Kyle Studebaker says:

Hey man good honest video….I have ms170 to the 024,026, 362, up to a ms461…..a lot of people down talk the ms178/MS180c, well I agree with you….these saws are just fine as long as the operate is not a ham fisted idiot….

I kept a MS180c for 2-3 years just t see how it would hold up to hard usage….it held up fine, I eventually had a guy that seen it and offered me $175 for it, so I sold it….

People be smart, learn to file a chain and use a good fuel mix, also mix it correctly!!!

Rob D says:

Great Video

Galama 01 says:

I’m thinking of buying a used ms261 for all around home use and firewood saw. This guy has few for 300 bucks. Do you think that used ms261 is the way to go vsm ms250 new?

Shawn Spencer says:

Hey Birdie, You’re livin’ the dream. I’d love to live in Alaska, but I’m kind of a pussy when it comes to enduring the zillion below zzzzero weather and the infinite darkness. I’d be tickled pink if my budget allowed me to spend my Summers up there and my Winters down here in the South Carolina upstate. I’m getting ready to take down about 30-35 decent sized white oak trees and your insight (old guy syndrome setting in on me… as in the ol’ body is waring out) relevant to using a smaller saw to limb them up is very useful, indeed! I’m going out to get a smaller saw just for that purpose tomorrow. I thank you. Watch out for them big ol’ critters and the little 1ns alike pal. God Bless & Take Care Bird man. Shawn S.

CowboyAxe says:

Nice set up and a smart one.

John Craftenworth says:

wisdom from this man, born from experience!

Stephen Hanley says:

Great video my friend.
I’ve recently inherited my dad’s 170 and have been running a farm boss for 12 years .
what’s the biggest bar you would run on the farm boss?

Morpheen999 says:

The 170 It”ll save you some chiropractor appointments to straighten out your back LOL at least thats what it helps me with.. I have the 170, 241, 362, and a 461, I’ve got a thing for chainsaws Love em, If you ever have to say goodbye to the 029 id replace it with the 362 great saw!! If i had to loose one it would be the 241 don’t use it a ton usually cutting bigger stuff but it is nice for small to medium size
Great review, Hope to hear more from you!
Cheers from Canada

Jody Rogers says:

Great Video

Galama 01 says:

Got the used ms261 for $260

Kieran Sutton says:

Really nice dude. Appreciate the review. I’m starting out as a tree-surgeon in London, U.K. (A very long way from Alaska!) and was wondering whether marital saws are any good. What are your thoughts? Thanks very much and you come across as a very humble bloke in the vid, keep it up. Kieran.

patriotpioneer says:

i have been using a 445 Husqvarna(45CC) 18 inch bar, for the past 8 years & it finally died this past fall(not sure if i can rebuild it or not, haven’t taken it apart yet). I have been looking at the Logging & tree trimmer forums to see what my replacement will be(i heat with wood). Wow are there some Stihl vs Husky arguments…lol Im guessing your a Stihl guy 😉 i was looking at the Farm Boss, but i have have a dozen chains for a husky & 2 bars. One thing i like about Stihl is that the price is set by the dealer vs ive seen 3 or 4 different prices for the exact same Husqvarna in stores & online.

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