4 Way BATTERY Chainsaw Comparison ► Which Has The Better Cut And Torque?

Today Brandon and I are doing a 4 way BATTERY chainsaw comparison video for you guys. We wanted to put all 4 to the test and see which battery powered chainsaw had the most power and the most torque.

We’ve been using most of these chainsaws all summer now, and have a pretty good handle on how they perform. But we wanted to include all 4 in a video together and try to highlight the big differences with the different saws.

As you can pick up from the video, the STIHL clearly had more torque and speed then any other saw we tested. However, the Milwaukee M18 FUEL chainsaw took out the largest amount of material with it’s chain, so each one was pretty unique.

All the chainsaws in this video had dealer sharpened fresh chains and brand new fully charged batteries. We did our best to use them in a real world example while elevating some Spruce trees on a job Brandon had.

Overall, I don’t think you can really go wrong with any of the battery chainsaws. I think the STIHL took the cake in this example, with the Milwaukee a close second. The fact of the matter is, as much as of a gas powered equipment guy as I am, I do feel the battery chainsaws bring a lot to the table.

The battery units are extremely quiet, they always “start”, have incredible amounts of torque, and very rarely break down. There aren’t too many battery powered pieces of equipment I’d recommend, but chainsaws would in fact make that list. They just make sense when doing small prune jobs and to have around the garage.

What do you guys think about the different chainsaws out today? Do you guys own any one of these particular units? Let me know with a comment down below!

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Michael Thomas says:

Stihl is a total RipOff and the dealer here in Woodruff WI is a complete AssHole

Michael Strout says:

Never had a problem with my Husky gas and your right, us lawn guys don’t use them very often. If mine ever craps out, I’ll look at battery powered. Any chance you guys can review power assisted wheelbarrows? I’m looking to get one in the spring. Peace.

tim potts says:

Echo blade dull as hell. I have one. Cuts way faster

John Darraugh says:

Any opinions on the battery Husqvarna equipment.

Brandon Hamilton says:

The Oregon self auto sharpening saw vs the Stihl.

greg huff says:

Shoulda cut a log

kimchee94112 says:

Wish you guys had the 80V Kobalt chainsaw. Either Kobalt or Milwaukee since I already have batteries for both. BTW that Milwaukee heated jacket doesn’t keep warm on a cold day but does take the edge off and needed a larger battery when setting is on high for better run time. I think the chain make a lot of difference, something like a skip tooth chain cut faster, no?

christopher hinkle says:

I noticed the Stihl stopped immediately the second ran a little with trigger disingaged

nick8649 says:

Been using a stihl battery saw with a 12 inch bar and that is now my constant carry on my four wheeler when checking the perimeter of my property. I have cleared downed 8-10 inch trees and when you let the chain do the work and not force it it you can get many cuts. I cut one face cord of 5 inch limbs with one battery.

Kyle Lovell says:

They talk way too much, stay on point.

woofman says:

it’s called a trigger safety

woofman says:

how many volt is the stihl

Hairston Property Management says:

I used the Echo at GIE and I loved it.

David Stewart says:

Keep your hand on top of the handle so if the saw kicks back the chain brake stops the chain from cutting you open many people have died from having there hand on the side of the handle

Matthew Milam says:

I have the DeWalt 40v I’ve had it for about a year I use it to Cut wood for heating my Workshop that I run a eBay parts business out of I have to say I have always used STIHL gas saws but The DeWalt Has been very convenient and the quiet operation is The main reason for purchasing it. So far it’s been reliable I have cut up oak trees with it on one charge It’s done far better than I ever expected

dalmatiangirl61 says:

How do the batteries perform at 0 to -20F temps?

bear9923 says:


Stevemmx says:

Great video! I think most people buying battery chain saws are not professionals using higher quality gas saws so the fact that your are not “tree guys” is the appeal to me. I don’t want an opinion of someone who loves their professional Stihl and wants an apple to orange comparison.

Alex Armga says:

U guys do know that Milwaukee is brushless right? Thus the difference is sound. Chain speed is almost similar

Nicholas Lacovara says:

One question – are you guys big tree guys ?

the average farmer 101 says:

H I think he did a really good job on the reviews and demoing but could get more knowledgeable about chainsaws

Bud Chestnut says:

The 58V Echo needs to have the depth gauges cut down! The teeth may be sharp but anytime you have to use downward pressure check the depth gauges. But the Stihl motor does get up to speed and torque quicker. It appeared that only the Stihl had the depth gauges in good shape. It makes a huge difference.

Anthony Hernandez says:

How about the EGO chainsaw

JBWeLD88 says:

I have the Milwaukee chainsaw just for cutting firewood. It’s quiet, cuts pretty
Quick and since I have all the other brushless lawn stuff it was an easy choice. I love it. Have cut firewood for almost 4 hours on one battery charge

Duane Van Winkle says:

I’ve had a 40 volt dewalt for almost two yrs… works great – use it for carving and no exhaust especially when working in the garage. Some say chain comes off – never an issue for me. Oiler was a little excessive to start with but has leveled out.

Fabian Playz says:

The echo the chain isn’t tight

Greg Gonzalez says:

I use DeWalt 60 volt flexvolt chainsaw on a knuckle boom to do some limbing off 50 year old big wide span pine tree. Cordless chainsaw is the way to go in confined spots like a boom bucket. I’m waiting on my Milwaukee to come in to compare. In my opinion. DeWalt is a good economical choice for the money and performance I think we’ll walk you will probably be stronger but also pricier.

Ray Shogan says:

u missed makita!

JJ Johnson says:

Great vid! My husband always preferred Stihl + Husquiavar. As a senior female I prefer the Stihl, for weight + quickness for my tree trims. Would like a power loper/pruner too.

thomastran79 says:

Saw the thumbnail and thought it was the Crazy Russian Hacker. Who else

Bill A says:

If you would have used the same chain for each one then you could see for sure how each one cuts so.

Bobby Ruiz says:

I have a snapper 60v from Walmart and it cut thru everything I put it on I think it’s a 16 inch paid 150 can’t beat it

bobe8888 says:

If you have to use down pressure to make the saw cut the chain needs to be properly sharpened. A compression is only fair if all things are equal, the chains were not equal.

Brandon Waller says:

Stihl or Milwaukee for the win!! But it really depends on what battery platform you are already invested in. But if you have an Echo, after seeing this, might be a time to upgrade…

Archer11ca says:

Are your Chaps rated for electric chainsaws? Most aren’t due to the torque they produce.

Aaron Nunya says:

I swear you’ve got the chain backwards on the echo lol. Either way it didn’t get a fair review that chain was obviously destroyed.

Sonny H says:

The biggest advantage I see for any contractor is being able to get some work done in a noise restricted environment.

John Thrift says:

This should have been conducted using a new chain on all as opposed to sharpened chains. It’s very easy to sharpen a chain wrong which looks to be the case on the echo. It looked like the drags were set too high and it was barely cutting.

Thim says:

Smaller teeth dont have to take out as much material in turn should cut better and battery last longer

Kyle Richards says:

Where’s the husqvarna???

Dimi K says:

When the video began and I noticed the dude wearing the Milwaukee jacket, I knew which of the chainsaws would win. Red electric rules and Stihl for gas. Datswateyemtalkinbout.

Karl Vossbrinck says:

You guys need to do more research.  Makita offers a top handle saw which is absolutely necessary for limbing and you should have also tested the Makita which screams and uses 4 batteries at a time.  I think the Milwaukee also has a 36 volt version.

SunnyDaysSandyToes says:

Thanks for the reviews. Looking at Greenworks PRO 18-Inch 80V Cordless Chainsaw with 2.0 AH Battery for a Christams present. We have a lot oaks that my husband needs to keep cleaned up around the house. What do you think Compared to the Stihl?

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