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Chain saws can clear fallen tree limbs and buzz through branches after a storm. Consumer Reports has advice for choosing the best, and safest, chain saw for your outdoor job. Find more free chain saw information on our website:


Steve slumdog says:

Stihl , Husqvarna , Echo/Shindaiwa the only names that hold their weight in the chainsaw world battery and cordless are just old lady toys , if you aint buying a quality saw don’t bother and buy a silky pruning saw .

Nicholas Thamsen says:

I almost pissed myself when he said “several yanks” lmao

Bwana Miti says:

This is a pretty good and helpful video. However, you grossly overstated tightening the chain. THEN, you didn’t show how to do it properly!

A new chain may need tightening after about the first 30 minutes of use. After that keep an eye on it and keep it PROPERLY snug when needed. And ANY CHAIN SAW MANUAL WILL TELL YOU THAT!!

Read your saw manual for the best tips on saw operation and keeping it going.

Al Homelite says:

Find a saw at a garage sale for about 20 dollars and repair the stupid thing. usually the owner made silly misadjustments and gave the saw a boot out of his shop. Do not pay too much for parts though.

Justin Supczak says:

Most home owners I’ve seen use a chainsaw don’t belong anywhere near one to begin with no gear knowledge of how to do tree work and often run saws that are dull and fight the saw the whole time and that’s really dangerous. Hire a professional like myself with insurance and buy your wood from us to for what it’s worth you come out the same most of the time and when you hire a pro you don’t need to work hard or maintain anything

Dangerous Danny Smith says:

I have poulan pro 50cc cost me 185 dollars I have cut roughly 60 cords thing is still running strong people just need to have a sharp chain and use good gas

Bob Brua says:

the problem is there a good chain saw out there?theres a hell of a lot of saws and every one has a different opinion they are alot like cars some times you get a good one and some times you get junk i dont know if there is a chain saw that is totally made 100%parts and all in usa????????????

DirtRoadTraveler says:

CONSUMER REPORTS… you spent far too much time talking about Electric Chainsaws. You could have covered that topic with, “Electric chainsaws are a joke. Now, on to the real saws…”

americanguy87 says:


QJR33 says:

STIHL. THEE END. stay away from Echo, they make good leaf blowers and trimmers but their chainsaws stink.

yamaharidr450 says:

i disagree poulan is chinese garbage. Echo is damn good. I know some people are either Stihl or Echo. I’ve grown to like echo more and more. Stihl does offer a great product, but I feel the new tools are not nearly as good as the early 2000’s models out there.

Sean Hatley says:

If electric powered saws don’t have that much power then why can they cut through 9 layer chaps and a gas powered one cannot? Just a thought.

david b says:

I had a 26 year old poulan, and I made a mistake when I sold it, they really were good saws at one time…

somethinburnin says:

Almost had to laugh when I saw a “Remington” Saw.  Sure isn’t the same as the old REAL Remingtons.  Contrary to comments, you can get a decent Echo saw if your a homeowner who just wants to clean up occasional issues.  Echo also makes some bigger pro saws.  I do have an Echo CS 6700 around on a 20 inch bar.  It’s not like the Jonsered 2166, but it will get the job done.  Stihl is a decent saw, no question, but I never had a use for one.  And I really don’t like them “Easy Adjust” chain tensioners on ANY Saw.  I’m sure as hell not gonna tell average joe to run out and get a 3120XP Husqvarna either, you’ll go bankrupt ($1800) then kill yourself (BIG!)

Phil3555 says:

Stihl or Dolmar are the best. Stay away from Echo and Poulan.

David Lynn Fleming says:

I bought a Poulan and it was a big mistake.  Will never buy another.

Amanda Denham says:

 1:07 what saw is that?

GoodISnipr says:

Did that guy at 0:46 really just fell a tree with the wedge cut on the tension side? I now question the validity and sanity of this whole video.

Michael P. Shipley says:

The choice is obvious. The chainsaw from Evil Dead was made by Stihl. Cuts down wood AND deadites? Can’t beat dat!

dyer2cycle says:

Quit messing with these toys,get aHusqvarna372xp, Stihl MS-460,Dolmar PS-7900. If you want a smaller saw, a Husqvarna 346XP or 550XP is a good choice, as is a Dolmar PS-5105.Echo is a decent saw if you must get one from a box store.Forget anything with a plastic crankcase and sub-50cc, even if it is from Stihl or Husqvarna.

Miguel Dorado Rubio says:

they are pure garbage..made in china..

GSTR1DR says:


jda man says:

how many YANKS does it take to start a chainsaw?…..

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