson James says:

I have the same saw cuts great !! But they need to upgrade the handles from plastic to aluminum . The plastic breaks way too easy lol

The Fatman says:


Mike Salter says:

what’s the difference in hp between this saw and their 620p with the same displacement?

Alex Matthews says:

Only things I don’t like about these saws (I have a 620P which is an upgraded version of this) are one the filtration system likes to pull in water if your like me where in tree service some days rain is unavoidable, soaks filter, instantly runs like shit! Second which is my bigger gripe because it cant be avoided is the chain tensioner will not allow for use of the complete chain, at about 30% teeth length your chain will be slack and dangling and your forced to buy new chain. Other than that, its about perfect seriously!

Robert Armstrong says:

I’ve used Echo for about 6 years, brilliant units, no problems with them, i use stihl, shindaiwa also, don’t ever knock the Shindaiwa, that’s echo in a red colour but cheaper, very reliable & strong in cutting…Stihl are brilliant & tough with a lot of power also…never worry with just the main brands, go with a’ll save & get the job done with cheaper/reliable/ strong saws


I love this chainsaw is very pretty

Christian Mills says:

will you do an efco review for me, those Italian saws are bad mamajammas

Calibir1 says:

Hello Human
Me again. Re CS-590
I know it comes standard with either an 18″ or a 20″ bar and a 20″ I do want I think plus a small length bar – so could you also put a 16″ or enen a 14″ bar on this saw? For a two bar option.
if no – why not?
I understand why you can’t go too big but what is the problem in going smaller if any?

Neil Neil says:

the engine didn’t seem to Bog hardly at all. must have pretty good torque.

Gotrek12345 says:

Looks like dirt is getting around that filter.

CowboyAxe says:

Nice machine but I do not like the choke set up or the kill switch, metal and a cheap old zapper you might have seen on ancient saws, but that said she looks powerful and well made.

Zaine Ridling says:

I have two great Stihls and the Echo 620PW, which is similar in every way to this one except the wrap-around handle. However, I come across the same problem as Alex Matthews had below with chain tensioning until I did two things: (1) locked down the nuts tighter than they should be, and (2) switch to Stihl chains, which for some reason don’t seem to stretch as much under the heat of a long cut.

However, I still can’t figure out how to safely remove the top cover to access other parts. I removed every screw I could find and it still wouldn’t let go! ha.

Allan Wells says:

What is the after-sales backup like with Echo?

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