Stihl Kombi KM131R – TOOL REVIEW

Here’s a review on the Stihl Kombi KM131R with the String Trimmer and Brushcutter attachments.

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d hamby says:

get 12″ airecut blade for better mulching of brush and weeds.

mopartshemi says:

Your wife’s going to kill you!!!! you killed her garden!!

Wild Man says:

hey dony my weed eater leaks all of the fuel out threw the muffler would appreciate any suggestions thanks love your videos

Kenny P says:

Nice review, I just picked up the same one, bro, did your wife kill you for cutting down her flowers?

Drew Thornton says:

My trimmer attachment has a grease plug ro put grease in

Jacob Ditmer says:

Don you should try the edger attachment.

Ross Hodge says:

Mixed fuel and sounds like a 2 stroke. Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck………….?

Drew Thornton says:

Hey don i just picked up the km 131r yesterday and it’s a beast it sounds like quad bike

Jacob Ditmer says:

Donyboy73 should do a one year later review


I recently bought the KM131R power unit, the lawn edger, and the blower. Even though I have had the Makita 4-cycle string trimmer for about 6 years (I am very happy with it), I have been considering buying the brush cutter attachment. Did you like the way it worked? You should do a review of how to add a string to the trimmer.

Raoul Thomas says:

So when you initially purchase it does it come with the weed eater attachment and then you purchase the additional attachments? Stihl’s online information on this point is extremely vague! LOL

Pavel Paškevič says:

So now adjustable carb is just thing of the past?

Alex Beedie says:

dony! not the hostas

lnesland says:

Nice review. What do you think about the battery version of this, the KMA 130 R?

d hamby says:

that’s the same attachment. you should have gotten a bed edger or blower. the blower is more powerful than most people realize with that engine.

nyunixguru says:

Nice of you to share and sacrificing your hostas lol

Mayolo Salgado says:

Dude!! You just cut hostas and ferns.

Bewitched Angling says:

There is nothing 4 stroke about this…

Joe Jirak says:

just got this unit, very nice. Major power cant wait to try different attachments.

d hamby says:

it’s easier to start cold in warm weather without any choke.

Killa Momo says:

Lol those poor hostas

Paul Wharton says:

Lovely – You deserve it – Your advice has helped me no end.

Smells exquisite says:

I own one this unit is a Beast.

Grant Johnson says:

The “Dony hates plants” episode…

Grant Lukan says:

On very low throttle does your km 131r make a metal rattle sound? Mine does and I can’t figure it out

p71collector says:

I just purchased a brush cutter head this week in North Dakota and it has the removable plug to grease the gearbox. Maybe Canadian versions are different? It sure works great, glad I bought it.

Skill GamerYT says:

It’s not a 4 stroke it’s a 4 mix

RJ Ruperto says:

I bought the same set up earlier i this year and my trimmer head has the grease screw

Corby Sherman says:

Bought one yesterday

Jacob Ditmer says:

I like the Stihl km131r no matter what. Donyboy73 just got the good trimmer. Also he’s a Real Stihl guy.

d hamby says:

you don’t have to trim hostas.

Crankshaft in action says:

I wish would of got a Stihl.

ronkpaws1 says:

Thanks for the video but this machine is not for me.

Kenneth Durham says:

I got a husqvarna 129lk dealer trimmer I like husqvarna too

Kenneth Durham says:

How much did that stihl kombi cost

pei broker says:

thanks Dony …

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