DEWALT DCCS670X1 FLEXVOLT 60V Brushless Chainsaw Review

Price the DEWALT DCCS670X1 FLEXVOLT Chainsaw on Amazon:
Dewalt FlexVolt Chainsaw – Dewalt has been building their line of battery operated outdoor power equipment with the introduction of the FlexVolt line. The Dewalt FlexVolt battery will work in the existing 20v max tools or also in the new 60v max line. The Dewalt FlexVolt tools are long lasting, strong and in many ways equal or better than their corded counterparts. The Dewalt FlexVolt battery operated outdoor power equipment is an excellent alternative to gas operated equipment for construction and for home owners. Dewalt has a well proven 40 volt line of outdoor power equipment meant for professionals that the 60v FlexVolt tools are based from. That means these tools have been tried and tested which is always better than buying first run.

While battery operated chainsaws are not new, we are working to give you the information needed to decide if this is the right tool for you. In our opinion, a good chainsaw will have to be able to cut a fairly large tree down when needed on a single charge, have the power to cut 14-16″ logs without issue, and generally have the quality that will last someone a very long time. In construction, there is a need for a long lasting saw for cutting large posts or beams. The saw needs to have the power and runtime to complete these tasks without slowing down.

Dewalt DCCS670 Features

Brushless motor, powered with a 60V Lithium Ion battery
Low kick-back 16″ Oregon bar and chain
Chain brake for kick back protection
Auto-Oiling with Lubrilink and Lubriwell for chain lubrication
Tool free chain tensioning and bar tightening knob
Variable speed trigger
Variable Speed Trigger

To bring a little more gas like chainsaw feeling into the battery operated saw, Dewalt designed the FlexVolt saw a variable speed trigger. This was great for cleaning up brush of small limbs where more control could be used. Not only does this allow the user to have more control, this also helps to extend the runtime of the saw. The variable speed trigger is not something you get with many other battery powered chainsaws. We feel it takes this saw to a higher level of quality and safety.

The downside to battery operated chainsaws is the mandate to have a trigger safety. The safety is not a big deal, just something to get used to. On this saw the safety is on the left side of the handle and is easy for right handed people. It is not bad for left handed cuts, but easier for right handed.

Like Gas Chainsaws

This chainsaw, like gas chainsaws, has a nice chain brake that is set up as an anti-kickback devise for protection. Even though this is battery powered, it is still a chainsaw and proper safety gear should be used while using the saw. In the video, you see I have hearing protection on and frankly, it is not needed, but my favorite helmet has it connected, so it was used. Getting hurt with a battery operated saw is just as likely as a gas powered saw. We still suggest engaging the chain brake while walking with the saw! Take care and caution when using these items.

With the great runtime of the Dewalt FlexVolt chainsaw, we feel this compares to other like sized saws on the market. When the battery is dead, it is about the equivalent to a small tank of fuel. The only difference is that it takes 30-45 minutes to recharge the Dewalt “fuel tank”. The benefits of a battery operated saw outweigh any negatives by a long shot and this unit will be a great addition to many homes and commercial markets. The noise reduction itself would be huge for contractors and arborists. Add on some of the other outdoor power equipment from Dewalt and you have the capabilities to work longer with more batteries and enjoy the no hassle use of the new age of outdoor power equipment.


shilohsharps says:

I bought this saw recently. I agree with everything in the review. It would have been nice if DeWalt would pick a way of referring to the FlexVolt batteries and stick to it. It was hard to determine if the saw came with the 9ah Flexvolt (listed as 3ah) or some bastard hybrid only delivered with the saw. Nowhere was the actual model number of the battery to be found. I got it to replace a gas 18” saw. It seems well able to fill that role (major cutting is handled by the Stihl 660).

My wife used it to work down the winter pruning brush pile. She had no complaints with it. I thought she might be put off by the thumb lock as the spring on that is rather robust. The chain was easily resharpened after she ran it repeatedly into the ground.

Jay Fillet says:

So the 40v is the big brother of the 60v which is another version of a 20v!? lol DeWalt needs to make their mind up on a battery platform.

They Live says:

Dewalt products are nice however grossly overpriced compared to ego imo.

Cody Robertson says:

Any word on reviewing both new stihl battery platforms that are now out. Or the New 36 volt mower for their professional line.

Richard says:

That chain tightener is pretty cool. So much easier than messing with a screwdriver and wrench.

Travis S says:

You must like being bent over doing all that cutting with the bottom of the bar that should be done with the top, and it’s easier to keep it out of the dirt with a little practice. Cutting with the tip is easy too with a hair of skill and keeps you from being bent over all the time.

Also metal dogs are better especially when cutting trees down and doing the back cut and nearing the hinge area.

mateollios 67 says:

So why does the 40v dewalt have more power the the 60v flexvolt chainsaw, please explain.

Mike Zeke says:

so the new makita is better?

GBodyShop says:

Nice Monte SS

Viper Strike says:

I would put stihl rs chains on that bish

etom2511 says:

This is obviously some kind of joke, or made for women and children. I suspect this kind of saw comes with its own carrying purse.

ThacMan says:

Anyone know if Milwaukee is developing a m18 chainsaw?

Brien says:

You just reaffirmed my 40V purchase. That is a bad mamagama

James Avery says:

If Milwaukee made one its possible I would get one but i would probably go with a stihl #workshopaddict

Andrew Browner says:

that chain brake is gonna be worn out before the days out…

Tony Montana says:

Fuck dewalt. Milwaukee for life wooooooo!!!

Raynor9899 says:

Will you guys test stihl ones as well?

Sunny Lad says:

Is this good option for cutting through tgi joist, plywood floor and rim board. On a daily basis i need to make 3 or 4 cuts through these materials on the job site. As of right now im leaning toward an electrical chainsaw, i just need some kind of confirmation before investing in one. Help would be greatly appreciated

Brett Pulley says:

I want one!

Dually 3500 says:

xr means brushless not the amp size of the battery, but good video sir.

Tool Fein says:

Great Upload! This chain saw seems Amazing Definitely alot of power! #WorkshopAddict

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