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Is this the best string trimmer? Watch our String Trimmer Review of the Troy Bilt 4 cycle straight shaft trimmer, and 2 Trimmer Plus attachments. Watch as we use the rig with the pole saw and the brush cutter in our outdoor power equipment test facility, aka, our yard.

Watch us review the Troy Bilt Flex system here:

I like using a 4 cycle trimmer instead of a 2 cycle, it makes for much easier use. No mixing of oil and gas, I talk the issues with 2 cycle fuel in this video:

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IAmNotAFunguy says:

Just bought this unit today along with the lawn edger attachment. Tough to start the engine but once it does, let it warm up before you get going.

Clean Slate Farm says:

I really like how Troy Bilt is going multi-functional with their tools and equipment. I use a 4 cycle trimmer as well and prefer it over the noisy, whinnie 2 cycle. Nice review. Now I may have to sell my old trimmer so I can get the Troy Bilt.

Jacob Ditmer says:

I noticed that your trimmer has prime and go my trimmer has that feature but it’s a tb685ec.

Condee Rogers says:

Eric…. Save those small dead branches you just cut down. Those are perfect to use in your Rocket  (mass) Heater. Build it this spring and it will be ready for winter 2016 and you can make a video. Can’t wait to see it. Good product. I have the old model. Love it.

Professor Branestawm says:

That’s a great tool you’ve acquired there. Do you not need to treat the tree where the branches were cut off to prevent disease or fungal rot? I’ve seen some paint a liquid resin over the cut on the tree to seal it up, but never sure if it has to be done to all trees or just certain species.

Jacob Ditmer says:

im going to get the edger attachment later.

James Campbell says:

great demo

Flannel Acres says:

Wow, how cool! My oldest son has started using the weed whacker this year — I’m sure he’ll LOVE to see this review. (And I would love to not have to take a turn getting the darn thing started) Thanks! 🙂

John Bertram says:

I have one of these… best thing i have ever bought…. easy start I have never had a weed eater that starts this easy… for best results with this weed eater when it cranks on 2 just let it run for a minute no hurry… once it warms up…. you can put the strap on reach around and barely pull the cord….wham… starts right up!!! I love it…. only thing I have found I don’t like is they should have known the eyelets on this weed eater would wear out fast… why not sell them in the store where you bought the trimmer in stead of having to order them or order another head…. but at just over 11 bucks for the head why not order 2 …. 🙂

Jonathan Mulzer says:

At least it wasn’t a paid spot for $30/gallon designer gasoline this time. 😉

Lucas Covitz says:

I have that brush cutter and another pole saw for my husqvarna. They work really well with that as well.

N English says:

Thanks, you helped me buy it. Hardhat wouldn’t be a bad idea either though.

Ryan Bouchard says:

90 angle for edge trimmer the answer i was looking for thanks! How is restring the trimmer

Chris Rivers says:

Hope you have better service from your unit than I received.

WJCTechyman says:

Well, I have the Sears equivalent of the Troy Bilt 29CC gas straight boom trimmer, I didn’t really care for the fixed line and have replaced it with a quick wind bump feed head. I like mine so far this year and last year. I have the additional edger, broom, pole saw and hedge trimmer and I like the build of everything with the exception of the pole saw (plastic gear case and body on the pole) but the pole saw does come in handy as I have used it recently. I would suggest that when using the pole saw that you follow the manual to the letter when it comes to health, safety, liability and maintenance and care reasons. I have yet to really try out the hedge trimmer but I like the build of it so far and I think it will easily come in handy. The broom comes in handy if I want to sweep something my handheld blowers cannot move as well as pushing snow off of stairs and cleaning the sidewalks of snow down to the surface. The edger is really nice to edge with compared to the string trimmer as I don’t go through as much trim line and it generally leaves a nice and neat edge. My trimmer has a spring start (Craftsman Incredi-Pull) mechanism which doesn’t require as much force to start as it winds up a spring and the spring helps pull the engine over in one quick burst without the user really pulling the cord to pass compression.

Ogre Dad says:

After fighting 2cycle weedwackers for too many yrs, looking forward to the less headache version in 4 cycle. Great review

Creeperboy and friends says:

We just got one of these today. It is so satisfying to rev the engine and run it at full throttle 🙂

Creeperboy and friends says:

I also love how these have attachments and an electric starter input

Jacob Ditmer says:

I got the same troy bilt 4cycle trimmer.

Kerri Stinson says:

I inherited one of these and was super excited. However, I am unable to get the gas cap off. Is there a trick to it or did the person I got from just put the cap on too tight? I do not want to break anything trying to get it off. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

joesph zappadianlo says:

Hey Eric Joe Here From Missouri  thank for the Vid I have a Troy Bilt a trimmer 4cly  and a Mower needed to get parts for them  it did not know Amazon  has them Like the New Trimmer with Attachment a New toy to play with thanks again

Rachel Davies says:

Hello again,busy as usual I see, this is a really good bit of gardening kit. Thanks for the demo, regards Rachel

russtex says:

OH…I love the power starter! And the blade and chainsaw attachments! Also cool that it has extension pieces!
Wow…and a bunch of other attachments! How cool!

Ryan Carpenter says:

I have that same weed whacker and I use it everyday

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