Stihl FS 94 R Review

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lambert1702 says:

Dude, take it easy on the tree bark! 🙂

Gregs Mowing says:

What? Valves. No it’s a 2-stroke not 4-mix. That’s the point of it. Stihl are drowning out 4-mix expect on back pack blowers I think

Dun Rite Lawn Maintenance says:

I would take my 90r and 110rx any day over a 2 stroke 94r and I’m ah still die hard fan

Victor Rippe says:

Good video man but the fs90 4mix is not an all around the house trimmer it’s a full commercial unit and way more reliable than the fs94 we use the 4mix fs90 in our company and have used them for over 6 years and still going fs94 it’s just a light trimmer.

Smells exquisite says:

I just bought the 94r today had a 20 minutes test of it at home it feels really nice to work with very light weight very comfortable in the hands… I’m loving it thanks.

Maria Kuljanic says:

It is good to use on bush properties? I have LONG grass and big weeds to cut

de6430 says:

I just bought this unit. Had to take it back the day I purchased it due to a defective head. They replaced the head.  Works like a charm. PLENTY of power and will get most any job done. Excellent unit that will cut even the most thickest of grass and weeds down.

Technics Guy says:

Hi there I am in the UK and have just purchased this trimmer as an upgrade from my FS55R, like you said, it’s not the best pull start but the guard is cool, never get hit by anything. Overall very happy with my FS94

Al A says:

Love the variable speed of a 2 stroke

G.A. Wells says:

He does not appear to know much about the trimmer. Why would he make this video w/out knowing about the trimmer? Just to hear the sound of his own voice, perhaps?

Beanz Chevy says:

Recoil are bad on the pull start system

Henry Tauch says:


Response166 says:

Nice review, good tool to have.


Stihl has lost so much of the market since their introduction of the 4 mix series . The Main reason for the Fs94r. But again they can’t put in a soild shaft. Stihl R & D really sucks. I was a dedicated Stihl customer for 20 years after renting 525lst and 535ls Husqvarna two years ago. I switched the fleet to Husqvarna. Compare model to model . Stihl is under powered and over Weight and with fleet pricing over priced. Also the Ace hardware customer service in the south blows with Stihl.

Henry Tauch says:

I bought one fs94r I like it

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