How to Select the Right Trimmer or Brushcutter

If you’re considering purchasing a new trimmer or brushcutter for your property, with the STIHL product line-up, there are several models that can help you get the job done.

STIHL Trimmer Product Selector:

The STIHL how to series provides a few tips to help you get started and making the choice that’s best for you.


Cody Ajersch says:

I love my FS 40

21PilotsPlaneRide says:

did u know that some people called trimmers weed-eaters or weed-wackers no mater the brand?

zibbe1000 says:

To stihl !
She is cute, but kod she bi stiffer, and dos high heels make her lock reely profesional ;-P


my next Trimmer will be a STIHL. 🙂 right now i have a john deere Trimmer. 🙂

ROnda Charlie says:

How come yous ain’t got video of a stihl fs120 no video of how adjust idol screw

Krupp Ratte says:

I got me a Stihl weed whacker and a Montgomery Wards Roto-tiller, I’m proud of both pieces of equipment, they’re both good quality machines.

kawasakiman jeremy says:

That Jen girl tho

backspace4093 says:

I have a stihl 250 r and a stihl 90 r. Both are out standing and get the Job done.

Moritz Schober says:


gale212 says:

Very helpful. Thank you.

nick freeman says:

will you please marry me, very good presentation. ps im only joking about marraige im sure your already taken lol

Dibby says:

How change streng fs56rc-e

bob shedden says:


Shawn Dubay says:

Very good review. very pretty and highly educated woman. I love my stihl FS 250 R trimmer for the horse stable. lots of muscle and very reliable. I have had mine for sixteen years.

Amy Hintze says:

do you have the 100 rx

KnorpelDelux says:

Any Stihl-Tool is the right decision…*flys away* 😉

MartyMartin87 says:

I remember when my grandpa said that his Stihl trimmer is a freak because it has too much power. It cuts more than you want to cut.

Eric Couture says:

can u make a vid on 22t saw sharpening…. plz…  cant find anything on Youtube… ;(

if someone knows a good link?

Moritz Schober says:


sonic knuckels says:

get the fs 90.

Cody Ajersch says:

My next trimmer will be a Sthil. Right now i have crappy batery black and decker

Craig Smith says:

Nice job Jen,just get you a set of red wing boots for the next commercial 🙂

Raghu Raghu says:

raghu thirthalli

Jorge Serna says:

We just got a Stihl dealer here. I love the inventory they have. I already own 3 saws, 1 trimmer and planing on a blower tomorrow.

Stephen Mitchel says:

I bought the fs450 for a 100 quid or 120euros, equivalent to 30 sheets of toilet paper.
best machine I have bought.

William Nowacki III says:

I have a FS 130 R I’ve had it for 3 seasons it’s a great machine especially on edging brick driveways. But refilling the trimmer head has always been a challenge I’ve tried different color lines I started off with the yellow which is one of the heavy duty lines but the holes have to be squared and equally. But now I decided to go with the blue heavy duty trimmer line and it actually works perfectly. I might get another FS130 R or maybe an FS110 R I’ve heard those machines are very powerful. Thanks for the tips

AnthonyTube says:

I want to see her use the Stihl vibrator

Goran Nenadović says:

excellent video greeting from Croatia

Jmichael Isbell says:

Good speaker, well done. I do agree work boots would have been even more effective though I realize you are not in the field. Question for Stihl–are there parts available to CONVERT a Stihl? I have the FSE 60 and I have seen guides on some other manufacturer’s units which allow the trimmer to be turned up 90 degrees and used for lawn curb edging. It would be so nice to NOT need to buy another unit–an edger and use my exiting Stihl instead, thank you.

Ulysses Gomez says:

wow this girl is so beautiful lol

sonic knuckels says:

get the fs 90.

FourDollaRacing says:

Brushed – pun intended – over the electrics for small lots and noise abatement…

MrMbetts27 says:

fs 110

21PilotsPlaneRide says:

A-1 Saw & Mower is near me and sells Stihl products.

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