Chainsaw Review-Gas or Electric- Does Dewalt Stand a chance?

We look at commercial grade chainsaws, residential chainsaws and if dewalts new electric Chainsaw even has a chance. How to choose which chainsaw is right for you! Not all Chainsaws are created equal-Stihl, Echo, Craftsman Husqvarna, dewalt and more. More info Here:


Rob Spencer says:

That’s impressive how long the battery lasted. What size battery were you using?

Gallman Construction says:

Electric tools are great, until the batteries die. Then you get to buy a whole new set of tools every few years because you can’t replace the outdated battery packs.

macnuth says:

This is the first I became aware of Dewalt chainsaw. Just last week I thought they should come up with one. They should also come up with a smaller version to run off thde 19 volt systems. A small trim saw.

The best use of an electric chainsaw is for indoor work.

michael mcgregor says:

careful draining the gas in residential chainsaws, some have gaskets that will dry out if drained and it will leak. use only premium grade gas and maybe a stabilizer if it will be stored for several months, I only use premium and have only had to replace spark plugs, chains, bars, and air filters on my units. using regular gas I had to device the carbs yearly. $0.30 a gallon difference is worth not having to tear apart your equipment. in a big company you might burn say 20 gal of gas in a chainsaw per year, that is a difference of $6. you can’t even buy the gaskets to rebuild a carburetor for that, n7ch less down the hour or two to do it!

Arnold East says:

Love the Dewalt

impleasen says:

a 500 gallon? damn

Brian Butthole says:

how much does that electric chain saw waight? the reason I ask is I think it would be cool to put one on a drone and cut the tops off all my leaning trees. I have Gaff’s from when I used to do cable but I sold my bucksqeeze and I really don’t want to go up thear anyway.

Kelly Buzzell says:

Try a Husqvarna

hed420 says:

Hey, I’ve seen that tank before. What do you got in there?

em forty says:

below 24″ cordless chainsaw is king. cordless gets better and cheaper every year that i’ve been following cordless tools. I would wonder how these things would be in another 5 years my prediction?? it will be amazing. I suspect they’ll take over like they did last 5 years

Rogue Excavating says:

we run Stihl very trouble free saws

agun17 says:

Climate change is killing a lot of trees. A chainsaw doesn’t produce that much CO2, but every little helps. Electric chainsaws are catching up to petrol. The next decade is going to be interesting.

xxpyroxx75 says:

electric tools don’t work well in the cold. since the cold is bad for the battery. iv noticed this with all electronic devices. iv used out in the woods at bonfires in the middle of the winter.

Nancy Drew says:

thank you for the review, I am 70 and a female and gas chains saws scare me, I have a lot of dealt tools and after watching this, I am going to buy one today! thanks again, You have liberated me!

Ferenc Fajkusz says:

Am I right, that those saws don’t have teeth on them at the base of the chain? Why is that? The reason for me asking is because as far as I was taught by professional users, you use the teeth and cut close to the base as much as you possibly can to remove strain from the chain, “guide” – the stuff that’s in the middle of the loop of chain -, and from the fixings plus more control.

Seeing the young lad cutting the tree up felt weird…

Good stuff btw!;)

The Plow Guys says:

I like Some guy named “dirt monkey” for tool review. No assosiation mean honest no Bull shit review. way to go buddy.

Michael Adams says:

i don’t think this was hey this is the end all be all saw hes not comparing it to a pro saw. the intent is for those who go out and buy a 150 to 200 dollar gas saw to hey maybe look at this. and to say batteries don’t work in cold yes they do its not like your gonna go out and throw that saw in the snow for 2 hours then pick it up to use. hate all you want if you watch this video and take it at face value the little thing did great.

Landen Bruce says:

Your bird though

David Sin says:

that dude will chop his foot one day

Justin Johnson says:

a saw won’t bog with a dull chain lol because it doesn’t have any bite

Ben Poliquin says:

Those dewalt flexvolt tools are nice but it’ll never replace my chainsaws. Other tools though for sure. Ive always hated running corded circular and recipicating saws. Thanks for the tool review channel reccomendation

Toad Bascom says:

How is the 20v DeWalt chainsaw? Have you done a review yet?

Drew Thomas says:

Curious how it is changing chains on this thing. I have never used an electric chainsaw but I remember going to help a friend and not having my Trusty Stihl 271. We used his saw which was dreadful, chain kept popping off again and again and you had to take apart half the saw to put it back on.

Is the Dewalt easy to change and has it held up for you/ have you found a decent use for it?

OffroadTrucker740 says:

i really like my stihl ms180 and ms362cm

CHESTER Fisher says:

Can’t believe you are sawing without any eye protection. Very bad example for viewers.

em forty says:

Gas or Cordless Electric Argument ? depends really, a commercial tree cutter in my area uses both, 90% of the time they prefer the cordless electric start work really early in the morning or even very late w/o bothering anyone then switch to gas if necessary or on a need basis only. Homeowners, demo work, handyman, gardeners will mostly be cordless so gas is only for pros that use them daily. for chainsaw below 24″ its gonna be cordless anything larger gotta be GAS.

Drew w says:

A huge advantage electric has over gas is torque. Electric motors have instant and full torque available anywhere in the RPM range, so you won’t always need to rev the hell out of it to get it to cut in some situations…. like when you pinch the chain.

Laurencemathew Riggs says:

can’t agree with you Husqvarna is the only way to go i have been working in the logging industry for 15 years it’s the only thing that holds up.u get what you pay for.

em forty says:

A shovel can’t be compared to a Bulldozer each has its own purpose same thing with gas and electric chainsaw. But there will be more cordless electric chainsaw sales than gas whether you like it or not i’m thinking 10 to 1.

Muh Nuh says:

John Travolta reviewing chainsaws THIS IS AWEOSME!!!!

Landscaping kid says:

Still waiting on the excavator review 7 months later

Eric Blazick says:

i ve used tons of chainsaws and the best one i used is the farm tough husqavarna.

Tom C. says:

Very nice video. Your video helped me in making the decision to buy a Dewalt chainsaw for bucking 1-2 cords a year at a leisurely pace. No gas, when the battery runs out, so have I.

Chooper says:

You should accept money for reviews that way you can take care of that amazing fish tank you have neglected in the background

Patrick Dolan says:

idk I just use a sawzall for smaller trees. I don’t think the average homeowner needs that dewalt and a pro will stick with his favorite gas brand. maybe a landscaper can use it gets n there but I think dewalt got into a very small market with this one. Of course the hardcore dewalt fan boys will probably buy it even when they’ll probably never need it. I say if you’re gonna buy it and rarely use it to just get a sawzall and a cheap $50 chainsaw at Wal-Mart. save your $

Tobias Buren says:

I’m working with the Husqvarna 36V System since this year and I love it.
I’m a tree sergeon and landscaper and the Husqvarna Programm is perfect for me. Stihl has not enough power on the chainsaws and DeWalt is not everywhere to get in Germany. But I like the workshop tools from DeWalt, it’s very good quality.
Pellenc is a bit too expensive and only with backpack battery to get. Not even ideal to have a cable on a arborist saw in the treetop.

I like your channel and the way you are doing your business.
Best regards from Germany

Sawyer Brown says:

I would love to know how it does in cold weather

fourtysix4646 says:

I don’t see how anyone can recommend battery operated chainsaws. You say you don’t have to mess with gas but a maintained gas chainsaw will outlast you. You have a whole different set of problems with battery operated saws. One being battery platforms get changed every 5-10 years and battery’s die in about 3-5 years used or not and those dewalt battery’s are very expensive. I have a old stihl 028 wood boss built in 1984 and it still runs like new. I see gas chainsaws as a better investment if your mechanically inclined. If your not you probably shouldn’t be running a chainsaw anyway. A gas chainsaw you can hand down to your kids a battery operated saw will always be a throw-away and costs the same if not more. Best part about buying a pro brand like stihl or husqvarna is that they stil make replacement parts for old saws. I was able to replace all the fuel lines and the impulse line and install a new carb kit for my 33 year old chainsaw and it cost me under $50 and I gained knowledge and experience. Just did it last year, should easily go for another 33 years. Just my 2 cents.

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