Dewalt 60volt brushless chainsaw review

Impressively powerful and long battery life, but has problems with chain coming off, and the bar doesn’t attach very rigidly.
Definitely NOT a sponsored review 🙂


Ryan Wingate says:

I have a 026 stihl and a cobalt 80v electric chainsaw! It’s a nice setup

Mickleblade says:

the Makita corded chainsaw is also powerful but sadly let down by a crap toolless tensioner too. Perhaps an open letter/video to all chainsaw manufacturers to just add bolts…

Ron Coleman says:

I watch and enjoy all your videos. As talented as you are I believe you must have a special beautiful project you make for sale. Have you done that video?

timothy Joynt says:

Is this a sponsored show? What happened to your content? Its devolved in a major way. How sad.

Ibp Support says:

dewalt trash again…

Matze Diesdas says:

The system that you describe already exists. Stihl has a electic chainsaw for one-hand use. Its the MSA 160 T. A extension cord for external batteries is also available, so you can carry the battery on the back or on a belt. Definitly not on the cheap side, but is worth the money.

Charles Butler says:

You aren’t ment to use chainsaws like that

Lee Lantern says:

what a piece of crap, thank you for the heads up

vetle33 says:

Where is today’s video ?

Ahmet Can says:


Paul Sikkema says:

It’s not the bar…Someone needs to give you a little training on how to use chainsaws. Just 5 minutes may keep you from ruining another bar and chain.

Lord baal says:

It’s not the chainsaw, it’s you. It was not made for cut brush and branches the way you were doing.

Brian P. says:

I’ve felt for a while now that DeWalt has firmly joined the league of ordinary tool makers. To bad too because they used to be great.

JJ Bookman says:

I got a Ryobi chainsaw since I had a few of the 40v batteries laying around, it works great and it was only ~$75 (used) on ebay.

TheVexinator says:

“I agree with most of what AvE says, but a vise is a lousy place to keep a weiner!”
Love it! =P

Lord baal says:

No googles? No chaps? No gloves?

ThisIs MyName says:

1:13 lol

Aaron Bounds says:

Last 10 seconds was the best, funny reference to the AvE slogan!

Ian Jefferson says:

about 9:30 “like a real chainsaw” LOL. I’ve had all kinds of these clever chain tensioning plastic knobs but in the end they don’t save time or effort. I converted my homelite to a nut/stud locking arrangement like my other “real chainsaw”. I’m always a bit surprised that my $99 homelites keep running as long as they do but they do. I might give a battery powered saw a chance some day.

Brad Reeves says:

What’s with all these crazy Canadians? AvE, Mathias, John, Handtool Rescue…

Ray Herring says:

I do personally hate those safety locks. If I want safety, I’ll do safety myself. I stopped using a gas lighter for my bbq because it had a stupid safety lock that made it difficult and painful to use, ended up buying a Redhead brand one which didn’t have the safety lock at all.

Michael Cox says:

Try a saw made by a saw vs cordless tool manufacturer. Any cordless saw will be short-lived. The saw you mentioned toward the end of the video is call a top-handle saw and it’s commonly used by arborists to limb while in the tree. Stihl and Husky both make a fine top-handle saw.

Cameron Kyllingmark says:

Milwaukee is for sure better.

Matthew Hook says:

Switch to left hand thread lock nut (nylon insert nut or nyloc nut). There are some sources online for those.

Manor Wood says:

Hay Mattias , love your channel I have a video on the new Still top hand Cordless ,and there is a battery belt holder you can buy for it if needed …its has some really power..

Ovais Saand says:

11:54 Not sure if its saw dust on his shirt or just the design :-/

Alan Falleur says:

This is a man emergency!

Ortsa says:

Stihl already make a cordless top handle chainsaw you can use with a backpack or belt.

Julian Knödler says:

Buy the Milwaukee Chainsaw! Beats all!

Shane Rudd says:

I’m pretty sure that’s not the proper use for a chainsaw anyway.

ShortyzProductionz says:

The chain brakes are to stop the bar if your hand slips forward towards the chain to prevent it from getting cut up. Not to just stop it fast for convenience

BatDan 231 says:


EMTdrummer says:

I would guess the thin bar and chain on the DeWalt is purposefully there to reduce drag which will increase cutting current required and speed up the cut…

I David says:

I don’t work for Dewalt or anything but while I was watching, I was wondering if you’d have shot the video if you knew that the chainsaw would preform fine. Would you really post a good review on a DeWalt tool at this juncture of time?

Chad M says:

Do we expect a saw to chew up small brush? No.

JayWC3333 says:

Your review…great, helpful, analytical, etc. The video you linked us to…crap. That guy is a bag of cats on drugs bred with a redneck who read a science manual (he clearly has some technical knowledge) and a made up dictionary. Next time you can skip linking to that moron and I’d be fine with it. Wow… just wow.

ignilc says:

Battery chainsaw? All manliness down the drain. Fag

Sean Holland says:

In my youth I used chainsaws professionally. As a landing man when I was logging I used a very big saw for bucking broken ends and large limbs from BIG logs freshly yarded into the landing before being loaded on logging trucks. I’ve used medium to small saws a million times too. And if I ever used a chain saw to hack into a bunch of small branches like you did, I’m sure I regretted it. Chainsaws are not designed for that sort of lateral twisting of the chain. I don’t know what the right tool for that job is, but a chainsaw isn’t it. People often think chainsaws are invincible. In a prospecting camp I once saw an engineering physics student on his summer job cutting a piece of firewood sitting directly on sand. He sawed right into the sand. Stop! I yelled. He said that he thought the whole point of a chainsaw was that you could do stuff like that. Nope. Engineering physics, shmendereering shmyisics.

porilster says:

No chainsaw face shield, no proper pants, boots or gloves. That chain could have snapped when it came off and whipped the eye from your head. A small tip is to never cut small piled up brush with any chainsaw. Or you run the risk of snapping your chain if it’s not tensioned properly like yours. Holds his hand on the trigger while he puts his other hand on the sprocket

BumbleBeeTF says:

Loved the AVE comment.

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