The Boys review the Stihl FS130 Weed Trimmer

Today’s video from The Texas Boys:

The Boys review the Stihl FS 130 and install a fixed line trimmer head.
This model also takes blades for larger weeds and thick brush.

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Just four Texas brothers trying to homestead! Sit back and enjoy while we learn and enjoy the simple life together! We love making videos.

We raise goats, laying hens, meat birds and meat rabbits on our 5 acre homestead. We are planting on contour, using swales to develop a sustainable food forest. While using our goats to clear land and our chickens to fertilize and till the ground, putting our animals to work for us implementing permaculture to maximize our efforts.

We hope you enjoy our videos and learn together with us since we are just getting started.

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luke romesburg 1994 says:

it cuts your string the orange pice

Rick J says:

well done boys. when i was your ages i just had my dad set it all up for me lol. and so glad i got the notification for this video, hopefully i will continue to get notices. God Bless you and your entire Family… say Hi to Mom and Dad for me …

Aizen Z says:

came from art & bri subbed

duje amizic says:

great job

Al A says:

A littleto much gas

Bedford Teague says:

stumbled on to your video. you and your side kick make a good team. lot of good information. i like my fs130 too!

Angel lopez says:

Great job you sold me on the Stihl brand

June McCamley says:

Very ınformatıve.Thank you from Turkey

MiniSteading says:

Belle says “teedwhacker, lol”. Pretty cool that the previous owners left the weedwhacker under the house.

Homesteading with the Case's says:

Now boys, I do magic and THAT was a magic trick!!! lol…Great info and great video!!

Boy you can tell your dad is in sales……lmbo!!! Focus Rufus focus…lol

weetreebonsai says:


EP73 Rhodes says:

Good job. However, you should have flipped the unit over and let it rest on the handles and engine shroud. By doing this the output shaft in the gear case would face upwards thus preventing the rider/thrust plates from slipping off. It would then be easy to install whatever Stihl head you wish to use.

Josh B says:

Awesome video y’all. What you have there is a super sharp, super safe, super sleek trimmer line cutter. Just bend the line, insert, and voila cuts at the bend. Stay Safe.

Gary R says:

Neat line cutter. I cut a bunch shove them in my pocket to have ready to go. Good job

Duckhead Homestead says:

Great job boys. I love my stihl trimmer and chainsaw. See ya.

Tiffany Lambert says:

Great video boys and like always I enjoy seeing how much you work and sharing tips and knowledge…wow I am amazed!!

Rosalie Mastropietro says:

That was great BUT this 76yr old lady (in Texas) wanted to see were the green string goes. Maybe you can do a video when you reload it. Take Care!

Kirsten Whitworth says:

Very clever, talented and skillful! You boys are turning into very good mechanics.
So, there’s a trick to those gas cans with those old-style nozzle spouts. When you are storing the gas, you can turn that nozzle upside down and put it inside the gas can and then put the lid back on. That way, the nozzle doesn’t get separated and lost from the gas can.
Thanks for the video.

Response166 says:

Very good work!

WNCBlueRidgeGrannie1 says:

Great job guys.

ns671fr says:

The washer with the spline is only for brush blade, the trimmer head just goes on with your piece that keeps falling and just the nut or bolt

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