Xtreme Duty 72 Inch Brush Cutter by Everything Attachments

We put our 72 inch brush cutter in the field and to the major test. Wait for the tree clearing at the end of the video. We cut trees that should never be attempted with a rotary cutter. This brush cutter features a 75 hp gear box and comes with a slip clutch for driveline protection. USA MADE**HUGE FREE SHIPPING ZONE
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Cameron Nalley says:

How to you know what engine RPM to run your tractor to get 540 RPM? If someone could tell me I would very well appreciate it. Thx

Joanne Serio says:

How would you rate a flail mower to a bush hog

Loomis says:

I’m just gonna take it on out… Yeah you took it out of this world and blew it to bits..

Larry RX7Sports says:

Very  Well engineered, Tough, Great cutting Brush Cutter.  Slip Clutch, 9.5″ tall for better mulching w/ less clogging. Cuts large bushes well.

jsmith0802 says:

I just bought a mahindra 41hp (engine) 31hp@pto and I am trying to find out what gear/rpm I need to run for a 6 foot bush hog. Today I ran it in 3rd gear and run the rpm’s up until the needle was over the pto symbol on the rpm gauge. Is this correct? Or is that too fast? Do you guys have any dealership closer to MS?

texsafaris says:

now THATS the kind of demonstration I like to see. That is the best brush cutter demo video I have seen, and it instills confidence of the quality of your product by seeing that type of performance. Great video, great product! I enjoy your demonstration videos the most!

Ray Duerksen says:

The only thing I do different is I fell all saplings and small trees 3 inches and up with a chain saw, so when you run over with it with the cutter you are just taking the limbs off the trunk, I do one pass at 8 inches and then I go and do a second pass at 4 inches. Solid video.

Karl Olson says:

after cutting trees and leaving stumps how does one protect tires against damage from sharp stubs remaining in the ground? I have had punctures from rigid 3/4 inch stubs in cut over sections of my orchard. I have the R4 industrial tires on my JD 4052r

Love2boat92 says:

Wow that was a huge tree. What size rough cut mower do you recommend for a stock 1950’s Ford 8n? A 5 ft?

c_alright says:

rev that new Holland up some more peanut! get them blades spinnin.

bill45colt says:

i hope all of you who read this take note..what he says has lots of value. A roomy deck height lets you cut more with less horsepower and takes much less fuel to pull. notice also he has cutter weigh supported by lower arms and rear wheel, the upper link has no bearing at all in carrying a load when you are low and cutting. Also, when he raises the cutter, you can see how hes still not quite got it set right and has to readjust. Taking some of the slack out of the upper link gives you more drive shaft clearance,,,but even more will give you better clearance and raise the rear deck faster than the front, so that it comes up at an angle and lets you clear brush when you are up and in a turn or when you need to back into a cut and then let cutter down….good video

Ranchboy says:

wow it done some damage

Brad Olsen says:

Man you make short work of those trees awesome

James AskMe says:

that’s a really nice cut for a shredder, and very impressive chewing up the big stuff

Michael Wood says:

What happened at 15:31? I have a Ford 6610 and a 3000, You sold me when you got that tree. Should cut our 4 inch choke cherry trees.

Astro Boy says:

Some manufacturers mount four blades on the brush hog type units and have offset heights. What do they do that for and would a two or four bladed unit be better do you think? Thanks in advance.

Wouter d.B. says:

It sucked to be a tree that day..


nice cutter. 🙂 do u guys plan on makeing 3pt snow blowers..?

Osnola says:

8:15, when you lift up the cutter, the trasmission axle touchs the cover, that design doesn’t let you lift the cutter properly, because if you lift up the rear arms to the maximun height you can break the axle.

Brad Olsen says:

I’ll give you a rough idea on where I live you will then you’ll understand my question about snowblowers I live 10 miles south of the Canadian border Ontario our winters are going to be severe and downright temperatures would be brutal anyway I’m looking for a snowblower they can throw a Tonna snow are you up to the challenge

David Lees says:

I want one

Brad Olsen says:

Do you have any plans on building snowblowers

Wesley Jackson says:

I bought the 60 inch extreme duty this year and couldn’t be happier.  I still have to work out some adjustments to stop the side to side sway, but it cuts really well as a finish mower and can handle everything my property could throw at it.  This is a great company with high quality products.

DocDryden says:

small trees my  *ss!!!!!! How big were the trees? What HP is required to run that cutter?

ToddtheWadd says:

looks like a very nice cutter. Also a well done video

Liberty Garden says:

That’s a monster of a shredder. Like it.

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