Milwaukee M18 String Trimmer 2725-21HD Tips & Review

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Milwaukee Tool’s 18 Volt String Trimmer is not your average 18v string trimmer! Power & runtime set it apart.
It is the middle of winter here in Michigan and we are testing out the Milwaukee M18 String Trimmer with the new 9.0Ah battery. Lucky for us and those who want to know exactly how this unit performs, we have grass to cut! The Milwaukee M18 String Trimmer is a straight shaft trimmer with the motor located back by the battery and a shaft that drives the gear box by the trimmer head. The design is proven with many gas string trimmer models and a few other battery operated string trimmers. One item we like about this design is the ability to add grease to the trimmer head for longer life of the unit.

The Milwaukee M18 String Trimmer has some very awesome qualities and a few that we feel could be improved. Let’s start with a few awesome qualities. First the string trimmer is very balanced with the 9.0Ah battery and it is not too light, but also not too heavy. The straight shaft is solid and feels very sturdy. The variable speed trigger works well and there is virtually no lag in the motor when starting it up. If you burp the trigger while the unit is running, there is a slight lag, but that is hardly worth mentioning. Power exceeds what we have seen from all other 18 volt string trimmers on the market. The guard located by the head is small, but effective. Very nice string trimmer that anyone with an acre of land or less would enjoy and finish their trimming on one charge.

Now for the few items that we feel would improve this string trimmer. Milwaukee added a computer controlled high and low to the string trimmer. That in itself is not bad as it does allow the user to conserve battery as it limits the RPMs to 4,600. Unfortunately, the switch is a push button with an LED light. We feel that over time this button will be full of grass and dirt. While the button might last, we feel this would have been a great place for a larger sliding switch. (WORKSHOP ADDICT MOD: We would label the switch with one side that says MANLY MODE and the other side says MEH.) We are not fans of the low setting on string trimmers as we feel that is what a variable speed trigger is for. Second, the string that is shipped with the string trimmer is weak at best. We changed it out for a quality .095 line right off the bat. A good .080 would work very well for a quality lawn cut. Changing the line is not hard, but there are a lot of great methods available and we are surprised Milwaukee did not take a different route with string loading.


Cutting Swath 14″ – 16″
Voltage 18V
Line Diameter 0.080″ / 0.095″
Feed System Bump Feed
Length 70.6″
Weight 9.9 Lbs
Height 8.5″
Width 8.8″

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel String Trimmer will surprise you when it comes to power and runtime. Milwaukee states it will get up to an hour runtime on the box and we feel that would be on low feathering the trigger. In our heavy duty use testing, we averaged 21 minutes of runtime off the 9.0Ah battery. The low was 14 minutes and the high was 33 minutes. Take into consideration that a lot of our testing was in our woods with weeds and longer grass. We feel that one could easily take care of a one acre yard with the runtime this string trimmer supplies. The bonus to what Milwaukee Tool created in outdoor power equipment is the M18 battery. If you are using other Milwaukee tools, the 9.0Ah battery will help you with longer runtime on other tools.

This is an outdoor power equipment tool from Milwaukee that we would highly recommend. Watch our YouTube video to see us change the string to a better quality and how to maintenance the unit after 50 hours.


Lou Rangel says:

33 minutes on a battery? That sounds great for a battery powered weed whacker! #workshopaddict

Jason Eargle says:

I really like this trimmer. I hope to get rid of that gas can in the garage eventually. #WorkshopAddict


Love the dog following you around the yard.

Seth Anderson says:

I love Milwaukee tools, but string trimmer is $299. 100 dollars more than EGO, very difficult for me to justify picking this up.

OldeSkoool says:

I like the looks of this trimmer as my Ryobi is lacking torque. I also have my eye on the combo kit including trimmer, leaf blower with 9.0aH battery.


shawn steele says:

I really like how Milwaukee is getting into the lawn game #workshopAddict

Gus1Gus1 says:

I like how it has good power and versatility and the freedom not to be tethered to an electrical cord or have to be refilled by gas. #WorkshopAddict

Michael Baker says:

this looks perfect for a home owner #workshopaddict

James Adams says:

I like the high /low speed feature #Workshop addict

CJS10mm says:

I liked the tip to change the trimmer swath. Milwaukee tools are surprising me more and more every day! #workshopadict

Jason Senac says:

Love how it rips through that thick, dead brush! #Workshopaddict

thoth111 says:

Great review covering all the downsides #WorkshopAddict

Bob Ostrowski says:

I like the variable speed trigger along with the high and low setting on the speed. #WorkshopAddict

Rob D says:

I like this video because Brian demonstrates how well the Milwaukee 18V String Trimmer works and he shows all of its features. He also explains how to do the gearbox maintenance. #WorkshopAddict

Tool Fein says:

This weed wacker is Great I’m really hype over there out door line I’ve work many landscape job’s & & a Fuel battery powerd trimmer would be amazing to use. well as long as you have enough Batterys & the tool is able to last a long time with heavy use. #WorkshopAddict

fieldboy674VGN says:

Im a huge fan of Milwaukee m18 mid torque impact and string trimmer #workshopaddict

Keyvan Perez says:

I like the appearance, construction and that it accepts .095 line. #WorkshopAddict

Edad Martin says:

Im so tired of extention corded weed eater ,even the wife would like this one

Michael Miller says:

Great video. I like the variable speed and long run times. Good tips on using the 16″ and thicker string. Would love to see some more detailed videos on maintenance or even a closer look at how to replace the string. (I’ve never done it on any unit) What type of oil do you use to lubricate this? #WorkshopAddict

Larry Shaffer says:

I like the Milwaukee M18 String Trimmer 2725-21HD . I like that it has the duel speeds and that it’s not real heavy. This would be a good one to replace my gas trimmer. #WorkshopAddict

Nancy VanDyke says:

I like the motor is very responsive and that it has a lower gearbox to add grease. This way it is easier to keep it lubed.

Ralf Meyer says:

Can’t believe cordless tools have gotten to this point. Neighbors would certainly enjoy this over the gas models #workshopaddict

Spencer Wurm says:

Just recently got the M18 Fuel Drill/Impact combo set and I love it! In the review I like how much power the trimmer has for an 18V battery. This string trimmer looks like a good investment for my yard. #WorkshopAddict

Stephen Zangardi says:

Love the idea of not dragging a cord around the yard #Workshopaddict

Jordan garm says:

summer is coming i need one #WorkshopAddict

Mark Perkins says:

I like that my wife wants this tool more than me. #workshopaddict

Swamp Fox Picks says:

How did it compare to the 82 volt GREENWORKS trimmer you reviewed. In terms of power and overall balance?

morris17 says:

great testing. #workshopaddict

Alex Holl says:

Milwaukee makes nice stuff but I’d rather stick with gas. longer run time, powerful, and imo will last longer. Milwaukee has also been making more things with plastic instead of metal at what seems to be a higher price. Maybe conserving weight, but less damage resistance and feels cheaper overall.

Mark Smerdon says:

Looks like it’d make quick work of all the weeds in my yard. Oh how I’d love one of these. #WorkshopAddict

Dig McCloud says:

I’m glad Milwaukee came out with yard tools. #WorkshopAddict

101tecman says:

This is what I need. Tired of the gas weed wacker braking. #workshopaddict

Nick H Deep 6 Leather Works says:

Good review always enjoy your content

TGRRAG01 says:

I like that it’s a solid one piece shaft. That’s a durable design. I also like that it works with all the Milwaukee 18v batteries I already have. #workshopaddict

BMack37 says:

I like how Milwaukee uses the same battery platform for OPE and all their other tools. #WorkshopAddict

Shawn Buonarosa says:

I would like one of these babies #WorkshopAddict

turbonut20v says:

did you use the 9.0 battery or the 5.0?

Scott Everywhere says:

I like that Milwaukee M18 trimmer #WorkshopAddict

Joe Koscielny says:

How does the power and cutting ability compare to a 21-25cc gas trimmer running .080 line?

59BigWalt says:

Like the fact that the gear box is easy to lubricate.

joe carrr says:

I like that there are less parts to break vs. a gas weed whip #workshopaddict

John Bailey says:

As I watch you bang bang bang that trimmer head on the ground. I took that cheap ass head off and put a speed feed head on it and it works great. You can use the 5.0 battery but when we did it kept shutting down. The 9.0 battery seems to keep up. We also took the guard off but its a good tool. The girls use the 5.0 battery on the blowers and they do ok.

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