Stihl FS 250 vs FS 130 – Two stroke vs Four Stroke

This video compares the Stihl FS 250R and the FS 130R Trimmers, and also compares the Two stoke vs the Four Stroke. Matt goes over the specs on each, the differences between the two trimmers, the application for both, and then he gives you a demonstration of both units!


Davide says:

anormous amount of power? Fs 250? ahahahah
Try an husqvarna 555 or a stihl fs 550… That is power!!!!

Gary Gill says:

Awesome information brother

Joey Porto says:

This video is amazing

mcoco143 says:

He sounds like my pastor.

Jason Hill says:

My first impression: This guy’s on drugs! jk Great enthusiasm!

Sa'Mowin Lawn Care says:

soo freakin awsome!!…lol “tray tables up and seatbelts on. lol

MIke Noble says:

A man with a pot of coffee and allot of passion great vid!

rdc sp says:

choppin down the everglades that sounds just like my fs130 it is a war machine.

Al A says:

8:11-8:16 hes a cheeata on redbull

ricochet08 says:

i love my ryobi 40v system….but i’m convinced i need gas powered now.

elchicano65 says:

Love STIHL the way they do make and sell decaf coffee…

Irfan Ferizi says:

You are just hilarious man! I like your crazy way of reviewing those things!

Sky High says:

My FS-85 is 21 years old, never, never had any problems until this year when the throttle handle broke. 2 Strokes are faster and easier to work with.

Marc-Pascal says:

I love this guy he’s so in love what he does!
Really he could sell everything and everyone would buy it

Luke Jav says:

This guys enthusiasm can make any product seem awesome.

Dustin Allen says:

Dude if you know how to you the FS130R the you’ll know that you can have it Tapperd down lol I have the FS130R But that 240FX though dang lol

Luis D Rivera says:

Brother, I just love your video, you could sell ice in winter time. Hilarious.

Matt Ichikawa says:

Great fantastic cool

MrSkylord54 says:

Never have you seen so much information on a youtube video, I LOVE THIS….EVER consider doing hunting commercials….Just imagine….why use a 30_06 when you can you a .458….POWER, knock down power…KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, Pssst, diet mt.dew….from now on….lol

Noah Cambre says:

Good review, but I have a 130 and have no problem tapering mine down.

Cody Imoehl says:

Dude, you are a fruit loop. But I love it. Didn’t really think a guy could get so stroked up over string trimmers, but it was hilarious.

DennisH22A says:

if you fail in landscaping, you can always become a southern baptist preacher

Owen Daize says:

man this guy has enough energy to be a wwe wrestler he could call himself man of stihl

Vibow me says:

Tired of those other stupid videos that you click off of like a dam infomercial. Watched this one 3X in a row. Sorry honey not now, today is weed-eaten day!! Have an FS-40 and want some of that power!!!

Al A says:

Andhis legs are moving at 8:11-8:16 a cheeta on redbull

Zaliv net says:

You need to buy chainsaw and show us more 🙂

James D says:

Love this guy!
Give him some more tools to do!
I am totally leaning towards the fs250! I need something to
clear my Everglades. Lol!

bkl says:

This guy is awesome!!!!! I want him to review every piece of equipment out there! Great information, very entertaining… I almost bought both trimmers just listening to this guy.,

OC ALEX says:

you’re so hyper I love it I hope you’re a salesman

Drujba Inc says:

haha! The se guy is very crank, but good , and funny production1

Pancakebut says:

that handle tho. Take that pos off and just screw a straight piece of pvc onto it. Lets ur left leg help and you dont hav to hunker over it anymore

joel collins says:

LMAO what a great review!   More energy than the machine!  Thanks for the video and the laugh!

Kenny C says:

This guy is insane! I bet he can’t sit stihl for long. Love my FS55R with brush blade. Takes down saplings like butter.

Nikola Romanos says:

Your mouth and your machine has a lot of energy I believed,

chrìs randolph says:

this is the first time I’ve ever seen one of your reviews, and I never comment. well done I’m going to buy the fs250

1 says:

How does the sound compare between the 2 stroke and 4 stroke? Is one much quieter or are they about the same?

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