Welcome to Northern Ontario and the constant challenges of keeping up with woodlot management. The Stihl FS 240 brushcutter with the 120 tooth carbide RENEGADE blade has been a blessing with woodlot maintenance . I did use an axe and hand saw and chainsaw years ago.

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Bruce L. says:

“”This piece, that piece and the nut that fell on the floor”… and the nut standing on the floor lol
That’s a pretty serious brush cutting machine, it takes out everything in its path. Another possible zombie defense tool!

MechanicMan says:

Nice, that baby gets the job done.

wmisamore says:

I’m guessing you wouldn’t enjoy doing this for a living in the summer of Florida! 105+ degrees.

wyattoneable says:

Your a wild man.

Pinetree Line Outdoors says:

That blade is a beast! You can’t be stopped Buddy! Awesome!

Thomas EXOVCDS says:

No beating around the bush… dive right in! Nicely cut!

S & A Auto Repair says:

I gotta get me a hunting camp first. Then I’ll invite you down and you can help set me up. Cheers

Super Mario Diagnostics says:

That is some serious cutting power!

James McIntyre says:

That was awesome I don’t know which one’s more of a beast the equipment or the operator….. Outstanding job Steve!

Pet Rock's Garage says:

Orange really is your color. It brings out the color in your eyes. 🙂

MostlymoparIH says:

Good job Brother. Ya might wanna cut on the opposite side of where the tree is gonna fall.

wmisamore says:

Btw, the standard Stihl brush cutter blade will cut through that twice as fast with that 240. That blade you’re using is too big in diameter and too thick for the heavier brush. You shouldn’t have to hold the blade on your work piece and cut through like a chainsaw. A clearing saw should rip through it. Maybe on the tree in the field, that was the right blade. However, a beaver blade is amazing and would cut through that in less than a second. You have to keep them sharp like a chainsaw though is the downside. Cheers

Danny Dunnagan says:

Good job Steve all that I have is stihl my weedeater is 075 straight shaft it is 20 years old have 2 new chainsaws stihl.and a new blower.we have 59acres yes we live in the sticks.

farmboy30117 says:

You definitely have the right tool for the job Steve!  If that was down here, you’d have gotten into at least 1 or 2 bee nests for sure 😉

ml2trick-T.W says:

Good Video. We had a Big die-off of Tag Elders around my County in Wisconsin. Lots of guys with marsh areas said they had a big die off also. All I know is for the last ten years they were thick as thieves. Most likely a cycle. You need a buy a Brown Tree Cutter as “Hollis Farms” has. Jason really knows how to run those. Check his channel out

Stuman says:

Try Dow Tordon herbicide to stop regrowth for good. This stuff really is amazing.

Gator's World says:

Does the job in no time flat….workes very well Steve. Though you had a bush hog for your tractor just too keep the alders at bay ones there cut down….CHEERS

BOWSTAR Channel says:

Steve that is some cutter, makes life a little easier working. Best wishes always

Victor Hébert says:

They are a real pain in the ________ . Have to cut them almost every year. They close my trail pretty fast. Just like you said It’s fun to cut but, take more effort for clean up. It does a good job. Have a cold one.

Banjo Benson says:

Its probably wet enough up there now so you can have a huge bon fire.

Granny Monster says:

I hope you had a nice holiday Steve

Living Larger says:

BOY! Even with a machine that’s a lotta work!

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