DEWALT DCCS620P1 20V Compact 12″ Chainsaw Review

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DEWALT has been trickling outdoor power tools into their 20-volt line over the last year or so.  They currently have a 20-volt string trimmer, blower, hedge trimmer and have now added the new DCCS620 12″ Compact Brushless Chainsaw.  The new 12″ Chainsaw has many of the other features you find on the larger 40-volt or FlexVolt chainsaws, such as tool-free chain tensioning, brushless motors, fixed-rate automatic chain oilers and an Oregon bar and chain.  One item that it is missing is a variable speed trigger.  The 20-volt model has a single speed trigger that allows the chain to run at 25.2 feet per second when the trigger is pulled.

So let’s get right to the question that is on everyone’s mind.  Can DEWALT’s 20-volt max battery properly power a chainsaw?  The answer is a surprising YES, it can power it and the battery and brushless motor combination do quite well at it.  This top handle compact chainsaw is not going to be a go-to saw for felling trees, but it will do well at limbing, trimming and also cutting dry lumber on the jobsite.  The saw was surprisingly resilient through our test cutting up a pine tree we dropped a few days before and we did not have any thermal timeouts or overloads.  For a saw of this size and voltage, it really did well.

DCCS620 Features

Low Kick Back 12″ Oregon Bar and Chain
Compact, lightweight design (8.8 lbs) 
High-efficiency brushless motor 
Tool-Free chain tensioning and bar tightening knob
Build Quality

When you look at all the battery operated chainsaws from DEWALT, you will see some items that look the same.  The chain tensioner is most likely a shared item between all three of their battery saws on the market.  One would also think that the chain oil fill cap would be also, but that item on this saw feels a bit weak.  We will say that the cap flexes less once there is oil lubricating its movement, but either way, the cap gives the saw a feeling that one should take care in adjusting it.

Other than the cap, the feeling of the saw is pretty good.  One would wish they would have carried over the variable speed trigger, but the motor used might not have the torque to run at lower RPMs.

Any way that you look at this saw, it is a perfect match for a homeowner who wants to be able to trim trees and possibly clean up a mess after a storm.  Hunters would love the saw for cleaning out areas in the woods!  Contractors who deal with pole structures might enjoy it for trimming 4×4’s or other rough cut items.  This saw does have a large group that will enjoy using the saw!




Iggy Mac says:

Nice review. Nice saw #workshopaddict

jdamurph says:

I have a tree farm and this chainsaw works great. I need to try the 40v version

fuzzy wuzzy says:

Why would you buy that? something that size I’m sure you can use a cordless sawzall with a Long Blade just as easily and a Sawzall be much more versatile tool

christoffer1973 says:

Wood construction this will do.

Ryan Gehrke says:

Now for Milwaukee to finally release theirs would be great!

Wild Goose says:

I’m surprised Milwaukee hasn’t come out with an 18v chain saw yet. As you point out, these have uses on the jobsite cutting posts and lam beams faster than most other methods, though I’m not sure the accuracy is there.

nijuy3 says:

Nice review! #workshopaddict

John Salazar says:

I own an ego mower so I’ll just get the ego chainsaw. By the looks of it the ego will perform better.

Robert Herrera says:

Pretty handy little chain saw. I could see that as a tree trimmer at home. #workshopaddict

billfromelma says:

Hey Brian, great review. I like the way you point out the pluses and minuses for the product. This saw isn’t for everyone, as you point out, but sure has a place.

Russ Webster says:

Great review Brian. #WORKSHOPADDICT

Danny H. says:

Sweet ! Kind of impressed that they could get that much power out of just a 20V battery ! Battery technology must certainly be improving !

fasignal says:

They make them for pennies in slave labor china and charge you big bucks

Love2boat92 says:

Wow that is so cool. I wondered when someone would come out with a top handle battery chainsaw that actually cuts great.

alan j Hornung says:

Great Review !#workshopaddict

Chris Broshar says:

Too small. #WorkshpAddict

ThacMan says:

This Dewalt or the Makita 18×2 brushed top handle? #workshopaddict

aux1z11 says:

I used mine the other day to cut down a 150 ft H 10 ft W cotton wood tree and diced it up into 1 ft logs and did the whole tree on 1 charge. This is the best chainsaw out there by far.

Steve Smith says:

It looks like a kid’s toy

J Parra says:

Nice saw.  I have a corded saw and don’t use it enough to replace it.  But if I ever do I’ll consider this saw.  Thanks.  #Workshopaddict

Jose Casillas says:

too small seems like a toy to much plastic and cheap its is a dewalt so im shure its a good tool great review thanks #WorkshopAddict

busjockey1 says:

#Workshopaddict Nice!

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