Chinese made 82cc 24” bar Lumik chainsaw review. Unboxing, assembly and first start.

Brought from ebay for 195AUD 24” 82cc Lumik chainsaw from Lumik Group.

Chainsaw closely resembles others such as the Teammax and Baumr-ag and several other made in china copys.


Pranesh Pal says:

Too much introduction

Alan Harris says:

does anyone know how I can order one of these lumik chainsaws and have it delivered 2 Villa Rica Georgia? I am computer stupid and as far as I can tell these things only get delivered in Australia is there a phone number that I can call the seller of this product and try to make arrangements to get it shipped to me. I can’t even find their phone number.

John Egan says:

For $195 it is good. Compared to a Stihl it is not a great saw but you could buy 7 or 8 of these to one Stihl. Good video Jarrad thank you.

Cristi Ro says:

The chain is too tight!!!!

Eliot Yang says:

The fuel mixture is too rich I recommend using 30:1 or 35:1.

Thomas Andrews says:

Jarrad if you dont have bar oil u can away use 5 30w motor oil it will not hurt the saw

Matthew Langridge says:

That was painful.

Aus-Gold says:

LOL look at all the fucking “internet expert” comments…

David Peters says:

is there a saw in this box or is it in part 2


Did you read the instruction book? Perhaps not, as that is not the way to put a chain on. It’s way to tight and because you did not lift the bar up before you tightened the nuts, as soon as you go to cut any wood, the chain will need readjustment pretty well straight away. Leave the saw sitting upright on the bench to put the bar and chain on, it is a lot easier. And get rid of that dinky little fuel measurer. As you say Jarrod, it’s next to useless. The problem with these cheap lollipop chainsaws is that most people who buy them know very little about how to operate or maintain them. If all you’re doing is cutting firewood, then you only need a saw half this size. A day leaning over using something this big will wreck your back in no time. It is a professional sized saw, but a pro wouldn’t touch one of these, that’s for sure.

Gerva Rod says:

oh boy, i hope you didn’t end up slicing your arm or hands or legs off. the way you put it together would impress me you have. PS if you dont know how to use one dont buy one.

John Egan says:

Gday Jarrad
Thanks for the video mate. It is a good overview. I bought one of these too but I am having all sorts of trouble with it. I am not giving up on it though, I think with some minor adjustments it will be a reasonable saw especially for the price.

Mine starts Ok and runs for about ten minutes before cutting out.(When it runs it runs well) The only way to get it started again is to wait till it cools down. Anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing this?

By the way if you have bought one of these I recommend you check the air filter regularly because mine fills up with dust very quickly. I pulled my filter off after only about 20 minutes running and found it toalready be very dirty, with some small particles of saw dust making it into the top of the carby. I bought some proper filter foam at Clark Rubber today and I am going to try and make the filter area more robust and harder for dust to get through. Might have to adjust the idle but hopefully this will help alleviate the poor filter design.

Would appreciate it if anyone one has a fix for my cutting out issue.

Thanks John

Rusty Hefferman says:

don’t feel bad with all the people saying how little buisness you have playing with a chain saw, your better at using it than you are at making videos about using a saw.

1970 olds442 says:

can you say pile of shit china junk

save us all says:

fill like a dumb-ass hun


Funny video. Starts it with chain brake ON? Hah. You deserve that shitter

Love2boat92 says:

I’ve been pretty happy with my chinese chainsaw so far considering how much I paid for it. I would buy another one if need be. Hope you like yours. Are you planning on milling some lumber with it? Great video!!!

johnnybarbar says:

They are a lot easier to start when the plug isn’t oil fouled.

Tim Bolt says:

were can i buy one of the 85cc gas chain saws

ian martin says:

why purchase a chainsaw that powerful when you have no idea what you’re doing

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