Husqvarna walk behind string trimmer,review

Husqvarna walk behind string trimmer review. I used it hard on some thick brush and grass.This is the best piece of equipment I’ve bought in a long time. Here is where I bought mine.

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the best trimmer line I have found is DR .265 sawtooth line but it only works with their sure lock trimmer head. I will cut through 1″ shrubs with no problem.

Maureen Haggerty says:

Wow, sorry to hear about the accident and your breathing. Heat and humidity takes its toll as well. Your one tuff guy. I can only do things early am or about an hour before the sun goes down. I would be on an oxygen feed. Great machine though especially to take out small trees and of course my favourite being a snake eradicatetor!!

Rusty Glovebox says:

It sure did a good job, I hope there wasn’t any poison ivy there

59chevt says:

Brad don’t burn poison ivy. I have heard the smoke can infect your lungs.

Onebeachlover says:

Those trimmers are are the greatest, I have the one by Cub Cadet and I love it! best investment I made, saves me time, money as well as backs and knees!

Joe Blow says:

Bad Boy, sounds like a mother-in-law I had years back, only this has a purpose. 🙂

Belford Lancaster says:

I have one of these. It works well on flat ground. The problem is you can cut weeds for 5 minutes then spend the next 30 minutes cutting the grass off that gets wrapped around the shaft with a screwdriver, a long thin sharp knife and a plyers to grab and pull the grass off once you cut it. It’s a hassle!

jeanne miller says:

looks nice,,i have to take a lot of breaks too,,

Sara Llewellyn says:

That hog is a messy eater.

Infiniteplague Trevino says:

what kind of string

William Todd says:

I thought one of these was a great idea, until you spend so much time replacing the dang trimmer string. Mine sits in the shed most of the year now. I’ll trim around the front ditch with my hand held trimmer once a year and use the walk behind along the back side where its too rough for a lawnmower. These things are great, just not around fences just like any trimmer LOL.

I don’t use mine very often now, but man they are awesome when you have larger areas to tackle. I made a pvc tube to store pre-cut strings in so they are right on the trimmer handle bar that way when I’m using the trimmer and need to replace the string its right there on the trimmer I don’t have to go cut new string every time.

Mine is the Craftsman, but looks like the head is the same at least the way the string is attached is. I really wish they would come out with a trimmer head like on many hand held trimmers that has a bump feed, now that would be awesome LOL.

cokeman250 says:

That thing is a monster. Thanks for the review just like the pressure washer vid I could watch this kinda stuff all day long God bless brother

Erik22552 says:

I knew you’d like it. I started a lawn care company years ago and one of the first jobs I got was a lawn that looked like a hay field. Went to Lowes and they had an MTD at the time that was only $150 so I jumped on it. I started that business on a shoe string budget and that was the only new piece of equipment I bought. All the rest was free that I picked up and fixed. Lawn mowers and blowers and weed eaters and manual tools. Awesome video!

steven keller says:

Hella handheld weed eaters faster than that thing

James Bomar says:

Thanks for the good review. My brother bought one and he really likes his, so I’m going to purchase one to work on a ditch bank with and trim around my house foundation also.

1kings1918 says:

BCTruck, you can do anything anyone else can do, but you can do it one handed while holding a camera. Awesome. LOL

hobbiehobb says:

I can see a bull dozed in your future! Oh the fun you can have with one of those and your pups can ride along too

Chris Campbell says:

Remember the poison oils will be on the trimmer head as well. Use gloves to change the string

BKJustice says:

Nice review. Those trimmers are tougher than I thought they’d be.

donna lombardo says:

My father bought this exact one. He is letting me use it. What kind of oil and type of gas do I put in it?

SustenanceNCovering says:

Are you still loving this mower?  I think that you are the man for this next question.  Have you ever looked into those vertical shaft engines at Harbor Freight?  One of my high wheel trimmers just threw it’s connecting rod out the side of the block.  I don’t think that Duck Tape will fix it.  Do you think that one of those Harbor Freight engines will?  They both are about the same size, and the shafts on both are 7/8″, but the length of the shafts are slightly different.

Just Plain Common Sense says:

I’m SO glad that new tool worked out. I was worried about it being a big POS!

John Posner says:


ManKave Engineering says:

What a really beautiful looking area you live in. And thanks for the review.

usakiwi5222 says:

Job well done BC ! Nothing more satisfying than seeing a good clean up job and that Husqvarna (good grief don’t ask me to say that 3 times fast) did the trick!

Sam P says:

After that awesome workout, that would be a good time to fry up some eggs and your favorite, SPAM. Wash that down with your favorite cold brew. You deserve it.

Brother Carlton says:

Thanks for the video. You sound a bit out of shape based on your heavy breathing. Check your blood pressure so you don’t over exert yourself. I’m wondering what this trimmer costs. I may rent this tool to see how it performs.

Argiris Milonas says:

Does it throw oil out?because hyundai does

sparky0288 says:

Does it through a lot weeds on to you like a normal weed eater does, looks like the person using it stays cleaner than you would with weed eater ….

Fuhl Man68 says:

How the heck do you remove the head? I have wire that got sucked up into the head and drive shaft. The owners manual is worthless

tblbaby says:

Helluva machine. Glad Husky is still kickin ass. I took a 262 chain saw through forests of maple ash and Madonna. My favorite machine of all time.

John Talbot says:

The Right Tool for the Job; Snake removal… an extra

Norman McGregor says:

That is a beast of a machine Brad!!

Chris Campbell says:

Remember the poison oils will be on the trimmer head as well. Use gloves to change the string

okie-dokie acres says:

that thing looks like a beast I’m glad it makes things a lot easier for you you don’t need to be doing that with a lawn mower

SustenanceNCovering says:

Sears sells the line, and I always get mine there, my mom still gets an employee discount because my dad retired from Sears.  I’ve had three of these mowers, in fact, I  have never owned any other kind of mower. (three different models)  The one that I currently have has had every part on it replaced except for the body, handle and wheels.  I just put a new control cable on mine on Tuesday.  (2nd one so far)  Whenever you order parts get them off of eBay.  My control cable cost 20 bucks through Sears, but I got mine for 10.  And it was a brand new factory replacement part.  BTW.  All of these string trimmers are the exact same trimmer.  They aren’t Craftsman’s or Husqvarna’s, There ain’t no telling who makes them.  But I lost both of the plastic shields years ago.  The mower works much better without them, and it is easier to remove debris from the works when you don’t have them guards in the way.  Just remember to always wear long heavy pants when your are working with one.  My mom was pushing hers in shorts and it cost her $200 to get a stick pulled out of her leg, and get a prescription for antibiotics.

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