Review on Stihl FS 110R Trimmer

This is a review on the Stihl FS 110 in action! See Matt go crazy with the weedeater, cutting everything in sight!!


kidcreol8 says:

hey dude i just purchased it but how do you string it. thanks man

lakeofire says:

your a nut,but cool! =)

Randy TenBrink says:

I have the same machine but I don’t have near as much fun as you do, hoooleeee!

Guitar Dave says:

I just got one about a week ago and the first thing I noticed was the sound of the engine and it is a powerful unit . I have Stihl  Chainsaws and this is my first Stihl trimmer and I am Impressed . Thank you for your video .

Bob C says:

Slow down, take a breath, you are scaring me. BTW BPH stands for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia perhaps you meant BHP.

s002wjh says:

i need what you ON during the filming of this video. Im always get tired in the morning

Texas Edge says:

2620 Echo Pro Extreme way better. At least it has throttle control with all the power it has. The 110 is all or nothing. Did not like it. Lets see a cold start also. That will not be a one pull. They all start when warmed up with one pull. Oh I might add the stihl is tto heavy also.

PupLikMehLikEppleCek says:

Dude…Eff the Stihl, what brand coffee are you drinking?

Jim Oliver says:

Simmer down…….simmer down now…!! Stihl does rock Thanks for the video.

Sa'Mowin Lawn Care says:

holy shit. man once you started trimmin the bushes yiu had me PUMPED!!!!! lol

Philip Martin says:

nice review tho`

Austin Wells says:

Not to be a dick, but it is bhp not bhp

Philip Martin says:

dude simmer down now !!

Bob Abooey says:

Matt, I need a crank connection

Francisco Quezada says:

Bought one today…used it…very very excited….did not think i could be more excited….after watching your video…I am even more excited with my purchase. It’s for my landscaping business and now I am even more  excited to use this bad boy.

The beard Lives says:

Love these videos lol

Pepe zx6 says:

do you have any videos of this model adjuating the carb.

monogee says:

I luv when he starts to use the weed trimmer.  Hysterical.  LOL

Wayne Phillips says:

After renting this model trimmer for a few years now, I’ve become accustomed to using it. Its power is more than enough for my purposes, and I’ve found the trick to starting it after just a couple pulls, at most. (Used to drive me _nuts_ figuring out how to do that! lol) I don’t know how easily it would start in cold weather, but here in Barbados, where it _never_ gets any nippier than 60°F (very rarely – perhaps once every 50 years or so), it’s just a matter of pumping the priming bulb a few times, turning the choke to the closed position (up), depressing the throttle slightly and pulling the cord (no need to yank it too hard). As _soon_ as it starts, release the throttle, open the choke, rev the engine a couple times and you’re good to go. Well, at least, that’s the technique that works for me.

Really nice model. Planning to buy one sometime this year.

By the way, I wouldn’t recommend operating this trimmer without wearing ear plugs.It’s not exactly a quiet machine.

MrReynolds560 says:

Dude, you’re a nut. Lol. Love the videos.

Kevin Moran says:

u would b a great sales man.. hahaha

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