Chainsaw replacment post-SHTF? Katanaboy 650mm review

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If the grid were to go down for a prolonged period of time and fuel ran out, how would you efficiently process wood? The Katanaboy 650mm is a tool that is up for the task.

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Big Poppa says:

Pretty cool

djbunglesbob1 says:

The candid extended bit was fun

Kenneth Dunn says:

Hi I’m Ken I like watching your videos and newsletter. I’m very interested in the book about how the guy talked about how he was in Vietnam and they dug the tunnels could you send me the link or whatever it is to how to get that book. Thank you

DashOut says:

Hard to go greyman with that huh? Haha.

IWroteThis says:

Cali approved.
Expect increasing sales.

City Prepping says:

Pick up one here: (this is not an affiliate link…just supporting another YT channel selling a great product).

Elba Stevenson says:

Nice but I think I’ll stick with my bow saw.

Tom B says:

My pocketboy is the best hiking saw in the world no doubt


that tree was a bit dry works better on green wood a chain saw would strugle on that

A Spit of Mud says:

A little wd 40 on that saw blade will make it much easier to cut.  I have a Silky Big Boy and am satisfied that I can build a small log cabin with that in a couple of days and probably a bit quicker with a Katana Boy.  Also it should be stated that you won’t draw the attention of near by zombies that a chainsaw or even chopping wood would. Just like hunting with a rifle as soon as you get something for dinner you’re also ringing the zombie dinner bell. Ways of Hunting quietly is something I would like to hear your thoughts on also.   It seems you and I are on the same track these days.

Cole Rickman says:

What are you going to switch up to get in shape?

Doctor Prepper says:

Your kid convinced me of getting the smaller one.

dick smith says:

it looks kinda nice, but i have a nice old bow saw my dad gave me 10 years ago, and it looks much faster to use. it’s a little bulkier but it cuts much faster and with what would appear to be a lot less effort

C Par says:

Yes they Rock, I have one and not disappointed at all.

Operator Infinite says:

It was funny to see u and ur son was behind the camera. Great to get the kids involved

Reality Survival & Prepping says:

They make great saws! I have the Katanaboy 500 and love it!

Tomas Barreto says:

We don’t raise to occasion ,we will always fall to out level of our training….. keep the videos coming thanks

Tech&Prep Network says:

This is his video!  Get out of there.  😛  haha

o00oZu1o00o says:

Yes they are good, I use a smaller version while up in the trees. But in a grid down situation, they would not be a very durable solution, as they are so difficult to sharpen (the teeth are specially hardened).

K Vjqxzz says:

you should let the nipper do some sawing then he will be a little less chatty and a little more experienced in the reality of it

dom _2423 says:

Great video!

Ghostus Coyote says:

Canadian Prepper makes it look easy because he is one buff guy!

Gary Minick says:

These saws are in my opinion awesome. The Katona boy 650 can saw limbs up to 8 ft or more off the ground so you can get access to dry wood to start a fire ,assuming you know it’s dead already you can cut it to the length you want and you don’t have to go thru the trouble of trying to hold the piece you are trying to cut . So all ‘of your energy can be focused on the pull which this is the way this saw cuts. It is an incredible time saver and pretty light weight itself.

Canadian Prepper says:

I like the uncut stuff at the end… hows that for a pun! You may want to try a more perpendicular cut to speed things up. One of the benefits over a chainsaw in grid down is sound control, much less decibels! Honestly 10 minutes for a log like that is pretty good seeing as you are getting approx 1-2 hours of burning wood from that massive log each cut. With practice you would easily do it in 5! I keep my Kboy in my gun safe 😉

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