Stihl X-Line vs Oregon Flexiblade -Complete String Trimmer Line Review

Check out my video comparing the two line brands for knocking down tall weeds. I use the Stihl Xline and the Oregon Flexiblade in the same line trimmer and demonstrate how well each one works in the same batch of weeds. Please give me a thumbs up if you like the video. Thanks for watching!


Nabill Saraya says:

Nice trimmer olso nice green grass

The How To Go To says:

that trimmer is beast!

Josh Cole says:

how many cc’s are you running on your weed eater

Jup Van Rinkhuyzen says:

Completely meaningless test.
With this kind of grass almost all trimmer lines will do ok, I should think even a piece of twine will cope..
What about coarser, rougher weeds, high grass mixed with dead stalks and stems etc. that will tell me something.

Response166 says:

Great video, good work!

Henry Tauch says:

Try the husqvarna 430 ls you will like it


you dont know how to cut grass dude your attacking it like a mad 2 year old

Hunter's lawn and landscape says:

I subed can i get one back?

Scott Moody says:

How do these lines last when up against concrete or rocks? Which line do you feel lasts the longest when making contact with concrete or rocks?

Brent Hill says:

switch to .065 line for the that tall stuff and your trimmer won’t bog down near as bad as with .095.  and it will whip right through that grass. small line =sharp blade. big line = dull blade but lasts longer.

Lawrence Kennedy says:

That flexi blade is a waste of money. I’ll stick with my 105 string .

SuperDave21 says:

Have you tried the new Echo Black Diamond in either .095 or .105 ? It’s like a square line that is twisted making sharp corners or cutting surfaces. I tried this last night and it was the best I’ve used in my life. Runs quieter, feels sharper and tougher than any of the previous Echo lines I’ve used.

Lawrence Kennedy says:

My weed whip would eat right thru that with no problem. it will eat anything up to 2 inches thick and keep going . That’s why I call it the Beast .

Bearville Woodcrafter says:

That was like 1/4 inch stalk!

JarrydthePilot says:

Subscribed!! would you be able to sub back?? Much appreciated!

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