Ryobi RY15702 Expand-It 8 in. Brush-Cutter Trimmer Attachment Review

I demonstrate the Expand-It 8 in. Brush-Cutter Trimmer Attachment and give my thoughts. So far I really like it.


Clifton Pittman says:

wonder how the ditch would look if you run the push mower through it. probably cleaner?

Love2boat92 says:

That brush cutter looks to be a nice investment. I wish we had one. I also wondered how well they worked. Great video!!!

Love2boat92 says:

Do you think your gas trimmers carb needs some adjusting? It doesn’t sound to me like it revs up fast enough.

Robert Bowen says:

Thanks for your review. I just got the dual string trimmer and saw your review of it. Very useful! Now that I saw this review, I will probably get this as well!

David Chambers says:

Is the edger tool for cutting walkways straight? How long would a battery last

GregoryZ Brand says:

Great video, I have the Ryobi 40v head and 3 other attachments, I like them a lot and I have a lot of work to do where the brush cutter attachment will be very handy.  I will be picking one up at Home Depot today, your video sold me on it.  Thanks.

Livesinthe Shadowsofthenight says:

How does it fit on as it needs a bolt and does it need washers

Cephus Jones says:

thanks so much for sharing this! exactly what I needed to know.

Response166 says:

Good review! Nice machine.

Michael Davis says:

Could I use this sideways and use it as a cultivator? I don’t want to buy both if I don’t have to.

Casey Bennett says:

How easy is it to change the blade if necessary? For instance, if I wanted to put on a different 8″ blade on it, for example an 80 tooth Echo blade?

Patrick Weaver says:

The J handle is to replace the D handle on your trimmer it doesn’t go on the lower shaft.  It’s also used with the strap for better control and to prevent cutting off your feet.

Green Minds Landscaping says:

What model is the gas trimmer

Zach says:

i hate ryobi (lowercase r)

The Geek Redneck says:

After watching this video further, not only is the idle too high on the gas trimmer, but it’s also bogging down when you give it throttle. That’s a telltale sign of a dirty or misadjusted carburetor. Your performance is suffering in a big way because of this… but otherwise I enjoyed this video. I always like to see what new sorts of attachments are out there and what people think of them!

The Geek Redneck says:

It’s spinning at idle on your gas trimmer because the idle is too high. Back the idle adjustment screw out slightly (on the carb right next to the primer bulb) until you reach a more reasonable idle and the attachment won’t spin anymore.

Chris Burton says:

hey, just a thought, but maybe safety glasses a good idea. I got eye damage from a line trimmer kicking up something into my eye that lead to two years of irritation and pain. Not fun.

Michael Mantion says:

You can adjust your idle on your gas trimmer.

Clifton Pittman says:

your shoes were clean.lol


are you still happy with the cutter?

Chris Johnson says:

Well done video. I am debating cordless/gas as well as the attachment. The gas was better to cut through but I am going cordless. I will just balance patience with cordless versus the hassle of gas.

Lars Londian says:

Thanks for Sharing, As you already know those wild huckleberry are everywhere at our Lake Property I use a large Stihl Clearing Saw to take them down. It basically uses a 10″ Saw Blade & does a great job. I am definitely pleased to see the advancements in the electric equipment though.
Take Care.

Jason Brown says:

Nice review,, I have lived in my house for 5 years and every year I say I need to buy one of those 🙂 ,,

William Todd says:

Your trimmer head is spinning because your trimmer engine’s idle is too high. Turn the idle down a bit to take care of that problem. The attachment shouldn’t be moving at all when the engine is at idle.

tunedis95 says:

Thanks for sharing. I put a circular saw blade on mine. Only issue is, i get carried away. Really clean cuts all the way down to the roots.

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