Review on Stihl FS 130R Trimmer

This is a review on the Stihl FS 130. Matt goes over the specs, uses, and then gives a demonstration of this awesome unit!


Jeff McDonnell says:


sweetlipss84 says:

awesome, more videos please~~!! we need u

Bob Reed says:

Every time Matt demos a new piece of equipment, he does it by cutting that same hedge. I imagine that after a season of making videos that entire hedge row is 50 ft further back than at the start of the season. I am not particularly a Stihl guy, but I absolutely love his enthusiasm. Keep it up, man.

Bruce Courtney says:

Quite possibly the only person in the world whose more excited than Tim Taylor about “MORE POWER” “Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho”

Amy Hintze says:

the fs 100 rx has just the power as the 130

GM1961 says:

So helpful….thank you!

John Benson says:

Just start is at 3:52 seconds….. You are welcome.

Nick Kilanowski says:

You should get a job in sales if u don’t have that already. Haha. Funny video and very informative at the same time.

Chris Thorp says:

Hahahaha!!!!! I nearly bust a gut watching this laughing, one of the best reviews of anything i’ve seen haha

John Krag says:

Matt, Love your videos. If you want those engines to last let them cool off after working for a few minutes before shutting off. That cylinder is very hot and needs air flow to cool off. Same for a chainsaw.

SVTCobrapower RBLX says:

Thats true man Poulan pro is TRASH Go Husqvarna/Stihl!


you have alot of energy bro……

Angel castellanos says:

No wonder he has to buy more

mongol box says:

put your seat belts on.. Paul Bunyon.. the terminator is here… ahahhaha

karlo nathiel says:

How much does it cost?

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