Husqvarna 128LD Weed Whacker 2 year Review And Demonstration

Erik from Farpoint Farms reviews Husqvarna’s mid level weed wacker
The 128LD.
Its a very nice sturdy unit for the price that should last years if well cared for.


Smingo7767 says:

Is it possible to put a small circular saw blade on this model ?

ChuckD59 says:

Erik, dude, the starting instructions are right on top and you’re doing it wrong!
Bustin’ on ya, but I’ve owned one for going on 3 years and feel the same way, great little machine and starts every time exactly how it says there on the label.
Starting from cold:
Pump 10x
Full choke
Pull 3x (mine fires on the third but dies)
Half choke and mine starts on one pull.
Every time.

Great video though, well paced, and thanks for using a tripod! Would like to see other attachments like the pole saw run before I spring for one.

Al Gorel says:

It was tough to start, because you are using a 40:1 oil mixture. I use 50:1 and mine starts
in two pulls.

isaac mack says:

It’s a 50;1

Alexander 678 says:

Thank you just confirmed it to me I have to buy one of these I was looking into the 128
LDX but I might get the LD instead

whatfreedom7 says:

A safety? ! That seems like it would get annoying.

Joseph Murray says:

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I use 50:1 fuel mixture.

RVbilly says:

I run mine richer at 32:1 same mix as my dirtbike I’d rather have it smoke just a little and have to clean the carb out than have to replace piston and rings and I only buy expensive motul premix it’s 16-20 dollars for a quart

Ousama Abdu says:

Excellent video man. I have that exact model, it definitely has done the job.

RabbitFootedKitty says:

It runs on 50:1 you friccin noob

Thad Abrams says:

All sounded good until you began cranking. Tip, lay it down and pull because the cord is at risk of breaking and you’re not getting the full pull. I like to set mine on a sturdy platform about 2-3 feet off the ground. Hmm, looks very similar to my Poulan Pro 28cc.

Simon Hopper says:

Army called they wamt their brown shits back….haha hooah. I still wear many of mine too.

Joseph Murray says:

My 128LD is 9 years old and never given me any problems till today.
It’ll run for about 10 minutes then start to lose power, bogg down and stall out.
Tomorrow I’m going to head to Lowes and see about a new air/fuel filter which in 9 years has never been replaced and hope that does the trick.

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