Stuck in the Mud while doing a Review on Ventrac tractors

I got the Ventrac tractor half buried in the lake and stuck in the mud while doing a review of the brush cutter, power rake (i.e. Harley rake) and stump grinding tractor attachments. After chaining up a truck we pulled it out of its Mud home. It was buried and stuck deep in the mud. More info Here:

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daniel bean says:

Hi monkey sup? I own a ventrac. I found their loader to be lacking in strength and height. I’m not a manufacturer just a trained welder/farmer. I’ve set to making a loader using ventrac core loader platform but I’m making it able to load a standard 8 ton dumptruck, Aswell use bobcat buckets. I’m done with it accept I’m plumbing aux hydro lines so use of any other bobcat style attachment is possible. After I run my test to see if ventrac pump can handle. Would you be interested in demoing on yr channel? My biggest goal is to us my backhoe it takes must pressure on pump than any other attch.

BlueMagic 420 says:


Kirt Cates says:


skillon4wheels says:

May I suggest a portable winch, only buy the warn one. It’s one of those things you throw in your truck and when you get mowers or ventrack stuck it will save your bacon, sure as shits saved mine pulling out stuck mowers.

Cody Janssen says:

Zit looks like a 90s lawnmower

Ron Hughley says:

dang. straight selling this product. hope they paid well for that kinda of positive review. but yea I like the ventrac. looks awesome. wish I could get one!!

KDX220R_RIDER says:

we have a new holland tc45 ss and a 6 foot brush hog and anything the tractor can push over we can mulch up.

Trav says:

always herd positive things about the ventrac, with so many attachments its a one machine show

austin white says:

im 10 and i can drive a ford F-350 twim turbo with now help i can drive dy my self POWERSTROKE

יעקוב אינורס says:

Steiner any good? Nice machine.

NEPA Outdoors says:

I wish my boss was more like you, everytime some piece of equipment wouldn’t start or just so happened to break while I was using it he always got pissed at me and said I always broke it. like no, everythin fb there is really poorly maintained and old and is just asking for something to break on it.

keebler6903 says:

All you needed was rope and some pulley blocks, if you have a 4 loop system a little kid can pull that out easy. Using ratchet straps is too much work.

Wilson Solt says:

I am surprised you don’t have a winch to put into your reliever. would have taken maybe 20 minutes to get that unstuck by myself. Winch I have like $600 into it with the pully, 12k winch, and base.


FYI guys,
The powerRake has the ability to grade even frozen ground beautifully !
Don’t be afraid of frozen ground !
The powerRake takes it in stride all day long !

mike white says:

2 words. Chainsaw winch…worth their weight in gold in these situations.

Reviews foam Chase Koller says:

John Deere tractor

D. Commisso says:

How do you add scrolling text like you did at the end. I just bought premere elements 15. All i see that i can do is add credits but i want to add text in the for of a paragraph. thank you.

Tom Reel says:

how much??

Peelin drag Outdoors says:

I’ll stick with my chainsaw and my log grapple on my John Deere skid steer

thestigmach1 says:

to bad the thing costs an arm and a leg and your first born child.

Robert Scott Aldrich says:

Try the Remington RM2560 RUSTLER™


hell yea boys that’s a sweet rig!!

Erin Mackowiak says:

How much was your ventrac

country doy says:

Massey Ferguson

longview Resident says:

thats what brush hogs do? i dont see why your so “blown away”. my 50hp kubota with 6ft hd brush hog would have done all the work you did in 1/4 the time. and i can back the cutter over the water to get all the grass that you left. this thing is a joke and wont last long with this kind of use. dont waste your money on this and get a real tractor

John Millaras says:

the thing is a beast no denying that very impressed with some of them cuts. but I still can’t help to wonder how much there putting in your pocket for the advertising… can’t say I wouldn’t be doing the same though you lucky son of a gun

Anita Pulliam says:

This thing is really no better than a good tractor or a bobcat which would do a beter job and faster. It is nice but way too high and relly not much more than an expensive mower. The tires suck as for traction even with the duals they are like a dually truck which will get stuck on a tobbaco stick

Mason Collins says:

Love the tractor but how much you getting paid to say that

us army says:

i like ventrac

PeterPie says:


Jeremy Chisholm says:

did you end up buying it? I manage a landscape company and use a l180 new Holland skid steer and I live in North Dallas very dry most of the year but we do lots of creeks and waterways. most of the time I use 5 guys and lots of string could I use this for non irrigation turf and irrigated turf? love your channel I watch every up load

Jackson Resler says:

jcb fastrac 45 mph tractor

Oops Oops says:

A fool and their money are soon parted.

animenut69 says:

Could of used one of these at a marina I used to work at. Question though how well does it handle stuff like stumps or rocks when your blindly cutting through brush.

Declan kot says:

always wanted one of these machines, i do a lot of brush cutting and clear cutting and this would be nice for all the undergrowth. The JD4510 i use right now is a pain in the ass because of it’s size sometimes, quality video

2 stroke Smoke says:

I have a Black and Tan named Lucy too

Jeffstike 31 says:

where do i buy one and how much

xbox and pc gamer says:

The attachments are garbage​

dnsmithnc says:

Another way to cut those small trees and brush and actually do a better job is with a big hand held brushcutter such as like my Echo SR410 U. Now, I’ve got a bushhog and a tractor but, for a couple of lots I had, which were overgrown with trees up to 6″ in diameter, I used the Echo SR410 U brushcutter with a Carbide Blade. It took me about 10 hours altogether to cut down literally 1000’s of little trees and saplings.

Why not use the bushhog? Some of the trees were too big and interspersed with the smaller trees making it hard to navigate. In addition, the handheld brushcutter will cut those trees down even with the ground which is a big advantage. After cutting off some of the bigger limbs of of the bigger trees with the handheld brushcutter and what is left lies nearly flat. Go over this with the tractor bushhog, (all you’ll be cutting is the little limbs sticking up) and it looks good. Can be easily bushhogged from then on out because you don’t have the sharp trunks sticking up. Because the debri is flat on the ground, it will soon rot and, you can mow it. I done this kind of thing for years and, this way will do a much better job, easier on the tractor, it isn’t that much work and will save you a ton of money over buying a Ventrac.

Stacey Pittman says:

How much is this tractor?

Tommy lee Pate says:

I would of use a billygoat brush mower

Dave S says:

Yeah…. its called a flail mower with hammers. Not new and not specific to Ventrac. Honestly you could by a compact tractor with a flail mower for half the price of a ventrac. The ventrac is good on hill sides and thats about all it has over a comparable conventional tractor.

Ferguson 20 diesel says:

My favourite tractor is the fiat 110/90
And the ferguson 20 diesel (I own one)
And the Massey ferguson 6480 tier 3

tokslut says:

so much talk about the amazing brush cutters with no actual pics of the cutters!??

Nøderak says:

What do you think of the Toro Dingo tracked models?

aileen Lynch says:

Totally not sponsored

Gunnar Stahl says:

Get some maxis tires on that mower and it will never get stick

dude says:

Good videos but you need to fix the sound. When you talks it loud and sounds like you are in a hall.

country doy says:

Massey Ferguson

Curtis Dixon says:

Can you use it as a garden tractor??

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