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A good string trimmer is a must-have for maintaining a neat yard and garden. Consumer Reports tests string trimmers around walkways and in tall grasses and weeds, all to help you choose the best type for your job.

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bill kimble says:

I hear stihl is the way to go, I bought a homelite and cut my lawn I bullshit you not, 7 times and now it won’t start, lol, used good oil, put clean gas, as instructed by the specs, and lawn gurus, and it just dies, so what model stihl would anyone recommend, O will pay the Xtra bucks, cause it’ll pay for itself, over about 4 or 5 lawn jobs, you see the gardeners, or should I say lawn folks charge me 80 bucks every 2 weeks, and did a ok job, when I do it, it looks more crisp and trimmed nice, you know those details that get overlooked, I wish people stop saying they do lawns and landscaping cause I’m from Mississippi and we had lots of land and these people have no clue on how to do lawns

Fish gaming says:

Buy the echo gt-225 easy to start and sounds nice! Just saved you some time!

marcpairc says:

dont bther with ryobi

Simon Richard says:

What’s the deal with changing the spark plug every 2-3 years? I have an at least 10 year old lawn tractor that still has it’s original plug.

superpac1966 says:

I too am a fan of Stihl. I’ve tried a number of good and cheap brands over the years, but have always ended up with Stihl’s Always ethanol free gasoline for the 2 cycle engine, unless you like getting the pull cord workout.

Jacques Blaque says:

For any thing more than a few inches high, string is NOT the way to go, IMO. Definitely steel blade, ranging from 3-knife for green, grassy stuff to carbide or chainsaw-cutter blade for woody stuff. Then switch to line head for lawn bits near stone or other masonry. MUCH easier on engine too. My 21 cc splined-shaft Echo was new in the ’70s.

Hayden Frase says:


JenAngel Ritchie says:

E up people up

KB FLorida says:


Rob Rotenberry says:


CONCERTMANchicago says:

*Trimmers are the incorrect tool for removing vegetative growth surrounding tree trunks. No matter how good the operator thinks he/she is.*

brewking2 says:

The people trimming the grass in this video are butchering the grass and turf. My 12 year old daughter can do a neater job than they do. Painful to watch.

dick trickery says:

I use the Consumer Reports App. It recommends a very nice trimmer that is also a best buy. Check out their app to see which Stihl model they recommend for under $150.00. I just ordered one!

pjkPA says:

B&D cordless electric is the by far the best trimmer for my half acre lot.  Say good by to the noise.. the gas smells and maintenance of the out dated gas engines. I’ve had my B&D trimmer for two years and have been very pleased and do not miss the maintenance noise and storing the gas.

Crisp Cuts Landscaping says:

This video has turned the comments into a stihl vs echo war.

JR007 says:

great vid and just in time for yard season

Pat Kittle says:

Useful video, but that Valley-Girl speaking style…

Bruno TaTa says:

22 yrs lawncare pro business owner. Do not waste your money with the cheap homeowner grade machines. Buy an Echo/Stihl/Husqvarna/Redmax/etc commercial brand machine and it will last a lifetime with reasonable care. A commercial trimmer will trim/edge 1,000 lawns before you need to do much more than clean the filter and adjust the plug. That’s 30 years for a homeowner. They start at about $200 and $300 will get you ones any pro would be happy to have. Straight shaft trimmers can edge very well. Curved cannot. Just get a straight shaft.

Landon Au says:

Thank you

CSX Florida Funnel Railfan says:

scalped lawn in the first five seconds. lol

Random Videos says:

woman love curved shafts

Crisp Cuts Landscaping says:

We had a curved shaft troy bilt string trimmer which came with a fixed line head. Line broke off every minute, and we had to keep going back to the store. This was when I did not have a landscaping business. I learned from that, and I only buy Stihl now. You cant trust the cheap companies who don’t even set the trimmer right before it leaves the factory. Stihl/Echo/Husqvarna/Redmax = Boss! Everyone else = JUNK!

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