Scythe vs Brushcutter 1 – South West Annual Scythe Festival – June 2010

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Annual race between brushcutter and scythe – honours go to the first to cut a stand of grass. This is the British Scythe Champion against an experienced agricultural worker with a three-tine brushcutter, working flat-out. Held at the Annual Green Fair and South West Scythe Festival in Somerset, UK, on 13th June, 2010. No trick photography here – he really is that fast. Panasonic GH1


Fredrick Mattoon says:

Top ten anime battles

Just Some Jews says:

how did i get here lol

Prabhakar Somaram says:

old is gold

coombsfh says:

Total satisfaction

Icy Miguel says:

Weed racket is not for that

Claudia Triches says:


Stryke Music says:

little did they know they were being used in order to cut the lawn

Blake B says:

Well the scythe is an older version of a lawn mower, not a brush cutter. A more fair battle would’ve been the scythe against a mower

Raul Duke says:

All that growing… just for that. Humans are so stupid.

Clive Ellis says:

He will be knackered after about 10 mins scything

Jim NORRIS says:

Blew that weedeaters doors off

Stanisław Ziemiocha says:

pozdro od jacy

Your Favovite Bastard says:

Fuck you technology!!

JS theMESS says:


Machineim Bf says:

The weed eater guy sucks

Martin Jimenez says:

Free landscaping

Von Huxley says:

Next match: oil lamp vs led flash light

Machineim Bf says:

Everyone went home with bad allergies

stargate937 says:

Something else that this “competition” does not a count for is the user’s skill with the scythe anyone can pick up a brush cutter use it. Side note why is there a festival?

Pizza Sub says:

But with the weed eater you’ll actually be able trim precisely and effectively, while still having alot of energy left to do many lawns.

J. A. E. says:

Well of course the brush cutter is going to be slower the scythe’s blade is like 10x longer so it has 1/10th the passes to make

James- says:

Nah, they need to do a scythe vs Allen scythe video. Nothing beats the Allen scythe

Teal'c says:

not sure what the point of this is

Multi-thousandaire says:

white people smh

Soon Han says:

I’d still pay the guy with the brushcutter to cut my lawn. The guy with the scythe left patches and it’s uneven.

I’d pay a guy with a push mower with one set height more money to cut my lawn. I don’t understand this fight AGAINST technology… It was invented as a better and more efficient way. Instead of wasting time arguing how the antiquated system MIGHT work better, why not spend time working to progress technology?

Vivek Singh says:


Cyberpunk Corner says:

There’s an annual sythe festival?

Bill Ingersoll says:

And the winner is the Scythe!

PEACE! says:

i need this guy to cut my grass.

Jack Kay says:

Scythe vs riding lawnmower

play Toast says:


Josh McCallister says:

This “festival” is just a ploy to get people to mow his grass lmao

clerdman1 says:

So what you’re telling me is that people will pay me to come to my property and cut my lawn?

Angel in the cut says:

white people shit


Weedeater would have won with the right blades on it

Macon SD-600 says:

ordynary scythe does not have any chanse with the motor scythe in a long distance

Im Thrillz says:

That was horrible, he missed so many spots

וולודיה וואָלאָדיאַ says:

траву,скошенную триммером кролики кушают хуже!

Hue Janus says:

Too many people getting worked up over this one. There’s no big prize at the end, it’s just for fun.

Pattern 144 says:

Ahahaha bruh only white people

jolanda prins says:

geweldig!, is het betere werkkkkk….

HollowBeThySquad says:

didn’t know this was a thing

Chris Helms says:

these are the people the Democrats deny even exist anymore …..Heart and Soul of America

Frederick Nicholas Su says:

I love scythes

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