Which Trimmer Brush Blade is Best? Let’s find out!

Using trimmer string has its limits and not all brush blades are equally effective. In this video, I compare 5 different brush blades for clearing tall grass, light brush, and small trees. Please follow manufacturers instructions and use all appropriate safety gear and equipment if you decide to do this. This is educational and entertainment purposes only. I’m not sponsored by any of these brands and I purchased all of the products that I tested.
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Jim Nichols says:

I always used carbide tipped circular sae blades, knock the diamond out of them and they bolt right to the head. Lowes had them in contractor packs and were cheap.
And for the asses, I had a solid shaft trimmer with a handlebar grip… and yes you need to be careful and yes it is dangerous but fence rows just can’t be readily cleaned out any other way..

G.Work.Specials says:

Ever tried nyl saw, trimmer wire? It’s a thicker wire with teeth on it. Can be used in the regular trimmer wire head, or put in a special head. Perfect for heavy grass and can cut up to around 1″ in soft species.

Tamlin Giles says:

Id be making up a metal guard for those saw blades! Plastic wont do much if a saw blade shatters!

We Are Miles From Nowhere says:

I buy both 7 1/4″ and 10″ 16 tooth carbide blades depending on the brush. I use a step drill and ream them out to fit the tool. Very inexpensive and they work great.

Cappuccino Cochino says:

I don’t know how I missed this video I’m pretty spot-on on your videos however those blades that look like saw blades are really malicious I have never seen a weedeater cut down Bush like that this is something I need to be looking into thank u for showing me

John Anders says:

I really like your channel. You deserve more subscribers than you have now. You replied to a comment of mine that was over 2 months old, that is dedication! Good job man!

1985cjjeeper says:

I bought the brush cutter attachment from Lowes, put it on my cub cadet 4125 4 stroke. Tried the tri blade it comes with but it is no match to a circular saw blade. I bought a 7 1/4 circular saw blade for $5 and used it for at least 8 hours. Found a 3 pack on sale so I switched it out. Was missing 4 teeth but still worked great. Using them to cut down honeysuckle bushes and whatever else (4 inch thick trees) and I’m cutting the stumps at ground level. The brush cutter attachment has a metal guard which is safer and helps position things during cutting. I might buy one of the 8 inch blades on amazon just to try it out but basic circular saw blades work amazingly well.

Edge Snob says:

What model Stihl weed eater is he using?

Jrezky says:

Work smarter AND work harder – Mike Rowe

Erno Abram says:

Will the Renegade do well with cutting down Palmetto Bush’s?

James Bowers says:

Liked the red blade the best

jack burns says:


HighVoltageMadness2300 says:

I would use the craft top for trimming grass in my yard.

TrapsAreSuperior says:

i use gilette to clear my brush

David Graham says:

Let’s find out how well each one of these products can shred your siding when you accidentally hit it.

Funzone49 says:

I use a Rhino-tuff brushcutter, it is kind of like the Grass Gator, but instead of being made completely out of nylon, the blades are metal-tipped, will not cut trees, but makes quick work of light brush and berry bushes

Brad Taylor says:

The carbide tips are really dangerous. I had one come off a saw blade once and embed itself in the ceiling when it clipped a hidden nail. Like the chain saw tipped disc better. Add, if I used these kinds of blade, I think I would have them hard mounted in a deck in front of my mower. I don’t want my legs anywhere around them.

dee feran says:

Please try from BrushDestructor.com model 17 thank you

John Anders says:

Goodbye foot!

Brent Hill says:

The Airecut Blade is a tri-blade designed to create lift and disperse cut weeds.

Keith Lincicum says:

You put a smile on my face because 25 years ago I had one of the first Stihl straight trimmers and a carbide tooth blade was not available. We had 5 acres of semi-forest, so I made a bushing to put one of my old 9″ carbide table saw blades on it. I cleared a lot of brush and limbs that day. KL

LayneXIII says:

Craft top is a Stihl ripoff!

Itself 01 says:

I’m still swinging a bush axe.

Johnnie Walner says:

Man your vids are fucking awsowme

dirtshower250 says:

That forester blade had the “not intended for” but that’s just a disclaimer to save the companies butt. I may get one that thing shredded brush.

Hammers and Dents Forge says:

I definitely like that the Forester can be sharpened

Ragesauce says:

I’d be scared as shit to use that thing, a friggin saw blade unprotected just inches from my legs, no thanks!

Gene Murphy says:

Dropped some limbs and needed to remove limbs tired of lopping so I put 7 1/4” wood blade on angle grinder 30 minutes good 31 minutes took other hand out of back pocket surgery later that night it worked fine and so did my surgeon

Jonathan Clodfelter says:

I really like this guys channel

Braulio Ortiz says:

Just get a scythe

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