Cheapest Top-handle Chainsaw on Amazon! TimberPro CS2500 Top-Handle Chainsaw Review and Demo

Bought my TimberPro top-handle chainsaw on Amazon through the vendor Great British Tools. Shipped via FedEx from Great Britain, from the time I hit the order button to when it arrived, took less than 72hrs with international shipping. A very good saw for the money.

The price has gone up a lot since I bought it. Is a lot cheaper to but direct from TimberPro:

Hete is the link where I bought it:

TIMBERPRO 26cc 10″ Petrol Top Handle Topping Chainsaw with 2 Chain Saw Chains & Carry Bag


Gameywoodchuck ! says:

You know that class of saw is made for tree climbers, right?

OfciLikeIt says:

*As a woman, buying a chainsaw for myself was a little intimidating. I didn’t want to mess around with mixing gas and oil and screwing something up.==>**** I also didn’t want a cord to tote around. But I also wanted to make sure i had the power to take care of the trees in my yard and any storm damaged tree limbs. This chain saw did not disappoint. I’m very pleased with it.. it’s so easy to use. Dont forget to get bar and chain oil, it doesn’t come with a little bottle like some companies give. I also bought a second battery but have yet to have surpassed the life of the first battery.*

Man Shed says:

Thanks for this review. I have been looking at them on ebay recently as a back up saw. I am tempted.

ace crusader says:

these are Chinese crap had one lasted 2 weeks b for things started falling off it

Love2boat92 says:

Wow it does pretty good. I’m impressed. Sure is easy to handle and would be perfect for limbing and clearing brush. I still want to get one. There’s a few black and red ones on ebay.

endlessmountainwoodworks says:

Looks good for the price, I found an old top handle homelite that I just bought. It starts in 3 pulls cold and 1 warm. Would you mind if I gave you a shoutout on my channel?

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