STIHL KM 130 R Kombi System Brush Cutter and Pole Saw

New Stihl KM 130 R Kombi System. Replacing my old John Deere trimmer finally after 15+ years. This thing is awesome!! I show the trimmer head and the brush blade working. Then show the pole saw attachment doing some work. Love it so far. It has done everything effortlessly.


PCGonline says:

love stihl. best investment i made in my business

Kefka Taus says:

that thing cuts better than teeth on pussy hair

Ed Devarona says:

Jabbing the brush cutter straight into the thicker brush is ok, but if you’re gonna swing it, I think you’ll find that swinging it from right to left rather than from left to right will cut more effectively and will result in far less kick backs

Awesome Lawn Care says:

do you do commercial lawn and landscape

Stinky Potatoes says:

Will the blade kit for on fs56

Kenneth Durham says:

Why not husqvarna they interchange different attachments yoo

JohnDeereManF350 says:

I have a KM58 with a straight shaft line trimmer and a edger I’ve been thinking about getting the pole saw should I get one?

Ryan Blevins says:

I have a fs 130 r you can cut through 3 to 4 inch saplings with the Brush blade with out messing up your machine

Fillow Tree says:

Nice machine.

Robert Descamps says:

I have everything stihl fs 90, fs 110R, km 110R, bg55, Br600 and 029 chainsaw. I absolutely love stihl product I don’t have many problems with any of them. I use the gray synthetic gas mix with mine.

Michael Mac Tavish says:

same model is mine love it 🙂

The Metal Butcher says:

Wow. That blade works a lot better than the one my Dad has been using. I might have to get him to try that.

farmboy30117 says:

Nice! I have a Toro that uses multiple attachments. I really like the pole saw attachment on mine. It has an extender section so it’ll reach way up there. I need a brush cutter.

RipperWest says:

I own this exact power head and you will not be disappointed with it. The power is amazing and even running a bed edger in dry clay this thing keeps up with not struggle. I have run stihl for years and it never fails on me, when these get old they don’t like to idle but will always start and run without fail. Stihl is always worth the money, just like western, you get what you pay for @mossman381

Rick Anderson says:

I purchased the Echo brand PAS system. I have always been a Stihl guy. The Echo has worked just fine for me but I kind of which I had stayed with Stihl.

rbljackson says:

yep..i have two of them. We have a lawn care business, and the 130 system is hands down our favorite tool/system. I recommend you get an extension pole to go with your pole saw…..give you extra reach without needing a ladder. I have two extensions to get even higher, but it starts to get heavy too…LOL. Enjoy!

jake kummer says:

I’m working at a tree company this summer and we use a lot of Stihl equipment. We have a pole saw like that except it extends to be about 15 foot long. Always been a fan of stihl products

Wave Crusher says:

Stihl makes a very nice harness kit for their trimmers, highly recommended it, especially for the brush blade. can see the trimmer kicking out when you hit a sapling.

ttyR2 says:

Stihl sells a “Limit stop” guard for use with the brush blade. The plastic guards specifically show not to use with the saw blade, especially with the string trimmer guard that has very little protection. The guard for use with the grass blade offers a lot more protection.


nice vid. 🙂 my deere trimmer is still running good, not so good 4 heavy cutting.. my next trimmer will be a stihl 4 sure.. love my stihl saw.. stihl 4 life. 🙂

bill thompson says:

That sure is a nice piece of equipment.
Stihl 045 Super AV with a 26″ bar.
You’re going to really love that Stihl. I’ve had nothing but good luck, thanks for your thorough explanations on your video. It may have saved people quite a bit of trouble.

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