Stihl vs Husqvarna String Trimmer Review – Best string trimmer for Lawn Business

Husqvarna and Stihl string trimmers are both great. If you are looking for the best string trimmer, this gives a review on a Husqvarna and Stihl trimmer for the lawn business.

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Al Complaint says:

Will never buy a husq ever again. Continued to have issue after issue. Was happy when it was working. 2 yr warranty is it, can’t even back up their product. As for customer service, well there is none. If I knew it would last less than 2 yrs would have rather bought a cheaper trimmer, which I’m on the verge of doing.

slightly twisted says:

They both have pros and cons. My experience is with the lower end models for homeowners. I have a Husky and a Stihl. the Stihl runs better and is easy to start than the Husky. The Stihl is louder and gets tangled a lot. My husky is smooth quite running but very finicky starting. I have found that the husky starts easier and runs better using pre-mixed fuel where the Stihl runs just fine on regular pump gas and Stihl’s branded oil.

EJ's Lawncare says:

way model Husqvarna and stihl weed eaters do u prefer??

SM G says:

I’ve got the 327LS and its a great trimmer. This is the quietest trimmer I’ve ever used. Only problem with Husqvarna is getting parts. If you take it to your local dealer, you’ll be waiting because the parts have to be ordered.

Daniel Martin says:

I run nothing but German engineered and German made Stihl. With Germans no stones go unturned.

Allan Bow says:

I see a lot of guys with long string and no guard they say its better that you cant scalp turf…what do you think?

Justin lloyd says:

2:41 happens to me everyday, and I’m only a tween!!!

Anthony Ballmann says:

at work, I use a Husqvarna 223l, best damn trimmer I ever used! It replaced 2 Stihls. Im sorry, but Stihl is a piece of shit! used two in the last 8 years, does not compare to the Husky!

The Stihls were heavy, man I hated that! not to mention, hard to start, even new, it took me 5 minutes to get the damn things to start! started fine from warm though. not to mention, a one liter tank, at least, and it was empty in 25 minutes!

in 5 years on the first one , the trimmer head was missing the metal pieces, the nut stripped, and chunks were gone from it. eventually, the damn thing locked the clutch and spit out its driveline, the damn thing fell to pieces while i was using it!

The second one, an fs46, lost power after just 2 seasons, had enough power to turn the head, but it would just stop in the grass. of course, buying a curvy was dumb on something i use 6 hours a day every weekend!

the boss bought the husky last year, its been amazing! 2 pull start, runs great, good power, and light!

Never Stihl!!!!

diazsancho9758 says:

what kind of trimmer line do you use?

eXterminator says:

The stihl 100rx is a 4stroke(aka 4mix). That husky is a 2 stroke..Need to use a stihl 94r.Then see which you like best.100rx is a marvel.A 10 pound 4 stroke is amazing

d7060388 says:

Husqvarna blowers & Redmax blowers are the same. I have the Husqvarna 580bts. trimmers are the same too on certain models. I love them. My Stihl fs130 is a beast for heavy use tall 5 ft or taller grass

Hank Robinson says:

You think and talk in ways that help me… Namely, picking the best tool is not always dollars and cents and not always extreme longevity.

hunkydude322 says:

i seen geek to freak for about 2 yyrs on youtube doing lawns with his stilh 70R triimmer and ,i think im leaning towards the  same trimmer, also lkie stilh guard on it   for debri etc…..   good video.

Koch 40 says:

I bought this weed eater and ran perfectly until it needed the carb break in tune, morons at place I bought it from tried to tune by ear, well it won’t start now.

michael meyer says:

I bought a Husqvarna trimmer years ago and loved it. I think my problem was I bought it from lowes and when it had a problem lowes sent it to their shop to fix it and messed it up even more. i have all sthil trimmers and my blowers are redmax. a dealer I talked to told me Husqvarna bought redmax and so a Husqvarna blower is actually a redmax I wondering if they will do the same for the trimmers.

C10KID96 says:

Very good review all my stuff is Stihl I love it

Azhar 9 says:

less vibration?

Hoon Birdpersonpilot says:

I run shindawa T270 +speed feed 375, its basic and reliable and revs high and lasts till it shakes like a concrete vibrator. I just got a Honda 35 and its like another animal, its got heaps torque at any rpm and it cuts a wider swathe and mulches better. runs cool as you like. I don’t know how it will last, but based on the low operating temp and fairly conservative tune (revs to 8000 from factory I think) should do well. not good if you like em light as possible. but I think the power to weight is OK. its 1.2 kW. only a bit more than the t270 I’ll do a comparison review when I’ve used it for a while. been using the T270 for a lot o years. steep hill country machines, a bit overpowered for edging flat lawns.

Response166 says:

Good video, good machines!

Henry Tauch says:

Try the hasqvarna 430ls you will like it

Chris Smith says:

Redmax 2460…with speed feed for weekly trimming.. (hotrod trimmer) stihl kombi130 with trimmer head for power… I hate the stihl throttle response… All or nothing… But when you need “all” nothing beats the big stihl… Great video

Gravel Back Mechanic says:

My local dealer carries Stihl, Echo, and Shindawa. I am interested in Husqvarna but there isn’t much support/popularity in my area. I have been using the Echo SRM 230 trimmer and the Echo PAS 266 with edger attachment and the straight trimmer attachment. I have had no issues with either unit and I will be adding the articulating hedge trimmer attachment to the tool box next spring.

Tristan Heckler says:

Husqy hands down

Vera Lawn Care says:

Which trigger do you like best the husqvarna or stihl?

Gabe's Lawn Care Lawn Care Equipment reviews says:

I purchase 3 Snapper weed eaters at Walmart they have the Husqvarna engine on the M 28 CC have a Husqvarna l28 weed eater multi attach just like the Snappers got them on sale this time of year $79 a piece before tax if you see one and you like Husqvarna give it a try especially this time of year they give them away good luck to you I also own Echo srm-225 very great trimmer one of the most Dependable ones I have I have a FS 56 both are great trimmers Husqvarna do the work laugh out loud still an echo fan but not a bad deal

Tony's Lawn care says:

great vid!

Cole's Lawn Mowing and Garden Care says:

how tall are you? im 6 foot and got a shindaiwa 260 trimmer and i feel like im huntch over a bit

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