This is the carbide blade I used -

Today it’s just a bit of a demonstration of the capabilities of having a 80 tooth renegade carbide brushcutter blade on the Stihl FS 240 and how easy it is to remove brush .


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The Disgruntled Mechanic says:

like my one boss used to say ” be careful it is the devil on a stick!” She works like a dandy for sure!

PAPA Texas says:

Getting er done! Nicely done Steve, Steve Rob! That is quite the cutter!

SuperM1687 says:

There’s the one legged guy in a butt kicking contest……lol

Rusty Glovebox says:

The STIHL is cutting up a storm and the RENEGADE Blade just keeps going and going.Steve, nice job.


Looks like fun

Carolina Man says:

Ok ebay time

MostlymoparIH says:

That thing is not bad but don’t you have a brush hog for your Kubota?

chase5726 says:

I bought some of those renegade blades a while back, think i got the 8 inch for my km90 trimmer, haven’t used em yet because the trimmer is not my favorite tool LOL

wysetech2000 says:

That thing is a weapon.

mbyr31 says:

Now thats a weed wacker!! LOL!!
Great vid Steve

Becky's Texas Wood Shop says:

Wow, that thing will do it all Steve! When you have the land like you do you need something like that. Great demo, be careful and keep these videos coming.

wtbm123 says:

Hey you may just be on to something with that harness . May have to try one , I hate the Stihl one

buzzsah says:

I remember my first WW, the motor was on the top of the cutting head, by the end of the day my arms werew pumpped. lol

DriveShaft Drew says:

good demo works awesome

Booger500us says:

Geeze Louize, did you retire to work harder mon ami? hehe…

Bruce Pender says:

That is going to be a desert in non time.

Ozzstar says:

The term ‘working in the bush’ has a whole different meaning here in Jersey City, Delaware. haha

Paivi Project says:

Well she sure was a Beast ! I didn’t know you can put a blade on a weed wacker. I liked your harness and your whole face covering protection thingy and you definitely got yours started a lot easier than I did mine lol. Very cool Steve ! 😀

Rick Anderson says:

Looks like a lot of work to me. Stihl make some nice equipment.

Valerie Reese says:

I needed that a couple years ago when we cleared our side lot.

ml2trick says:

Sorry, Buddy but I’m a Husky Guy. Well with chainsaws. Nice set up, but did you ever use a push behind weed wacker with Good cables on it. They are a beast with a 5 horse briggs on them.

Becky's Texas Wood Shop says:

I wanted to ask you something if you don’t mind. Two things first what type of video camera do you use and then any good idea on where to get some stickers made, like for my channel? I don’t know if you have any or not…if you do I would love to have one to put on my board that I’m making. Thanks again for everything and good night.

Philip Gipson says:

I like it very much!

Chaos Garage says:

It’s hard to beat a good weed eater like that!

Thomas EXOVCDS says:

That’s quite the bush cutter! I hear you’re getting a pilots license… how much bigger of a field are you gonna need to land & take-off safely?

mike gal says:

Hi Steve
Do you use aspen gas ? so your fuel lines will last longer ?

wyattoneable says:

I have the 240 as well. It kicks my butt! But that motor and blade combination also cuts everything in it’s path. Oh, you have a chest rig…that’s cheating I think. Either that our your smarter than me. 🙂

Gator's World says:

Wow Steve….that works very well….I`m surprised what it can do…..would be good at my camp for the road edge…..CHEERS

juiced71 says:

Nice job Stevie kick its ass!!!
Looks like a jet pack lol

Pinetree Line Outdoors says:

That’s a serious piece of machinery! Blows away my gas powered string version lol. Thanks for sharing Steve!

MyHotRodTV says:

That’s one bas ass weed eater

Big Rons Hobbies says:

Looks like a mean machine Steve !

TheRooster1122 says:

Wow Steve that thing makes short order of that brush!! I’ll have to get a blade like that for my Sthil

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