STIHL FSA 65 Battery Powered Trimmer Demonstration

STIHL recently provided me with their new line of lithium ion battery powered equipment for testing and review video purposes. STIHL also asked for my honest opinion about these products, pros and cons, and asked that it be put into video. STIHL also has no influence towards the video. So here you go, a review from a first time user.

This STIHL FSA 65 battery powered trimmer was provided by STIHL for review and demonstration purposes. Watch how this amazingly light machine manages to put out the same amount of power that a gas powered homeowner trimmer does, but with batteries! STIHL’s new lithium ion battery powered tools give you the quality and durability that you have come to expect from STIHL in a quiet, lightweight, and comfortable design. This tool is perfect for homeowners looking for a quiet and easy to maintain alternative to traditional gas powered trimmers.


Ronald Martens says:

I need to say that looked pretty impressive. The amp hour on the new batteries are over 4 amp hour. You didn’t stop did the battery or motor get warm? I’m holding back getting an electric trimmer or hedge trimmer and will get cordless. That looked better than my electric flymo which does get heavy on my arms expecially my lower arm. I have been to the sthil store a number of times looking at the cordless range. Over here the cost $400au for naked trimmer. Over $700 for charger and trimmer.

Ronald Martens says:

I hate the sound of 2 stroke trimmers blowers etc. Then you breathe the fumes yuk. You gotta try starting them in the morning. Especially the lawn mower contractors around my place they annoy me like crazy. First they start their lawn mowers then their trimmers then they blow the grass on the road. A cordless tool all you do is press the trigger. You cant beat electric and battery technology will only improve. You also cant beat power of electric. Big movers locomotive run on electric diesel.

Yavuz Sabuncuoglu says:

Sorry is that a FSA65 or a FSA85. I heard 85 but clip says 65.??

Tony Bennett says:

great delivery and information in your presentation! thankyou.

monarch1957 says:

How long does it last between charges.

Сергей K-----------------------------------------------------------в says:

Нрмик коса, god получается, на какое время li ion батареи хватает интересно.

danieldefenseM4 says:

Started straining a bit around 5:00..

andrew donohue says:

looks like it might be a good tool for light duty trimmer but when it comes to really heavy stuff nothing beats a FS90 with a 4 mix engine. what a powerhouse that machine is.

mechanicsrock1 says:

I was skeptical when I first saw this video, after watching it, not so much. I’ll stick to my gas powered Echo’s however.

Jon3800 says:

They go for around $280 for the FSA65 and $300 for the FSA85

rozi rátz says:


Ski4allday says:

For what your paying for you could just get a GAS Redmax trimmer. Redmax trimmers are known to never stop running. Strato charged 2 strokes are the best. No valve adjustments required!

Jill Carnes says:

I wonder if you would be willing to make another video that demonstrates how to reload the nylon trimmer cord. I get so frustrated with trying to change it out and Stihl has no demonstration video on their website to show how to do so. Thanks for considering the idea. 🙂

DanielJaegerFilms says:

STIHL strongly recommends using a face shield in addition to safety glasses for personal protection. The reason I was wearing hearing protection is because the ear muffs provide support for the face shield. In other words, the hearing protection and face shield is one piece. That’s why I was wearing it. But yes, the tool is very quiet, and you could tell in this video. There were times when the wind noise was louder than the trimmer itself!

Fat Harold says:

can you put different aftermarket heads on it?

coupescuts says:

$259 but battery and charger sold separately. I don’t see this replacing my fs100rx’s anytime soon.

pimpinpenz says:

So true!

Jon3800 says:

It’s a great trimmer. How did you get STIHL to lend a trimmer. Heck love to do that someday. I just bought an FS-250r… what a beast


Nichole Gauthier says:

Will it Blend! That is the Question!


Where can I get a Stihl FSA 65 battery powered lawn trimmer in Canada (Toronto)?

Randy Ryan says:

Have you tried to replace the trimmer string yet?

cf6285 says:

So far I haven’t found anything to replace my YardStick which is out of business. The Stihl looks like it has the power BUT will it edge.

Véronique RAHMANI says:

pour la première partie des plus de prise en charge des personnes qui ne

Doublenotminer says:

Cool but cost to much for me.

Paul Wilson says:

I have to say that after watching your demo of the FSA 65 I went out and bought one this weekend! I was even more impressed with the unit when I got into my own hands. I live in Australia and was a little concerned how this would handle our rugged bush environment…well I am pleased to report that I no longer have any worries. This thing is a ripper whipper! I have to congratulate Stihl for loaning these units to a ‘real’ user. Your review sold me!!!!


Does it have automatic feed out ?

Wise Student says:

All stihl products are superior !!  But you failed to mention a very important thing on electric trimmers….The voltage, How much ????  Never buy any trimmer with less than a 24v..36v is even better !!!

jmoyet says:

That looks like an awesome tool.motorized ones are kind of heavy and vibrate the hell out of your hands. haha

That looks like a smooth tool.

Response166 says:

good little machine 🙂

bigstevebaker says:

What gauge of wire does it come with? I like 105 gauge wire as it cuts a good trench for edging the curb.

Dean Cuenta says:

why the noise headphones if this is not gas….

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